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Highland Bagpipe Music by George S. McLennan

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Cover from McLennan's Highland Bagpipe Music

G. S. MacLennan was born in 1884, and according to Wm. Donaldson, was "a child prodigy". He had fantastic career as a soloist, and served as Piper Major with the Gordon Highlanders. Sadly, he died at an early age.

G. S. MacLennan's "Highland Bagpipe Music" was first published in 1929 (the year that he died). The version presented here is from the third edition.

Tune Name Tune Type Composer or Arranger
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Braes of Castle Grant, The March Duncan MacDonald & G.S. MacLennan
Haughs of Cromdale, The March P/M J. Stewart
Back of Benachie, The March
Pipe Major R. Meldrum's Welcome to the Cameron Highlanders 1914 March Sgt. J. MacMillan
Captain C.R. Lumsden March Geo. S. MacLennan
Iron Division, The March Geo. S. MacLennan
Captain J.F. Johnston Watson March Geo. S. MacLennan
Colonel H.H. Burney's Farewell to the Gordon Highlanders March Geo. S. MacLennan
Earl Haig of Bemerside March P/M Jas. Robertson
Dornkop March Geo. S. MacLennan
McLeod's March, The March
Lads Wi' the Kilt, The March
Memorial Bells of Inverary, The March P/M John McLellan
Colonel Wilson March P/M John McLellan
Women of the Glen, The Slow March arr. by Alick Cameron
Trooping the Colours March Geo. S. MacLennan
Cairns of Drumderfit, The Slow March Geo. S. MacLennan
Echo Bank Slow March Geo. S. MacLennan
Balmoral Highlanders, The March
Glengarry's Gathering March
Alma, The March
Lillie Long-Wade's Welcome to Inverness March P/M R. Meldrum
G.F. Rose Auchernach March Geo. S. MacLennan
Alfred E. Milne March Geo. S. MacLennan
Loch Maree  Retreat March Geo. S. MacLennan
Loch Maree (seconds) Retreat March Geo. S. MacLennan
Kilworth Hills  Retreat March Geo. S. MacLennan
Kilworth Hills (seconds) Retreat March Geo. S. MacLennan
Lament for Lt. John MacLennan, The Piobaireachd Geo. S. MacLennan
Campsie Glen Retreat March P/M Jas. Robertson
Jackie Tar Hornpipe arr. by Lt. J. McLennan
Whistle O'er the Lave O't Dance
Gairnside Strathspey Geo. S. MacLennan
Caledonian Society of London, The Strathspey arr. by Miss Nellie MacDonald
Brahan Castle Strathspey Donald Cameron
Kessock Ferry Strathspey Donald Cameron
Sandy King's Breeks Strathspey
Maid of Islay, The Strathspey
92nd Volunteers, The Strathspey
Ivy Leaf, The Strathspey
Tinkers Wedding, The Strathspey
Resolis Jig P/M Colin Thompson
Jig by D.A. Campbell, Glendale Jig D. A. Campbell
Jigs of Slurs, The Jig Geo. S. MacLennan
Ghillie Callum Strathspey
Cluny's Strathspey Strathspey
Strathspey King, The (J. Scott Skinner) Strathspey Geo. S. MacLennan
Braes O' Forbes, The Strathspey Geo. S. MacLennan
Strathconnon Strathspey Geo. S. MacLennan
Hills of Cluny, The March Angus MacPherson
Inveran March Geo. S. MacLennan
Alick C. McGregor Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
Little Cascade, The Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
Dancing Feet Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
Mrs. A. MacPherson of Inveran Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
Miss Gutherie of Tillyfour Reel P/M Geo S. Allan
Lochiel's Away to France Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
Bridge of Perth Reel arr. by Geo. S. MacLennan
Bogallan Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
J. Scott Skinner Reel Geo. S. MacLennan
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