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120 Bagpipe Tunes, Gleanings, and Styles by Malcolm MacInnes

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Loch Leven

This collection was published Malcolm MacInnes in 1940, and there is only one edition, which is presented here.

Tune Title (or item) Tune Type Alternate Titles
Cover page n/a
Preface n/a
Table of Contents n/a
Farewell to Skye March
Coolins, The March
72nd Highlanders March
Beinn Eadarainn Lullaby
When we herd the merry Goats Reel
Over the Shealing "Song"
Prince's Salute, The Piobaireachd
Skiavane March
Loch Eishort March
Strathnaver March
Girls are fond of blethering Reel
The Calves are in the Shealing Reel
Grey Buck, The Jig
Come and gather the Cattle to Shealing March
Blackmount Forest March
Charlie is Fiddling Reel
Heather Braes, The Strathspey Monymusk
Katie sings so happily Reel
Jolly Go Reel
Tuning phrases tuning phrase
Back to Kinlochaline Reel
Little Donald's Whistling Reel
Come to the Shealing Reel
She has made a fool of me Reel
Bonnie, bonnie is the lassie Reel
Mor will never return Song
The Lass that cheers me Song
Come to the Fold Jig
The Thrush is on the Tree-top Reel
See the Sky is brightening Reel
This is how the Ladies dance Strathspey
Oh come to the bonnie, bonnie Highlands March
Down by the Sea Shore March
It is long till the Wedding Reel
The Sun will come out yet Reel
Ronald's Mare galloping Reel
Our Goodman is failing, but he is very long of dying Reel
The little plaid is wearing out Reel
We will go merrily sailing March
Grey Wife of Raasay, The Reel
Once I loved a Lassie "Song"
Those were the merry nights Reel
Lovers in the Shealing Reel
Sweet the Haddies Reel
High on the Moorland Reel Captain Duff
In the Hay "Song"
Drinking and ever merry Reel
Sad the parting "Song"
Joy of the Daybreak, The Reel
Happy Johnnie Reel
Maggie in the Dairy Reel
Bonnie, Bonnie, Blossoming, The Reel
Reason I love you, The March
Welcome the Soldier March
Health to the Brave "Song"
Miss MacGregor March
Laughing in the Change-house Reel
The Lassie that beguiled me Reel
Sunlight upon the Hill Reel
She's away stepping it Reel
Far better is the money Reel
With her tocher what a Lassie Reel
Garron Trotting, The Strathspey
Ann made the Plaidie Reel
Far on the Heather Hills Reel
Gaily the Sailor Lad Reel
Mavis is calling, The Reel
Old Brown Coat, The March
When you see the dancing Fairies Strathspey Blair Drummmond
No more your ship comes sailing "Song"
Oh! How the lassies can manage us Jig
Coming home at break of day Reel
Miss Amelia Stewart March
Morar Piobaireachd
You rouse all the memories "Song"
Mary's the Lassie  Jig
If I  had a little gold Reel Raasay
O'er the Ben Reel
Lassie with the Lint-white Locks Strathspey
92nd's Welcome to Edinburgh, The March
Fiddler's Wedding, The Jig
Mull of the Mountains "Song"
John came home on the Spree Jig
Away to America Reel
Sillie Billie Strathspey
Phrases for Tuning tuning phrase
Return MacCrimmon "Song"
The Reeling, the reeling Reel
My Bonnie wee Sixpence March
Finn's Weeping March
Over the Corrie March Rock, The
Captain Grant March
Over the Shealing "Song"
Lochiel's away to France March
MacRory's Breeks Jig
In the hill is Little Morag "Song"
Big Spree, The Piobaireachd
Lasses that baffle us Jig
Dance with the Shealing Maid Reel
Put me in the Meal Chest Reel
Birds are building nests in the Little Mill, The Reel
Danced with me the Beautiful Maiden Strathspey Miss Lyall
Stag is making for the Moor, The Strathspey
Heather Bell is bright and red, The Strathspey Kessock Ferry
Hogmanay was ever cheery Strathspey
Happy the Soldier March
When the night is falling March
Off to the War March
See the bodachan  March Campbelltown Loch
In the Moonlight "Song"
King's Taxes, The Piobaireachd Mal an Righ
Sword Dance Reel
Seann Triubhas or Sword Dance "Dance"
Sword Dance "Dance"
Clansmen mourn, The "Song"
Tuning phrase (6/8 version) tuning phrase
Johnnie Cope March
Seann Triubhas or Sword Dance Strathspey
Tullyment Strathspey
Joy of the battle, The March
My Tocher March
I stepped upon the air with her Strathspey
Driving the Cattle March Hills of Glenorchy, The
3rd and 4th parts of March "Miss MacGregror's Favourite" March
Tuning phrase (2/4 version) tuning phrase
Driving the cows up the glen March Bundle and Go
Grey Buck, The March
In the bracken "Song"
Breeze in the Corrie, The March

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