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Dedication and Links Page

James Coldren


This site is dedicated to the memory of James Coldren (1924-2011), founder of the Bagpipe Music Museum, and author of the first Bagpipe Music Index.

For over ten years, James Coldren and the Bagpipe Music Museum generously supported Ceol Sean by providing the original music sources for our collection of CD's.

Read more about James' life, his contributions to bagpiping, and his support of Ceol Sean .

Links "Honor Roll"

We have a short list of links on our "Honor Roll". They represent piping resources that we can recommend with confidence, and who we feel are making some great contributions, especially in using the internet to share resources and information for pipers and drummers.

McGillivray Piping

Jim McGillivray is one of the most brilliant pipers I have ever known. He has an incredible depth of knowledge about all aspects of piping, and is a fantastic teacher. If you don't have his "Rhythmic Fingerwork", order one immediately and get to work. Jim also has over 1,500 recorded tunes (along with accompany settings) available through his website, and free tune samples are available.

Ken Eller's "The Captain's Corner"

Ken Eller's "The Captain's Corner" is a great source for on-line piping instruction. Ken Eller is fantastic piper with an incredible track record of pipe band leadership and participation. I've also found Ken to be the "Go To" expert on pipe set-up, tuning, and maintenance. He's a great instructor as well, and any workshop he's part of will be well worth it.


pipes|drums is "the" site to go to for the last news news in the world of piping and drumming. You need to visit this site daily to keep up to date, and there are articles of historical interest, interviews, advice, commentary, product reviews, and a host of other valuable information resources.

Midwest Highland Arts Winter Storm

The Midwest Highlands Art's Winter Storm is one of the most exciting annual events in piping. It offers world-class piping and drumming instruction, and the annual Winter Storm concert is absolutely unbelievable!! If you've never attended, you don't know what you're missing.

Geoff Hore's "silverchanter" website

Geoff Hore's website is a tremendous resource for information about bagpipe music. He's currently providing an on-line update to Dr. Roderick Cannon's "A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music". He has been able to expand and update the information in Dr. Cannon's book, and his site also has other piping related articles.

Lee and Sons Bagpipes

Jack Lee's site offers recordings (along with accompanying settings) for over a thousand tunes. Jack is an incredible piper, and a great instructor as well. One great feature of this site is that users may listen to a sample of each tune that's available.