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The Brigade Book of Irish Pipe Music

Pipes             Irish countryside near Cork             Pipes

Irish countryside near Cork

This collection was published in 1949, was compiled by a committee of three pipe majors at the Brigade Pipe School in Armagh. Details of the committee's efforts appear in the Foreword. The book contains over 200 settings, as well as some suggested arrangement of sets, all which are presented here.

Tune Name Tune type Additional titles
Cover of Book n/a
Foreword page 1 n/a
Foreword page 2 n/a
Foreword page 3 n/a
Contents n/a
St. Patricks' Day March
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Slow March
Sprig of Shillelagh March
Rory O'More March
South Down Militia, The March
O'Neill's War March Slow March
Regimental Marches Regimental March St. Patrick's Day, Garryowen, Nore Creina, Barrosa
Regimental Marches (cont.) Regimental March
Garryowen March
Reveille March Brian Boru's March
Men's Breakfast Jig The House Under the Hill 
Men's Dinner March Kelly the Boy from Killane 
Officer's Half Hour Dress March The Rakes of Mallow
Quarter Hour Dress March Garryowen
Adjutant's March March The Moreen
Commanding Officer's Orders March The Wearin' o' the Green
Lights Out Slow March Oft in the Stilly Night
Reveille March The Dawning of the Day
Men's Breakfast & Officer's Mess - First Call Jig Top o' Cork Road 
Men's Dinner & Officer's Mess - Second Call Reel The Rakes of Mallow
Assembly March Garryowen and St. Patrick's Day
Charge March Faugh-a-Ballagh
Lights Out Slow March Oft in the Stilly Night
Reveille March Brian Boru's March
Mens' Breakfast and Dinners March The Caubeen Trimmed with Blue
Retreat March The Green Hills of Tyrol
Officer's Dress March The Wearin' o' the Green
Officer's Mess March The Rakes of Mallow
First Post March Colonel McNamara, M.P.
Last Post March Dolan's Ass
Lights Out Slow March Oft in the Stilly Night
Crusader's March, The Slow March
Cradle Song, The Slow March
Eileen Alannah Slow March
Oh, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charmsms Slow March
Saffron Kilt, The Slow March
Piper's Waltz, The Slow March
Major Brown Slow March
Mountains of Mourne, The Slow March
Teddy O'Neill Slow March
Return of the Colors, The Slow March
Willow Tree, The Slow March
Bard of Armagh, The Slow March
Lt. Col. W.D. Faulkner, M.C. Slow March
Creagh Castle Slow March
Lough Derg Slow March
Shamrock Leaves, The Slow March
Barrosa Slow March
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Slow March
Heroes of Vittoria, The Retreat March
Red Hugh Retreat March
Mosta Fort Retreat March
Morning Dream, The Retreat March
Glenair Retreat March
Remember that Night Retreat March
Green Hills of Tyrol, The Retreat March
Lecale Retreat March
Grum Servant, The Retreat March
Youghal Harbor Retreat March
Owen Roe O'Neill Retreat March
Last Rose of Summer, The Retreat March
Finnegan's Wake Quick March
Sligo Quick March
Mrs. Durkin Quick March
Farewell to Ballinascorny Quick March
White Cockade, The Quick March
All the Way to Galway Quick March
Caubeen Trimmed with Blue, The Quick March
Clarke's Dragoon's Quick March
Parade of the Pipes Quick March
Liet. J.J. Maloney Quick March
Captain Johnson Quick March
O'Donnell Abu Quick March
Wearin' o' the Green, The Quick March
87th's Colours, The Quick March
One Before We Go Quick March
89th at Leros, The Quick March
Nell Flaherty's Drake Quick March
Dusty Road form Muttra, The Quick March
Boys of Wexford, The Quick March
Officer on Guard, The Quick March
Monte Grande Quick March
Hill 212 Quick March
Knockanair Quick March
Back to Donegal Quick March
Boys of Mullingar Quick March
Pet of the Pipes Quick March
Kinegrad Slashers Quick March
Lanningan's Ball Quick March
Aherlow Glens Quick March
Naxxar Quick March
Mud Cabin, The Quick March
Donaghclony Quick March
Steamboat, The Quick March
87th Fusilier's, The Quick March
Men of the West, The Quick March
Canadian Irish, The Quick March
Widow's Rant, The Quick March
Boy's Brigade, The Quick March
Leaving Cobh Quick March
Mountains of Iveragh, The Quick March
Shoemaker's Bride, the Quick March
Gallant Tipperary Boys, The Quick March
Ensign Keogh Quick March
Ballyhooley Quick March
Brian Boru's March Quick March
O'Donoghue of the Glen's March Quick March
War March of the Clan Suibne Quick March
O'Sullivan Mor's March, The Quick March
O'Connell's March Quick March
O'Donovan's March, The Quick March
O'Meagher's March Quick March
Dalcassian Tribe March Quick March
O'Hehir's March Quick March
Flogging Reel, The Reel
Windy Gap, The Reel
Devil Amongst the Tailors, The Reel
Little Bag, The Reel
Green Garter, The Reel
Tap the Barrel Reel
Wild-Fire Chase, The Reel
Mickey by the Fireside Reel
Turf Fire, The Reel
Banshee, The Reel
Barrosa Reel
Chairmee Fair Reel
Galway Reel
Miss McLeod Reel
Ned Groggin Reel
Swallow's Tail, The Reel
Gooseberry Bush, The Reel
Rathclare Reel
Merry Harriers, The Reel
Miss Monoghan Reel
Split the Wind Reel
Buttevante Castle Reel
Peg in the Settle Reel
Blacksmith, The Reel
Bush in Bloom, The Reel
Mountain Lark, The Reel
Miss Looney Reel
Lough Conn Reel
Bucks of Ennis, The Reel
O'Donovan's Jig Jig
Saddle the Pony Jig
Skim Milk Jig
Paddy Whack Jig
Skillet, The Jig
Eviction, The Jig
Lt. Col. G.A. French, O.B.E. Jig
Dublin Jig, The Jig
Road House, The Jig
Mysteries of Knock, The Jig
Paddy Carey Jig
Irish Washerwoman,The Jig
Barney Give Over Jig
House Under the Hill, The Jig
Humours of Donnybrook,The Jig
Briars of Newbay, The Jig
Ughdaras Gan Eolas Jig
Connaught Man's Rambles, The Jig
Black Rogue, The Jig
Ta Saliba Cross-roads Jig
Paddy's Dream Jig
Cummilium, The Slip Jig
Girl from Ireland, The Slip Jig
Piper's Maggot, The Slip Jig
Drops of Brandy Slip Jig
Moll Roe Slip Jig
Welcome the Piper Slip Jig
Paddy Whack Slip Jig
Foxhunter's Jig Slip Jig
Helen O'Grady Slip Jig
Rocky Road to Dublin Slip Jig
Cock and Hen, The Slip Jig
Merry-making, The Slip Jig
Ladies Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Harvest Home, The Hornpipe
Cuckfield Hornpiper, The Hornpipe
Greencastle Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Showman's Fancy, The Hornpipe
Irish Fusilier, The Hornpipe
Dunphy's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Saratoga Hornpipe
Whisky in the Jar Hornpipe
Sleepy Norah Hornpipe
Jolly Tinker, The Hornpipe
Boys of Bluehill, The Hornpipe
Rights of Man, The Hornpipe
Gipsy, The Hornpipe
Miss Walsh's Favourite Hornpipe
Elks' Festival, The Hornpipe
Golden Wreath, The Hornpipe
Galtee Mor Hornpipe
Cronin's Rambles Hornpipe
Poor Old Woman, The Hornpipe
Standard Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Siege of Carrick, The Jig Haste to the Wedding
Haymaker's Jig, The Jig
Biddy the Basketwoman Jig Norah Creina
Bridge of Athlone, the Jig Roaring Jelly
Fairy Reel, The Reel The Fairy Dance
Hooks and Eyes Jig Humours of Donnybrook
An Rinnce Mor Reel The Rakes of Mallow
Waves of Tory, The Jig Biddy the Bowl-wife
Lannigan's Ball Jig
Walls of Limerick, The Reel
Soldier's Joy, The Reel
Kerry Reel, The Reel Mason's Apron
Inniskilling Dragoon, The Air
Sash My Father Wore, The Air
Moreen, The Air
Jackets Green Air
Kelly the Boy from Killane Air
God Save Ireland Air
Signal Fire Air
Mountains of Pomeroy, The Air
Killaloe Air
Exile, The Lament
Eibhlin Arun Lament
Brave Volunteer, The Lament
Saun Trai Ciaraighe Lament
Snowy Breasted Pearl, The Lament
Wild Geese, The Lament
Savourneen Dheelish Lament
Suantree Lament
Festival of Tears Lament
Suggested Arrangement of sets n/a
Suggested Arrangement of sets (cont.) n/a
Suggested Arrangement of sets (cont.) n/a
Massed Retreat program n/a
Cobh Hornpipe, The Hornpipe

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