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A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music

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Frontpiece from MacKay's Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd

Angus MacKay is a well-known figure in the history of piping, so we haven't included any biographical background, but instead refer you to other sources that are listed on our Library page .
Angus MacKay's Collection was first published in 1838, and the version presented here is from a fourth edition published in 1899. In preparing the CD version of this collection, we found that the four narrative elements of this collection ("Bagpipe History", "Account of the Hereditary Pipers", "Historical Notes", and "History of the Competitions") were set in very small type that made it difficult to read. We set the content of these four narratives into our own documents to make them easier to read. We made every effort to preserve the content exactly as it was in the original, even to the extent of leaving typographical errors uncorrected. The "return to index" link that appears at the top of the page in the four narratives links to the Master Index, so you will want to use your back button if you want to return to this page.
We want to thank Sharon Neely of Springfield, IL who provided us valuable editorial assistance in producing the CD version of this collection.

Title Gaelic Title Composer(s) Alternate Title
Cover Page
Dedication Page
Bagpipe History
My King Has Landed in Muidart Thainig Mo Righ Sa Air Tir Am Muideart John MacIntyre
The Carles with the Breeks Bodaich Na'm Brigais   Lord Breadalbane's March
Donald Duaghal MacKay's Lament Cumha Dhomhnuill Dhuaghal Mhic Aoidh Donald Mor Mac Crummen
MacLeod of Rasay's Salute Failte Mhic Ghille Challam Angus Mackay Gearloch
The Mackenzie's Gathering Cruinneachadh Chlann Choinnich
I Got a Kiss of the King's Hand Thuair Mi Pog O' Laimh An Righ Patrick More Mac Crummen
Mac Crummen Will Never Return Cha Till Mac Cruimen Donald Bain Mac Crummen
Mac Rae's March Spaidsearachd Mhic Raadh
John Garve MacLeod of Rasay's Lament Cumha Iain Ghairbh Mhich Gillechallam Patrick Mor Mac Crummen
Isabel Mackay Iseabal Nic Aoidh
The Massacre of Glencoe Murt Ghilnne A Comhann
Glengarry's Lament Cumha Mhic Mhic Alasdair Archibald Munro
The Grant's Gathering Cruinneachadh Na'n Grandach
Hector MacLean's Warning Caismeachd Eachainn Mhic Ailean Na Sop
The MacLeod's Salute Failte Na'n Leòdach Donald Mor Mac Crummen
Chisholm's Salute Failte An T-siosalaich
Lady Doyle's Salute Failte Bhan-tighearna Dhoile John Mackay
The Gordon's Salute Failte Na'n Gordanaich
The Macdonald's Salute Failte Chlann Domhnuill Donald Mor Mac Crummen
Sir Ewin Cameron of Lochiel's Salute Failte Ridir Eoghann Lochiall
Menzie's Salute Failte Mheinearaich Macintyre
The MacLean's March Spaidsearachd Chlann Illeain
The Red Hand in the MacDonald's Arms Lamh Dhearg Chlann Domhnuill
The Duke of Perth's March Spaidsearach Dhiuc Pheairt Finlay Dubh Mac Rae
The Marquis of Argyle's Salute Failte Mharcuis Earrachaedheal
The Battle of Sheriffmuir Blar Sliabh an T-shirra Finlay Dubh Mac Rae
The Vaunting A Bhoilich R. MacDonald, Esq.
Davidson of Tulloch's Salute Failte Thearna Thulach John Mackay
MacNeil of Barra's March Spaidseaireachd Mhic Neile A'Bhara
The Viscount of Dundee's Lament Cumha Chlabhers
Abercairney's Salute Failte Obaircharnaig Charles MacArthur
Strowan Robertson's Salute Failte Thigherna Struain
The Pretty Dirk A Bhiodac Bhoidheach Patrick Oig Mac Crummen
The Munro's Salute Failte Na'n Rothaich John Dall Mackay, Gairloch
Patrick òg Mac Crummen's Lament Cumha Phadruig Oic Mhic Cruimein John Dall Mackay
MacLeod's Controversy Iomarbhadh Mhicleoid Donald Mor Mac Crummen
The Lament for the Harp Tree Cumha Chraobh Na'n Teud
The Battle of Waterloo Blàr Bhaterloo John Mackay
The MacNab's Salute Failte Chlann An Abba
Clan Ranald's Salulte Failte Chlann Raonuill Failte Mhic Mhic Alain
Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Salute Failte Ridir Seumas Na'n Eilean William MacDonald Esq. of Vallay
King George the Third's Lament Cumha Righ Seorus a Tri John Mackay
The Bells of Perth Cluig Pheairt
Mackenzie of Gairloch's Lament Cumha Thighearna Ghearloch John Mackay
The Young Lair of Dungallon's Salute Failte Thighearna Òig Dhungallain
The Earl of Seaforth's Salute Failte Uilleam Dhuibh Mhic Coinich Finlay Dubh Mac Rae
The Mackay's Banner Bratach Chlann Aoidh
The Earl of Ross's March Spaidsearachd Iarla Rois Donald Mor Mac Crummen
The Piper's Warning to His Master Caismeachd a Phiobaire Da Mhaighsteir Piobaireachd of Dunyveg
War or Peace Cogadh Na Sith
MacLeod of MacLeod's Lament Cumha Cheanncinnidh Na'n Leodaich
Mackenzie of Applecross's Salute Failte Thighearna Na Comeraich Angus Mackay 
Lady Macdonald's Lament Cumha Bhan Thighearna Mhich Dhomh Nuill Angus MacArthur
Lord Lovat's Lament Cumha Mhic Shimidh
The Half Finished Piobaireachd Am Port Leathach Patrick Òg MacCrummen & John Dall Mackay
The Highland Society of Scotland's Salute Professor MacArthur
MacLeod of Colbeck's Lament Cumha Mhic Leoid Cholbic John Mackay
The MacGregor's Salute Failte Na'n Griogairaich
The Glen is Mine  'S Leam Fein An Gleann John Mac Crummen
Macintosh's Lament Cumha Mhic An Tòisich
Prince Charles Lament Cumha Phrionnsa Thearlach Captain Malcolm Macleod  
Account of the Hereditary Pipers
Historical Notes
History of the Competitions

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