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MacLeod's Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe

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MacLeod's Tutor for the Higland Bagpipe was published by Pipe Major A.R. MacLeod. The exact publication date is not known, but judging from some tune titles, it appears to have been published after World War I. It presents 130 or so tunes, and over 50 of the settings are either arrangements or original compositions by Pipe Major A.R. MacLeod. Pipe Major A.R. MacLeod was a friend of G.S. McLennan, and there is some evidence to suggest he was living in Edinburgh at the time this collection was published. (If you have any additional info to share Pipe Major A.R. MacLeod, please e-mail us and let us know.)

Tune Name Tune Type Composer/Arranger Alternate Title
Cover Page n/a n/a
Letters n/a n/a
Table of Contents n/a n/a
Instructions and Exercises n/a n/a
H.M King George V's Welcome to Holyrood Palace July 1911 march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
H.M. Queen Mary's Welcome to Holyrood Palace July 1911 march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (21st) Birthday march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
MacLeod of MacLeod's Welcome to Edinburgh, May 1913 march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Sir Reginald MacLeod of MacLeod's March march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
"Cameron" Brigade's March, The march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Clan "MacLeod" Society's March, The march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Major A.H.B. Dunlops Welcome to Loretto School march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Admiral Angus MacLeod's Farewell to the Royal Navy march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
"Seaforth" Highlander's Brigade's March, The march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Mrs. A.R. MacLeod's Farewell to Fortgeorge march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Mrs. MacLeod's Strathspey strathspey P/M A.R. MacLeod
Mrs. MacLeod's Reel reel P/M A.R. MacLeod
Leaving Loch Broom march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
10th Btn. Gordon Highlander's March march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Captain MacLeod of Cadboll's March march  A.R. MacLeod
Major Findlay, 8th Scottish Rifles march  P/M D. MacDougall
MacNab's March march   
MacLeod of Talisker's March march  A.R. MacLeod
Treasurer J. Lorne MacLeod's March march  A.R. MacLeod
Farewell to Malta march  A.R. MacLeod
Royal Scots Fusilier's Advance on Mons 1914, The march  P/M A.R. MacLeod
Pipe-major MacLeod's Farewell to the R.S. Fusiliers march  A.R. MacLeod
Loretto School Pipe Band's March march  A.R. MacLeod
16th Btn. "The Royal Scots" March, The march  A.R. MacLeod
Captain R.C. MacLeod, 6th Btn. Royal Scots March march  A.R. MacLeod
Mr. Donald Shaw's March march  A.R. MacLeod
P. Douglas Wilson's March march  A.R. MacLeod
P. Douglas Wilson's Strathspey strathspey A.R. MacLeod
P. Douglas Wilson's Reel reel A.R. MacLeod
Farewell to Loch-Broom march A.R. MacLeod
Ullapool Pier Strathspey strathspey A.R. MacLeod
Ullapool Pier Reel reel A.R. MacLeod
Lewis (Reef) Cottar's March, The march A.R. MacLeod
Lieut. Col. J.D. Boswell's March march A.R. MacLeod
Captain G.C.S. MacLeod's 1st Btn. Black Watch march A.R. MacLeod
Mr. W.C. MacLeod's Strathspey strathspey A.R. MacLeod
Mr. W.C. MacLeod's Reel reel A.R. MacLeod
Mr. P. Douglas Wilson's Wedding Day Strathspey strathspey A.R. MacLeod
Mr. P. Douglas Wilson's Wedding Day Reel reel A.R. MacLeod
A.R. MacLeod Strathspey strathspey A.R. MacLeod
A.R. MacLeod Reel reel A.R. MacLeod
Dundonell  strathspey A.R. MacLeod
Dundonell  reel A.R. MacLeod
An Cluinn Thu Leannain air A.R. MacLeod's setting Do hear me Darling
Mrs. John Elder's Welcome waltz A. Hutcheon
Dundonell Lodge strathspey A.R. MacLeod
Dundonell Lodge reel A.R. MacLeod
Glengarry Gathering, The march Angus MacKay
My Native Highland Home march
Donald Cameron, Piper, Brahan Castle, March march Hugh MacKay
Johnny Cope (Reveille) march A.R. MacLeod's setting
Keel Row, The reel
MacKenzie Highlander's March, The march P/M A. MacLennan
Roryson's Breeks jig A.R. MacLeod's setting
Captain MacCallum's Farewell to the 79th Q.O.C. Highlanders march from A. MacLennan  
Hills of Glenorchy, The march  
Blue and Yellow Banner, The march J. MacKenzie  
Paddy o' Rafferty jig  
Flowers of the Forest, The funeral march  
Flora MacDonald's Lament march  
Highland Brigade's Advance on Alma, The march   
Sean Triubhais dance  
General Salute march  
Highland Brigade's March on Tel-el-Kebir, The march  
Captain MacDonald's March march  
MacGregor's Search retreat A.R. MacLeod's setting  
Lord Lovat slow march A.R. MacLeod's setting   
MacLeod's March march A.R. MacLeod's setting  
Wae's Me for Prince Charlie slow march  
Cock of the North, The quickstep A.R. MacLeod's setting  
78th Highlander's Farewell to Canterbury, The march N. MacSwayde  
Highland Laddie, The march A.R. MacLeod's setting  
Pibroch of Donald Dubh march  
Lochaber No More funeral march  
Lord Clyde's Farewell to the Crimea retreat   
Campbell's Are Coming, The march A.R. MacLeod's setting  
All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border march  
Cameronian's March, The march  
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Strathspey strathspey  
Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay's Reel reel   
Lady Louden strathspey  
Christmas Carousing, The reel  
Liverpool Hornpipe hornpipe  
Wouldn't the Minister Dance? jig  
Lord Blantyre strathspey  
Jubilee Reel reel  
Mucking of Geordie's Byre march  
Torrisdale Castle march  
Lads of Mull, The reel  
Willie MacKay's Reel reel   
Cameronian's Farewell to Gibraltar, The march  
Princess Royal's March, The march  
Club of True Highlander's March, The march D. Cameron  
Highlander's March, The march  
Brose and Butter jig  
Athole Gathering, The march  
Grey Wife of Raasay, The reel  
72nd Highlander's Quickstep, The march  
Rejected Suitor, The reel  
Wha Wadna Fetch for Charlie? reel  
Dornoch Lasses, The march  
Irish Jig jig  
Donald Cameron's Farewell to Rosehaugh march Donald Cameron  
Prince of Wales' Jig or Strathspey, The jig or strathspey  
A. Duff's Reel reel  
W. MacKay's Farewell to the 74th march
Bruce's Address slow march Scot's Wha Hae
Daft Donald march
Foot of Garnock, The march
I Hae a Wife o My Ain jig or retreat
Gown and Apron, The jig
Munlochy Bridge strathspey
Reel o' Tulloch, The reel
Mrs. Smith's Welcome to Scotland march
Lieut. Bowen's Welcome to 8th Scottish Rifles march P/M D. MacDougall
Mony Musk strathspey
Miller's Fair Daughter, The reel
A. Cameron Jnr's Reel reel
Mountain Deer, The reel
Athole Brose strathspey
Highland Reel reel
Kenmore Lasses reel
Miss Drummond of Perth strathspey
Piper of Drummond, The reel
Reel  reel
Archie Campbell's Jig jig
Bowmore, The reel
Caber Feidh reel A.R. MacLeod's setting
Struan Robertson strathspey
Corn Bran reel
Jenny's Bawbee march or polka
MacDonald of the Isles March to Harlaw march
Duke of Roxburgh's Farewell to the Black Mount Forest, The march
Lament for Lieut. B. MacLeod of MacLeod piobaireachd
J.W. Bews (Kirkwall) march P/M A.R. MacLeod
Allies Triumphant March on Berlin, The march A.R. MacLeod
Dirge in Memory of Piper Donald MacKenzie slow march A.R. MacLeod
Gillie Calum - Sword Dance strathspey A.R. MacLeod's setting
Lieut. J. MacLennan's (Edin.) March march P/M A.R. MacLeod
General Sir Ian Hamilton's Welcome to Invercargill march H. MacDonald
A Dirge to Our Fallen Heroes slow march A.R. MacLeod

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