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Welcome to the Ceol Sean Library! Our library consists of the tune collections whose settings are presented here on our web site. We currently have 37 different tune collections, and plan to expand our offerings in the future. The collections are listed below by their title, and there is a web page for each collection, as explained below. But first, please be sure that you have familiarized yourself with the Navigation Tips.

The Collection Pages

When you click a collection title in the list below, you will link to the page for that collection. The page provides a table of contents of the settings and other items (instructions, preface, tutorial information, notes, etc.) for that collection in the order that they appear in the printed version.

For example, you can see the Table of Contents from Music of Clan MacLean page that begins with the cover page, followed by the table of contents from the collection itself, the preface, and the tune settings. There is a link to each item listed in the table of contents. These are individual setting files and are explained in more detail in the Navigation Tips.

We've also provided a little background information on each collection, and our sources of the information include Dr. William Donaldson's "Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750 - 1950", Dr. Roderick Cannon's "Bibliography of Bagpipe Music", and Geoff Hore's website (which presents his work to update Dr. Cannon's book). We certainly welcome any additional background information you might have on our collections, so feel free to get in touch with us.

Next to each collection title listed below, you will see a "short title" for that collection. The "short title" is used in the Master Index , and appears next to the setting title. As indicated in the Navigation Tips, when you click a short title in the Master Index, you will link to the page for that collection.

Some of the collection pages are quite large in terms of file size; due in large part to the number of links on the page. Collections like David Glen's (over 1100 settings), Logan (over 500 settings), and David Glen's Edinburgh (over 500 settings) may take a few seconds to load, so...please be patient.

Just a reminder...

To return to the collection page from an individual setting file, you must use your back button. The link in the upper left corner of the individual setting files that says 'return to masterindex' will link you to the Master Index page.
We also offer for sale Dr. William Donaldson's "From Broadside to Broadband " This is world's first collection of pipe music initially published on CD-ROM!! It includes several dozen original compositions by Dr. Donaldson, along with his arrangements of several classic pipe tunes. In all, the CD presents about 200 light music settings. In addition, the CD contains several audio tracks that include recordings of Bob Nicol and J. Scott Skinner. It also includes photos, drawings, and a wealth of historical notes and information. (PLEASE NOTE: This CD is formatted for use only in PC-compatible (IBM-compatible) computers and has a copy-protection feature.) $17.95

Collection Name Short Title
120 Bagpipe Tunes, Gleanings, and Styles by Malcolm MacInnes MacInnes
Angus MacKay's Piper's Assistant Piper's Assistant
Bagpipe Melodies by P/M Wm. Fergusson Fergusson
Brigade Book of Irish Pipe Music, The Brigade
Broadside to Broadband Broadside
C.S. Thomason's Ceol Mor Ceol Mor
Caledonian Repository of Music Adapted for the Bagpipes, The by William Gunn Gunn
Caledonian Repository of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe, The Alexander Glen
Collection of Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia Called Piobaireachd, A by Donald MacDonald MacDonald Piobaireachd
Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music, A by Angus MacKay MacKay
Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd, A by David Glen Glen Piobaireachd
Collection of Pipe Music by James Bett, A Betts
Collection of Quicksteps, Strathspeys, Reels, and Jigs arranged for the Highland Bagpipe, A by Donald MacDonald MacDonald
Cowal Collection, The Cowal
David Glen's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music David Glen
Edcath Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music and Drum Settings - Book One, The Edcath
Edinburgh Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, The by David Glen Edinburgh Collection
Empire Book of Pipe tunes and Tunes for the Pipes, The Empire
Glenallan Collection of Bagpipe Music, The Glenallan
Glendaruel Collection, The Glendaruel
Glen's Collection for the Great Highland Bagpipe by J & R Glen J & R Glen
Henderson's Tutor for the Bagpipe and Collection of Pipe Music Henderson
Highland Bagpipe Music by George S. McLennan McLennan
Irish Tunes for the Scottish and Irish War Pipes by David Glen Glen Irish
Kilberry Book of Ceol Meadhonach, The Ceol Meadhonach
Logan's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music Logan
MacCrimmon and Other Piobaireachd & Some Piobaireachd Studies by G.F. Ross G.F. Ross Collection
MacLeod's Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe: MacLeod
MacPhee Collection, The by Donald MacPhee MacPhee
Master Method for the Highland Bagpipe Master Method
Music of Clan MacLean, The MacLean
New and Complete Tutor for the Great Highland Bagpipe, A by Thomas Glen Thomas Glen
New Zealand Collection of Bagpipe Music, A by Alexander Taylor Cameron New Zealand
Piobaireachd, The by Ian M'Lennan M'Lennan Piobaireachd
Pipes of War, The by Bruce Setton and John Grant Pipes of War
Robert MíKinnonís Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music M'Kinnon
Scottish Pipers' Society Book of Tunes, The Royal Scottish Pipers
Tutor for the Northumberland Half-Long Bagpipes Cocks
William Ross's Collection William Ross

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