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C. S. Thomason's Ceol Mor

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Hillside scene from the Isle of Skye

General C.S. Thomason's Ceol Mor is one of the most signficant collections of piobaireachd, and was an attempt to create a comprehensive collection of piobaireachd. The collection played a significant role in forming the Piobaireachd Society, and served as the source of settings for the Society's first competition. The details of Thomason's life, and the history of Ceol Mor have been covered in detail in other sources, and we would refer our users to Dr. William Donaldson's Highland Pipe and Scottish Society for more information. In addition, the Piobaireachd Society's web site has a page entitled "The Making of Ceol Mor" that presents a history of the collection.

The version of Ceol Mor that is presented here comes from a 1975 reprint by EP Publishing Limited. Additional description of this reprint can be found in the Ceol Mor bibliography provided on the Piobaireachd Society site.
Ceol Sean is especially grateful to Dr. William Donaldson for assistance provided in creating our CD version of Ceol Mor. He helped us by identifying some corrections to the a few titles, and in highlighting other errata. We are also most grateful to Dr. Kenneth Van Jackman, would loaned us his copy of the reprint to make the CD version possible.
Thomason developed his own system of notation for his settings, and users who wish to use these settings will need to learn his system. Thomason's description of his system, along with revisions and updates are presented in the first eleven entries in the Table of Contents provided below.

Piobaireachd or Topic Name Composer/Arranger Alternate Title
Key to Abbreviations
Revised Ceol Mor Notation
Ceol Mor Notation, 1905
Analysis of Metres
Poscript Regarding "Ceol Mor" Shakes
Key to Abbreviations
Ceol Mor - Rhythm in Sections
Errata in "Ceol Mor" first edition
Errata dated 1905 in first edition "Ceol Mor" dated 1900
Laggan Salute, The D. MacKay
Laggan Salute, The (revised setting)
Craigellachie Grant's Gathering, The
Craigellachie (revised setting) Grant's Gathering, The
Craigellachie (alternate setting) Grant's Gathering, The
Prince's Salute, The J. MacIntyre
Prince's Salute, The (revised setting) J. MacIntyre
Finger Lock, The 
Finger Lock, The (revised setting)
Donald Gruamach's Lament for His Elder Brother D. Grumach
Captain D. MacKenzie's Lament
Lament for the Duke of Hamilton
Glengarry's March
MacDonalds of Clanranald's Gathering
Too Long in this Condition P. M. MacCruimein
Lament for King James's Depature
End of the Little Bridge
Rout of Glen Fruin, The
Sister's Lament, The
Boisdale Salute, The
Duntroon's Warning
Old Sword's Lament, The
Aged Warrior's Lament, The
Aged Warrior's Lament, The (revised setting)
Mary's Praise for Her Gift
Cameron's Gathering, The
Groat, The
Groat, The (revised setting)
Mrs. Smith's Salute John MacKenzie - Taymouth
Salute at Birth of Roderick More MacLeod D. MacCruimein
Lament for Patrick Og Mac-Cruimein J. D. MacKay
Sutherland's Gathering, The
Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar
Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar (revised setting)
Lament for Montrose J. MacKillop
Lament for Piper Samuel
Lament for Piper Samuel (revised setting)
Old Woman's Lullaby, The
Carles Wi' The Breeks, The
Old Woman's Lullaby, The (revised setting)
Carles Wi' The Breeks (repeated)
Gathering of the MacDonalds of Clanranald   Cnocan Ailean Mhic Iain
March of Black Donald Balloch of the Isles
Lament for MacIntosh (dual setting) D. MacKay & K. Cameron
Lament for MacIntosh (revised setting) 
End of the Great Bridge
Elchies Salute, The
G. Campbell of Calder's Salute
MacDonald of Sunda's Lament
Lament for John MacLeod D. MacDonald
MacLeod of Rasay's Salute A. MacKay
Lament for John MacLeod  (revised setting) D. MacDonald
MacLeod of Rasay's Salute (revised setting) A. MacKay
Carles of Sligachin, The
Carles of Sligachin, The (revised setting)
Desparate Battle, The Cachullin
My King Has Landed in Muidart
MacLeod of Rasay's Lament D. MacDonald
Lament for John Garve MacLeod of Rasay A. MacKay
Alastair Charich's March
MacLean's Gathering, The D. MacDonald
Rout of Bendoeg, The
Castle Menzie
MacDonald of Isle's Salute (w/ alternate variations by D. MacDonald)
John Garve MacLean of Coll's Broadsword
MacLaine of Lochbuie's Lament
Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Salute
Bells of Perth, The MacIntyre of Rannoch
Lament for General Cleaver
Praise of Marion
Finlay's Lament
Finlay's Lament (revised setting)
Lament for Donald Ban Mac-Cruimein
Lament for Donald Ban Mac-Cruimein (revised setting)
Lament for Macsuain of Roaig
Alexr. of MacDonnell of Glengarry's Lament
Piper's Warning to His Master, The
Cheerful Scotland
Lament for the Only Son P. M. MacCruimein
Lament for MacLean, Lachan Mor
Battle of Park
Massacre of Glencoe, The D. MacDonald
Menzie's Salute, The (A. MacKay setting) A. MacKay
Menzie's Salute, The (D. MacDonald setting) D. MacDonald
Middling Spree, The
Little Spree, The
Little Spree, The (revised setting)
Big Spree, The D. MacKay You're Drunk, and Had Better Sleep
Big Spree, The (revised setting) D. MacKay You're Drunk, and Had Better Sleep
Lament for the Laird of Anapool
MacLeod of MacLeod's Rowing Piobaireachd D. M. MacCruimein
MacKenzie's Gathering, The D. MacDonald Tulloch Ard
Angus MacDonald's Assault
Lament for Prince Henry of Battenburg W. Campbell
Donald Dugald MacKay (Lord Reay's) Lament
Donald Dugald MacKay (Lord Reay's) Lament (revised setting)
Young King George III's Salute 1760
Lament for King George III 1820
MacNeill of Barra's March
MacNeill of Barra's Lament
MacKay's Banner, The
Prince Charles's Lament Capt. M. MacLeod
Chisholm's Salute
Vaunting, The Rd. MacDonald of Morair
Vaunting, The (revised setting)
Farewell to Col. Leigh C. S. Thomason
Lament for Great John MacLean 
Lament for Sir John Garve MacLean of Coll 
Glen is Mine, The
Miss Mabel Thomason's Salute H. W. Cameron
Miss Mabel Thomason's Salute (revised setting) H. W. Cameron
March of the MacDonalds
MacFarlane's Gathering, The P/M Gillies
War or Peace
War or Peace (revised setting)
Away to Your Tribe, Ewen (dual setting) K. Cameron (#1) & D. MacDonald (#2)
Battle of Maolroy, The Isabel MacKay
Army Red Tartaned, The Maolroay
Lament for the Children, The P. M. MacCruimein
Blue Ribbon, The Isle of Mull
Blue Ribbon, The (revised setting) Isle of Mull
Blue Ribbon, The (alternate setting) Grant's, The
Lament for Donald Cameron K. Cameron 
Abercairney's Salute C. MacArthur
Davidson of Tulloch's Salute John MacKay
Lament for Glengarry A. Munro
Lady Doyle's Salute J. MacKay
Hector MacLean's Warning
My Dearest on Earth, Give Me Your Kiss
Sinclair's March, The
March of the Lord of Coll
Lament for Colonel Forbes D. Fraser
I Got a Kiss of the King's Hand D. M. MacCruimein
MacKenzie of Gairloch's Lament J. MacKay
MacKenzie of Applecross's Salute A. MacKay
MacKenzie of Applecross's Salute (revised setting) A. MacKay
MacLeod's Controversy D. MacCruimein
MacCruimein Will Never Return D. R. MacCruimein
Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck J. MacKay
Lament for MacLeod of MacLeod  D. M. MacCruimein
Lament for MacLeod of MacLeod (revised setting) D. M. MacCruimein
Battle of Waterloo, The J. MacKay
Strowan Robertson's Salute
Battle of Sherrifmuir 1715, The J. MacIntyre
Duke of Perth's March 1745, The Finlay Dubh MacRae
Earl of Seaforth's Salute, The
Gordon's Salute, The
Half-finished Piobaireachd, The P. M. MacCruimein and J. D. MacKay
Highland Society of Scotland's Salute, The Prof. MacArthur
MacDonald's Salute, The D. M. MacCruimein
MacGregors' Gathering, The
Lament for Lady Anapool Angus MacArthur
Lament for the Harp Tree
Lament for the Harp Tree (revised setting)
MacLean's March, The
MacKay's March, The
MacRae's March, The
Monro's Salute, The
MacKenzie of Gairloch's Salute
Pretty Dirk, The
Red Hand in MacDonalds' Arm, The
Lament for Claverhouse
Lament for Claverhouse (revised setting)
Argyll's Salute
Lament for Lord Lovat  1746
Lament for Lord Lovat  1746 (revised setting)
Lament for Lady MacDonald
Young Laird of Dungallon's Salute, The
Earl of Ross's March, The D. M. MacCreimein
Battle of Altearn, The
Lament for Duncan MacRae of Kintail
Desparate Battle - Perth 1895, The
Desparate Battle - Perth 1895, The (revised setting)
MacCruimein's Sweetheart
Scarce of Fishing
Hector Roy MacLean - Lament for A. MacLean
Kinloch Muideart's Salute
Ben Cruachan
Boat Tune, The
Men Went to Drink, The
Men Went to Drink, The (revised setting)
Brother's Lament, The
Beloved Scotland I Leave Thee Gloomy
Laird of Borlum's Salute, The
Ewin of The Battles
Lament for Castle Dunyveg 1647
Red Ribbon, The
Lament for The Union
Lament for the Little Supper
Cluny MacPherson's March
MacDonell of Laggan - Lament for
MacDonell of Laggan's Lament (revised setting)
Lament for Queen Anne
Lament for the Earl of Antrim
Highland Society of London's Salute, The John MacKay
Too Long in this Condition (alternate setting) P. M. MacCruimein
Fair Honey
MacDonald's Tutor
Battle of Castle Strone, The
Weighing from Land
Catherine's Lament Rupiart an Ceard
Battle of Waternish, The
Fairy Flag, The
Fairy Flag, The (revised setting)
Donald MacKenzie - His Father's Lament for John Bain MacKenzie
Berisdale Salute, The
Clanranald's Salute
James VI's Salute
Hen's March O'er the Midden, The John Dall MacKay
Battle of Red Hill, The
Farewell to the Laird of Islay A. MacKay
Battle of the Pass of Crieff
Battle of the Pass of Crieff (revised setting)
Black Watch's Salute, The J. D. MacDonald
Salute to Inverary
A Gathering 
Cluny MacPherson's Salute
Cluny MacPherson's Salute (revised setting)
Company's Lament, The
Frisky Lover, The
Frisky Lover, The (revised setting)
Macintyre's Salute
Athol Salute, The
Gunn's Salute
Gunn's Salute (revised setting)
Lament for the Dead
MacIntosh's Banner, The
Lament for Mary MacLeod P. MacCruimein
Melbank's Salute
Satire on Patrich Chadig, A Donald Mor MacCruimein
Tune of Strife, The
Piper's Salute to His Master, The
Little Finger Tune, The
Rout of the Lowland Captain, The
Mrs. MacLeod of Tallisker's Salute
Beinn A Ghriann
Battle of Balladruishaig, The
You're Welcome, Ewen Lochiel
Unjust Incarceration, The J. Dall MacKay
Unjust Incarceration, The (revised setting)
Bicker, The
Taunt on MacLeod, A
Frenzy of the Meeting, The J. MacKay or Donald Macdougal Lament for Brian O'Duff
MacDougall's Salute, The
Drizzle on the Stone R. MacDougal
Sobieski's Salute
Chisholm of Strathglass' Salute
Lament for Lord MacDonald
Lament for the Daughter
End of Isheberry Bridge, The
Welcome, Johnny, Back Again
Lady Margaret MacDonald's Salute
Lament for MacDonald of Kinloch Muideart
Lament for MacDonald of Kinloch Muideart (revised setting)
Comely Tune, The
Comely Tune, The (revised setting)
Hey for the Old Pipes !
MacDuff's Gathering, The
MacLeod of Tallisker's Salute
Young Neill's Salute
Lament for Colin Roy MacKenzie
Lament for John Ciar
Salute for John Ciar, Chief of the MacDougalls
Lament for the Duke of Perth
Crunluath Tune, The
Catherine's Salute Mach'Eanruig
Lament for Sir James MacDonald of the Isles MacDonald of Vallay
Lament for the Laird of Contulloch
Parading of the MacDonalds, The
Lament for Sir John Garve MacLean of Coll (alternate setting)
MacLean of Coll's Triumph
Battle of Bealach Na'm Bhuig, The
Battle of Athole, The
Rout of the MacPhees
Dispraise of MacLeod
Lament for Lord Fred Leveson Gower
Blind Piper's Obstinacy, The  J.D. MacKay
Waking of the Bridegroom, The
MacLean's Gathering, The (alternate setting) A. MacKay
MacDonald's are Simple, The
Lady Margaret MacDonald's Salute (alternate setting)
MacLeod of Gesto's Salute
Sauntering, The
Leaving Kintyre
Exterpation of the Tinkers by the King's Orders, The A. Cameron
Lament for Abercairney
Lament for Lord Breadalbane
Isle of Skye
Lament for Captain Wemyss Sutherland W. Gunn
Stuart's White Banner, The
Lament for the Writer
Duntroon's Salute
Lament for Sir James MacDonald of the Isles (alternate setting) Charles MacArthur
Lament for the Great Supper MacDougal
Battle of Loch Carron Point, The
MacNeill of Kintarbert's Fancy
Battle of the Bridge (or Inch) of Perth, The
Battle of Doirneag, The 
King's Taxes, The Ronald MacDougall
Fare Thee Well, Donald Rd. MacDougall
Lament for Captain MacDougall Ronald MacDougall
Battle of Glen Sheil, The J.D. MacKay
Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert's Salute John MacKay, Senior
Hail to My Country C. S. Thomason
Lament for Young Allan
Grain in Hides and Corn in Sacks
MacKenzie's Gathering, The A. MacKay Tulloch Ard
Piper's Farewell to His Home, The
Piper's Farewell to His Home, The (revised setting)
We Will Take the Highway
Nameless No. 1
Nameless No. 2
Nameless No. 3 
Nameless No. 3 (revised setting)
Nameless No. 4
Nameless No. 4 (revised setting)
Nameless No. 5
Nameless No. 6 
Nameless No. 6 (revised setting) 
Nameless No. 7
Nameless No. 8 
Nameless No. 8 (revised setting) 
Nameless No. 9
Nameless No. 10
Nameless No. 11
Nameless No. 12
Nameless No. 13
Nameless No. 14
Nameless No. 14 (revised setting)
Nameless No. 15
Nameless No. 16
Nameless No. 17
Nameless No. 18
Nameless No. 19
Gen. Thomason's Salute A. Paterson
Index of Ceol Mor  

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