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Bagpipe Melodies by P/M Wm. Fergusson

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Cover from Fergusson's Bagpipe Melodies

Wm. Fergusson was a student of Farquhar MacRae, and went on to become Pipe Major of the City of Glasgow Pipe Band. He led the band in winning several major competitions in the 1920's, including the World Championships in 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1925.
This collection was compiled by P/M Wm. Fergusson in 1939, and is a nice collection of light music, including his march "Kintara to El Arish".

Title Type
Cover Sheet n/a
Contents n/a
Dounvaig Castle March
St. Columba Schottische
March March
Athol and Breadalbane Gathering, The March
Ard Blair Castle March
Piper's Son, The March
Edinbane March
Very Slow Air slow air
Waltz waltz
An Eilean Ard March
Catriona Waltz
Pride of the Glen, The March
Farquhar MacRae March
Angus's Black Bag Schottische
Tir Nam Beann waltz
Clan Macrae Society, The March
Jig Jig
7th H.L.I.'s Farwell to Dunfermline April 1915, The March
Khaki Apron, The Reel
Farewell to Cape Helles Retreat
Piper's Amusement, The March
Kantarah to El Arish March
Plains of Gaza, The March
March March
Echoes of Palestine waltz
General Salute March
Reel Reel
March March
Margaret M. Duncan March
Dornie Ferry Strathspey
Slow March March
Tempo Waltz waltz
Lament for Donald MacRae (Balallan) March
Tempo Waltz waltz
Exile's Return, The March
S.P.B Association, The March
Lament for John (Kaid) MacLean March
Crodh Chailean slow air
Duchess of Montrose, The March
Lewis F. Beaton March
Bob o' Fettercairn, The Strathspey
John Roy Stewart Strathspey
Frimley March
Smith o' Gilliechassie, The Reel
MacLeans of Roag, The March
Caledonian Society of London, The Strathspey
Outram Kelly MacCallum slow march
Jig jig
Loch Duich slow air
Fir a' Bhata March
Falbh Dhachaidh Direach March
Appeasment slow march
Aggression slow march
Long Reveille, The slow march
Quick Time March
Pipe-Major James Sutherland March

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