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A Collection of Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia Called Piobaireachd

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Frontpiece from Donald MacDonald's Piobaireachd

Donald MacDonald (1750 - 1840) was an Edinburgh pipe maker who was given stipend from the Highland Society of London to produce piobaireachd settings written in staff notation, and his collection is the result. In addition to piobaireachd, the collection also includes a few light music settings.
The exact date of the initial publication of this collection is not known, but it appears that MacDonald was working on this collection as early as 1806, and that he was still working on parts of in 1821, and the initial publication appears to have occured in 1822.
The version presented here is from a 1974 reprint by EP Publications. In making the CD version of this collection, we were given access to copy owned by Tim Neale, and we appreciate his help.

Tune Name Tune type Gaelic Title
Preface to First Edition
Reel of Tulloch, The reel Rielle Huluchen
Brose and Butter jig Uilliam 's Calum 's Morag
Green Hillock, The strathspey Tulloch Gorum
Cock Crowing  jig Gairm na'n Coileach
Up and waur them a' Willie reel Cuir air do shon fhein Uilliam
Monymusk strathspey Dannsa Gaelach
Grey Buck, The jig Bochd liath na'n Gobhar
Amorous Lover, The reel C'uin a thig thu ars am Bodach
Cripple Malcolm in the Glen strathspey Calam Crubach ann 's a Ghlenn
Warst Carle in the World, The jig  'S ann agam tha'm Bodach a's measa air an t Shaogal
Mrs. McLeod of Rasay reel Seann Ghille na'n Car
Culcairn's Strathspey strathspey Fear Chul Charn
Prince's Salute, The piobaireachd Failte Phroinsa
Finger Lock, The piobaireachd A Ghlass Mheur
Donald Gruamach's Lament  piobaireachd Spaidsearachd Dhonuill Ghruamaich
Lamentation for the Duke of Hamilton piobaireachd Cumh Dhuc Hamilton
Glengarry's March piobaireachd Cill Chriosda
Too Long in this Condition piobaireachd Sfhadde Mar Seo 'Tha Sinn
Clan's Gathering, The piobaireachd Ceann na Drochaid Big
Rout of Glen Fruin, The piobaireachd Ruaig Ghlenne Fruin
Sister's Lament, The piobaireachd Cumh na Peathair
Salute to Allister More MacDonald, First of Boisdale piobaireachd Failte Fir Bhoisdail
Grant's Gathering, The piobaireachd Craigillachy
Gathering of the MacDonald's of Clanranald to the Battle of Sheriffmuir, The piobaireachd Cruimeachadh Chlaun Raonuill
Sword's Lament on the Aged Warrior's Sorrow, The piobaireachd Cumh Chlaibh
Mary's Praise for Her Gift piobaireachd Moladgh Mari
Groat, The piobaireachd An Groatha
Lament on the Death of Patrick More McCruimmen piobaireachd Cumh Pharic More Mhic Cruimmen
Lament for King James' Departure piobaireachd Suihel Shemes
Roderick More MacLeod piobaireachd  'N Ann Air Mhire Tha Sibh
Lament for Ronald McDonald, Esq. of Morar piobaireachd Cumhadh Raoinuill Mhic Aileain Oig
Lament for the Death of Samuel, a Celebrated Piper piobaireachd Cumhadh Dubh Shomhairle
Lord Breadalbane's March piobaireachd Bodaich na 'm Brigis
Black Donald of Balloch's March piobaireachd Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Duibh
End of the Great Bridge, The piobaireachd Ceann na Drochaid Mhoridh
Airs of Uist and Skye    

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