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William Ross's Collection

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Frontpiece from Ross' Collection

Wm Ross was a Pipe Major in the Black Watch from 1849 to 1854, and then served as a piper to Queen Victoria from 1854 until he passed away in 1891.
His collection first appeared in 1869, and the number of tunes presented increased in subsequent editions. We've had access to several of these editions, and have made an effort to include every setting that was included as part of this collection.

Tune (or item) Tune Type Gaelic title
Cover drawing n/a
Dedication Page n/a
Preface n/a
Rev. Dr. MacLeod's essay n/a
Instructions by Ross n/a
Prince Consort's Lament, The Piobaireachd Cumha Phrionnsa Companach
Blue Riband, The Piobaireachd Rioban Gorm
Lament for the Dead, The Piobaireachd Cumha Na Mairbh
Men went to Drink, The Piobaireachd Chaidh Na Fir Gol
Children's Lament, The Piobaireachd Cumha Na Cloinne
Melbank's Salute Piobaireachd Failte Fear Bhelbhank
Battle of Red Hill, The Piobaireachd Fear Na Brecan Duibh
Fishers of Geogh Brodinn, The Piobaireachd Spiocaireachd Iascaich
Kinlochmoidart's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Fear Lochmuidart
Old Woman's Lullaby, The Piobaireachd Cronnan Na Callaich A Bhan Sa Bhein Bhreach
Donald Bain MacRemmond's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Dhonhnuill Ban Mhich Cruimmen
Company's Lament, The Piobaireachd Cumha Na Cuideachd
Brother's Lament, The Piobaireachd Cumha Na Bhrathair
Inverness Piobaireachd, The Piobaireachd Piobaireachd Inorneish
Black Watch's Salute, The Piobaireachd Failte Reismeid Duibh
Battle of Water Ern, The Piobaireachd Cath Blar Allt Ernn
Friskey Lover, The Piobaireachd Sugrach Suirdheach
Lament for the Only Son, The Piobaireachd Cumha An Aon Mhich
Queen Anne's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Ban Righ Ann
Cluny MacPherson's Lament Piobaireachd Failte Fear Chlunny
Rev. Dr. Norman MacLeod's Lament Piobaireachd Cummha Thoirmead Mhoirmhic Leoid
Catherine's Salute Piobaireachd Failte Chaitrina
Mrs. MacLeod of Talliskar's Salute Piobaireachd Failte Bhan-Tighearna Thailisgar
Gunn's Salute Piobaireachd Failte Na'n Guinniach
Praise for Marion Piobaireachd Ceilearadh Mhorag
Battle of the Pass of Crieff, The Piobaireachd Cath Beallach Na Cruidh
McCrummen's Sweetheart Piobaireachd Maol Donn
Battle of Castle Strone, The Piobaireachd Cath Chaisteal Na Stroine
Queen's Salute, The Piobaireachd Failte Na Ban-Righ
Sutherland's Gathering, The Piobaireachd Cruinneachadh Nan Catach
Highland Society of London's Salute, The Piobaireachd Failte A Comunn Gaelach Lunninn
Gathering of Chlan Chattan, The Piobaireachd Cruinneachadh Chlan Chattan
Inchburny Bridge (or, The Duke of Athole's Salute) Piobaireachd Failte Dhuic Adhol
Mary's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Mhari
Lord Berisdale's Salute Piobaireachd Failte Mhorar Bherisdale
Collin MacRae of Invereenat's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Chailan Mhic Rath Inbhirinaid
Mary MacLeod's Lament (The Isle of Skye Poetess) Piobaireachd Cumha Mhari Nic Leoid
Hector Roy McLean's Lament Piobaireachd Cumha Eachain Ruaidh Nan Cath
The Desparate Battle Piobaireachd  (none listed)
MacIntosh's Banner, The Piobaireachd Bratach Mhic An Toisich
Duke of Albany's Lament, The Piobaireachd Cumha Dhuic Albani
Marchioness of Tullybardine's March, The March
Invercauld March, The March
Wille Cameron's March March
Club of True Highlanders March, The March
Tom Glen's March March
MacKenzie's Farewell to Ross-Shire March
And Sae Will We Yet Slow March
Malcolm MacPherson's Lullaby March
Captain Lamond's March March
Steam Boat, The March
Braes of Mar, The Strathspey
Highland Brigade's March to the Battle of Alma March
Bonnie House of Airlie, The March
Highland Plaid, The March
92nd Gordon Highlanders' March, The March
MacDonald's March, The March
Green Fields of America, The March
Edinburgh Volunteers' March, The March
Captain Campbell's March March
Braes of Mar, The March
Strath Herrick Highlanders' March, The March
Athole Highlanders' March, the March
Foot of Gernock, The March
Delvin Side March
Polka or March March
Resoration of the Highand Garb, The March
Royal Highlanders' Farewell to Aberdeen, The March
John Watts' Highlander's March March
Leaving Inverness March
Maid of Kintail, The March
Old Man is Long A Dying, The March
Youghal Harbour March
Paddy Carrey March
Black Watch, The March
Bruce's Address March
Flowers of the Forest, The March
Jockie Said to Jenny March
Black Watch's Farewell to Bareilly, The March
Waterloo March, The March
MacKenzie of Gairloch's March March
Boddach A Lander March
Highland Brigade's March to Waterloo, The March
Highland Lassie Going to the Fair, The March
Earl of Fife's March, The March
My Native Highland Home March
Barren Rocks of Aden, The March
Captain Campbell of Glendarual's March March
Bonnie Country Garden, The March
Hundred Pipers, The March
Finlay's March March
Allangrange's March March
Paddy's Trip to Dublin March
78th's Farewell to Belgaum, The March
Lord Lovat's March March
Inverness Shire Militia's March, The March
John Roy Stewart March
MacKay's Farewell to the 71st March
My Lodging is on the Cold Ground March
Brae Mar Highlanders' March, The March
Lass of Richmond Hill, The March
Cameron Men, The March
Donald Blue March
All the Blue Bonnets are over the Border March
Caber Feidh March
Her Majesty's Welcome to Coriemulzie March
Triumph (country dance or march) March
Mary Weep No More for Me March
An Old Highland Air Air
Barbadoes Bells March
Emily Stewart March
Murray Harris' March March
Torrisdale Castle March
Johnny's Far Away March
Gordon Stewart Forbes' March March
John Bain MacKenzie's March March
Caithness Volunteer's March, The March
Black Bear Hornpipe as a March, The March
Bonnie Highland Mary March
MacKenzie's Highlanders March
Am Freiceadan Dubh March
March to the Battle Field March
Soldier's Return, The March
Cuckoo's Nest, The March
Catherine Ogie March
Cullen House March
Floors Castle March
I am a Young Man that Lived with my Mother March
Red Coat, The March
Hurrah for the Bonnets O' Blue March
Miss MacGregor's Favorite March
Mount Stewart House March
Colonel Forbes of Invereran's March March
Culloden House March
Lord John Scott's March March
Lochiels March March
Lads with the Kilts, The March
Daft Donald March
Abergeldie Castle March
Shepherd Boy's March, The March
Balmoral Highlanders' March, The March
Burn's Farewell March
Lochiel's Farwell to Isla March
Cockabendie March
Logan's Bonnie Woods and Braes March
Her Majesty's Welcome to Glenfiddich March
Lass O' Cowrie, The March
White Cockade, The March
Banchory Volunteers, The March
An Old Highland Air March
Abercairney's Highlanders  March
Cluny's Strathspey Strathspey
Cluny's Reel Reel
Phones Lodge Strathspey
Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
Prince of Wales's Jig Jig
Black Duncan Strathspey
Prince of Wales's Reel Reel
Castle and Keys, The March
Duke of Edinburgh's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Duke of Edinburgh's Reel, The Reel
Spirits of Whisky Jig
Cameronian Rant, The Strathspey
Kilcoy Castle Reel
Strath Conan Jig
Mrs. Ross' Strathspey Strathspey
An Old Highland Air Air
Inverness Rant, The Strathspey
Over The Isles to America  Reel
Duchess of Roxburgh's Strathspey, The Strathspey
General Stewarts Reel Reel
Black Haired Girl of Knockie, The Jig
Barbara's Strathspey Strathspey
Drive Home the Mainlanders Reel
Delvin Side Strathspey Strathspey
If Charlie Comes Reel
Allan More Reel
Birks of Abergeldie, The Strathspey
Old Willie Duncan Reel
Mrs. Stewart of Grandtully's Strathspey Strathspey
Rosemarkie Rant Reel
Miss Campbell of Glendarual's Reel Reel
Sandy King Strathspey
Bonnie Black Lad, The Reel
Mrs. Gow's Strathspey Strathspey
Miss Girdle Reel
Foxhunter's Jig, The Jig
Caledonian Society of London's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Caledonian Society of London's Reel, The Reel
Dr. Glades Strathspey Strathspey
Coming Through the Burn to Lachie Reel
Marchioness of Huntley's Strathspey Strathspey
Miller's Fair Daughter, The Reel
Miller's Wife of Milton, The Jig
Duke of Leed's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Duke of Manchester's Reel, The Reel
MacKenzie of Fairburn's Strathspey Strathspey
Perth Hunt Reel
Samuel the Weaver Jig
Munlochy Bridge Strathspey
Old Duncan's Reel Reel
Neil Gow's Reel Strathspey
Braes of Balquhider, The Reel
Balmoral Castle  Strathspey
Drummond Castle Reel
Red Haired Girl of Tulloch, The Strathspey
Black Mill, The Reel
Tallipronnie Strathspey
Colonel MacLeod's Reel Reel
Because He Was a Bonnie Lad Strathspey
Lord Clyde's Reel Reel
Loudon's Bonnie Woods & Braes Strathspey
King's Gun Reel, The Reel
Leys of Luncarty, The Strathspey
Sir John MacKae's Reel Reel
Gille Callum, or Sword Dance Strathspey
Madelina Sinclair Strathspey
Deil among the Tailors, The Reel
Captain Chisholm's Strathspey Strathspey
Daldowny's Reel Reel
Irishman's Joy, The Jig
Market Place of Inverness, The Strathspey
Primrose Girl, The Reel
Barbara's Jig Jig
Banks of Clyde, The Strathspey
Princess of Wales' Reel, The Reel
My Love is the Fair Lad March
Polka, or March March
Duke of Richmond's Reel, The Reel
Maids of the Black Glen, The Strathspey
Forest Lodge Reel
Queen's Welcome to Dee Side, The Strathspey
Lord James Murray's Reel Reel
Highland Society of London's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Highland Society of London's Reel, The Reel
Bridge of Perth, The Strathspey
Caber Feidh Reel Reel
Prince Arthur's Strathspey Strathspey
Rejected Lover, The Reel
Tulloch Gorm Strathspey
Dinna Think My Bonnie Lassie Reel
Shaw March, The March
Sir J. MacKenzie's Reel Reel
Doctor of Coll's Reel, The Reel
Glen Where the Deer Is, The Reel
Ghlass Ault, The Reel
Glenspean Lodge Strathspey
MacKintoshes Reel, The Reel
An Islay Reel Reel
MacDougall's Jig Jig
Ball That was in Oban, The Reel
East Wood Cottage Reel
Black Haired Girl, the Reel
Watterneish Reel
Captain Duff's Reel Reel
Lads of Mull, The Reel
Neil Gow's Reel Reel
Bow More Reel
A Man's A Man for A' That Reel
Glen Where My Love Is, The Reel
Colonel MacDougall of Dunolly's Reel Reel
Birk Hall Reel
Loch Tummel Side March
Glengarry Highlander's March, The March
Going to the Wood to Cut Broom March
Seaforth's March March
Siege of Sebastopol, The March
Lady Charlotte Durham's Strathspey Strathspey
Mason Laddie Reel, The Reel
Maid of Edrachaolis, The Jig
Hills of Glenorchy, The March
Princess Royal's Farewell to Balmoral March
Craigs of Madderty, The March
Willie was a Wanton Wag March
Marquis of Argyll's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Lord Blantyre's Reel Reel
J.F. Farquharson's Strathspey Strathspey
Hurrah for the Hills March
Heights of the Alma, The March
Lochaber No More Slow March
Gunn's March March
78th's Farewell to Montreal, The March
Braes of Blelack, The Strathspey
Sparks Rant Reel
Captain Donald Shaw of Newhall's Reel Reel
Dunbeath Castle Reel
Battle of Killiecrankie, The March
Miss Drummond of Perth Strathspey
Captain McCallum's Reel Reel
It was Early in the Morning that My Love Left Me March
Lady McKenzie of Seaforth's Strathspey Strathspey
Spunkey's Reel Reel
Kilcoy's March March
Mrs. McDougall's March March
Marchioness of Lorn's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Seaforth's Strathspey Strathspey
Clyde Side March
Captain MacDonald's March March
Lord Lovat's Strathspey Strathspey
Goat's Reel, The Reel
Captain Jack Murray's Strathspey Strathspey
Iain More's Reel Reel
O'er the Hills and Far Away March
Back of Bennichie, The March
Cameronian's Farewell to Aldershot, The March
Yester House Strathspey
Abercairney's Highlanders Reel
Bridge of Nevis, The Reel
Piper of Drummond's Rant, The Reel
Happy We've Been A Together Strathspey
T. McBain's Reel Reel
Marquis of Lorn's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Creeshie Weaver, The Reel
John Roy Stuart Strathspey
Phaskley House March
Captain A.M. Chisholm's March March
Prince Charlie's Welcome to Skye March
Earl of Mansfield's March March
Bonnie Lassie Bundle and Go March
Lady Ann's Farewell to Rosaugh Slow March
Paddy O'Carrel March
Johnny Campbell March
The Humpy Backed Weaver March
Munlochy Volunteer's March, The March
Duchess of Sutherland's Welcome to Taymouth Castle, The March
Lord James Murray's March March
Fair Maid of Oban, The Reel
An Islay Jig Jig
Braes of Tullyment, The Strathspey
Guid Wife's Dance, The Reel
Lady McKenzie of Kilcoy's Strathspey Strathspey
Major McPherson's Strathspey Strathspey
Brown Maid, The Reel
Smith of Chillichassie, The Reel
I Was Born in Islay Reel
Stuart of Grantully's March March
McLeod's March March
Sons of the Mountains, The March
Lasses O' Kilmartin, The Reel
Glen Ogle Highlander's March, The March
Monymusk Strathspey
Fair Bosom, The Reel
Leaving Strathdon March
Lord Panmure's March March
Bonnie Breast Plate, The March
Miss Victoria Ross Strathspey
Charms of Whiskey,The Reel
Alexander Glen March March
Keith Stuart McKenzie's March March
Sweet Maid of Glendaruail, The March
Highland Kitty Jig
Hills of Glentruim, The March
McGregor's Lament Slow Air
Miss Lucy Campbell's Strathspey Strathspey
Murray's Dream March
Argyllshire Volunteer's March, The March
Sandy King March
Old Highland Air March
Brandered Bannocks, The March
Miss Jeffray's Reel Reel
H.R.H. The Duke of Rothesay March March
Grant's March, The March
Celtic Society's March, The March
Kinloch of Kinloch's March March
Up and Warn Them Aw Willie March
Stirlingshire Militia, The March
Lochiel's Welcome to Isla  March
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar, The March
Maid of Glengarisdale, The March
Greenock Volunteer's March, The March
Brechin Castle  Strathspey
Lady Roseberry's Reel Reel
Arniston Castle Strathspey
Highland Laddie, The March
Queen's Welcome to Dunrobin, The March
Sandy McNab March
Fraser's Farewell to the Black Watch March
Bogan Lochan Strathspey
Fife Hunt Reel
Mhorag March
Methven Castle Reel
Miss Ross of Cromarty's Strathspey Strathspey
Old Lady of Seaforth's Reel, The Reel
Captain MacDonald's March March
Athole Highlander's March to Loch Katrine, The March
Tulloch McCarrick's March March
Mrs. McKenzie's Welcome March
Rosaugh Dance Jig
Donald Cameron's Farewell to Rosaugh March
Connan House Jig
Major Forbes 78th Highlander's Reel Reel
Lochaber Dance Jig
74th's Farewell to Edinburgh, The March
Oban Strathspey, The Strathspey
Morning Dew, The March
Caledonian Canal Strathspey, The Strathspey
Scouries Reel
McKinnon's Strathspey Strathspey
Merry Lads of Dornach, The Reel
Thailer A Bha Me Sherridh Is Feader a Thuair Me  Reel
McKinnon's March, The March
Strath Pepher Wells  March
Kate Dalrymple Reel
Aberarder Rant Reel
Smith's A Gallant Fireman, The March
Mrs. Hamilton of Pitcaithlands  March
Flora McDonald's Lament for Prince Charlie Slow Air
Rory McLeod's March March
Over the Muir Among the Heather Strathspey
Loch Tayside Reel
McLagan Esquire's March March
My Love's Letter Across the Water March
Earl of Dalhousie's March, The March
Reel, A Reel
Paterick J.F. Graeme Esquire's March March
Miss Wardlaw of Kilcoy's Strathspey Strathspey
Tullochcoy Reel Reel
Fintray House Strathspey
Stornway Castle March
Wm. McDonald's Farewell to Abergeldie March
Campbell's Farewell to Red Castle March March
Kessock Ferry Strathspey Strathspey
Porst an Righ Reel
J.D.K. McCallum Esquire's Strathspey Strathspey
Captain Colin Campbell's March March
Hornpipe or March March
Lady Dorothea Stuart Murray's Reel Reel
Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, The Reel
Major A.W. Cameron's March March
Duke of Edinburgh's Jig Jig
Lord McDuff's Reel Reel
Arlitrach Jig Jig
Murray's Welcome March
Bridge of Belgownie, The March
Davidson of Tulloch's Welcome March
Donald McPhee's March March
Crathie Volunteer's March March
Rogart Sutherland Volunteer's March March
Earl of Fife's Welcome to Sandringham March, The March
Abergeldie Highlander's March, The March
Black Watch's March to Coomassie, The March
Campbell's Are Coming, The March
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The Strathspey
Reel of Tulloch, The Reel
Highland Wedding, The March
Marchioness of Lorne, The March
Neil Gow's Farewell to Whisky March
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff March
Lord Lovat's Welcome ot Castle Downie March
Drouthie Carl, The March
Ben Y Gloe, the March
Nell Flaherty's Drake March
Waterloo Reel
Battle of Killiecrankie, The March
Aberlour House Strathspey
Coradavon Lodge Reel
Robbie Ross (Sir Colin Campbell's Farewell to the Crimea) March
Thornton Jig Jig
Brochann Loum (Balferry Dance) Strathspey
MacPherson's Lament March
MacDonald's March to the Wars, The March
The Plough Boy's March March
Captain Cook's March March
Major Baird's March March
Poltalloch House Strathspey
Borora Side Reel
The Unjust Incarceration March
Johnny Cope March
Highland Rory Hornpipe
Cromarty Rangers March, The Strathspey
Green Hills of Tyrol Slow March
I'll Gang Na Mair to Yon Toon March
72nd Highlanders' Farewell to Punna, The March
78th's Welcome to Aldershot, The March
Ale is Dear, The Reel
Black Watch's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Captain Grant's March March
Monaich Castle March
Sandy Cameron's Rant Reel
Warbling of the Fingers, The Strathspey
I Will Never Do the Like Again Reel
There is Your Pipes Reel

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