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A New Zealand Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

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Cover of Book One of the New Zealand Collection

The New Zealand Collection of Bagpipe Music was published by Alexander T. Cameron. He came from a family of pipers and lived in New Zealand from around 1868 to 1957. Geoff Hore has prepared a very nice history of the Cameron family that includes additional information on Alexander T. Cameron.
Alexander Cameron published two collections of tunes. The first was entitled "A New Zealand Collection of Bagpipe Music" and had 188 tunes. It was published in 1934. The second collection of 15 tunes was published in 1936 and was called "The Second New Zealand Collection of Bagpipe Music". Both collections are presented here

Tune Name Tune Type
Book One
Cover Page
Bob Fitzsimmons  March
Flowers of Edinburgh  Country Dance
H.M.S. " New Zealand "  Hornpipe
James Rankin  Hornpipe
Alexander Sinclair's Farewell to Wellington March
Captain Norman MacDonald  Slow Air
Willie McBride Reel
Mrs. Joseph Smith Reel
Miller of Drone Strathspey
Lady Mary Ramsay Strathspey
Lady Mary Ramsay Reel
Malcolm McDonald March
Patty Boyle's Recovery  Jig
George Cameron's Farewell to Southland March
Miss Fiona McClure Walker  Waltz Or Lullaby
Miss Isabella Skinner Strathspey
Miss Mary Skinner Strathspey
Tommy Burke  Jig
Mrs. James Morrison's Welcome to Stirling March
Miss Betsy Morrison March
Mrs. George Knowles  Slow March
Jesus the Saviour March
Alexander Cameron, Esq., of Banvie Reel
Finlay McKay, Esq.'s Welcome to Reay March
May Thorn Reel
Kiwi, The  Hop Jig
Hon. Dr. McNab's Return to Parliament, The March
Invercargill Pipe Band, The March
Piper Cris McCartney's Wedding Strathspey
Piper Cris McCartney's Wedding Reel
Mrs. Ewen Cameron of Middlemarch March
Ocean Free, The March
Imperial Troops' Welcome to New Zealand, The March
100th Psalm, The Slow Air
Poet Dugald Ferguson's Farewell to Lochgilphead March
Lieut. Geoffrey Ottley, 2nd Batt. Scots Guards' Farewell to France March
Miss Aggie Shaw Reel
Bees and Flowers  Slow March
Mrs. Finlay MacKay's Welcome to Banvie March
John Logie Reel
Anzacs, The March
Private Robert Hastie's Farewell March
New Zealand Soldiers' Welcome Home, The March
Merry Spring Reel
Mrs. John Dow of Outram March
Ladies of Mataura, The March
Nurse Edith Cavell Slow March
The late Donald Cameron of Lochiel, 24th Chief of Clan Cameron Piobaireachd
Piper Alick Murray's Farewell to Gallipoli March
Piper John MacLean March
Mrs. Smith of Norham Park Slow March
My Mother Reel
New Zealand 9th Reinforcements March
Miss Morrison Reel
Mrs. John Gold Reel
Colin Matheson's Farewell to Corriemoillie March
Queen Alexandra's Birthday March
Aggie Hashe Reel
Miss Jessie Campbell's Welcome Home March
Annie Aitken Reel
Jeannie Richmond's Recovery Reel
John Dow's Farewell to Coldrach March
Piper William Smith Reel
Peter Dow Strathspey
Miss Bella Copland  Hornpipe
Peter Dow Reel
James Dow  Waltz
Pipe-Major Alexander Gray  Slow March
Arthur Grant's Welcome Home March
Miss Jean Campbell  Waltz 
Mrs. Robert Logie  Waltz
Haste to the Wedding March
Adam Colquhoun  Jig
Blarney Stone, The  Jig
Christchurch Pipe Band, The March
Trooper Ewen Cameron's Welcome Home March
Trooper Jack McKelvie's Return March
Donald Boyd, Esq.  Slow Air
Miss Margaret Cameron Lindsay Strathspey
Lachlan Campbell Reel
Miss Winnie Bristow Reel
Mrs. William Milne  Reel
Behave Yourself  Hornpipe
Donald McMillan, Esq., of Burke's Pass March
General White March
Memories of Mother Slow March
Heroes of Belgium, The March
Field-Marshal Roberts' Warning Piobaireachd
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth MacKay's Welcome March
Mrs. Alick Gray's Welcome to Blair Athole House March
New Zealanders at the Dardanelles March
Balclutha Pipe Band, The March
Donald's Return March
Mary Thomson Strathspey
Mary Thomson Reel
Flag of Scotland, The Strathspey
Fort William Reel
Mrs. J. Painter Reel
Late Right Hon. Wm. Fergusson Massey  Reel
Jamie Campbell Reel
Mrs. Joseph Smith of Wangoloa March
Mrs. James Paterson Reel
Sir William Wallace  Slow March
William Jenkins' Welcome to Banvie March
Mrs. George Robertson's Welcome March
Piper George Knowles' Farewell to Samoa March
MacVinish's  Strathspey
Maori People, The March
Wedding of Susie and Sandy, The Reel
William Milne's Recovery March
Friends across the Sea  Slow Air
Miss Falconer's Farewell to Croydon March
General Sir Hector MacDonald's Farewell to New Zealand March
Mrs. John MacKechnie Reel
Drill Instructor Wm. Grant's Farewell  Slow Air
Arm-in-arm  Slow Air
Donald McLean, Esq., of Marton Reel
Mira MacMillan's Farewell Slow March
Nellie Ogilvie's Birthday March
Peter MacDonald  Strathspey
Mrs. Donald McLean of Marton March
Sandy Dickson Reel
Ferndale Lasses Reel
Kate Coughlan McGrath  Jig
Miss Lucie Robertson  Hornpipe
British Valour  Hornpipe
Duncan MacKay's Farewell to Tariki March
Peter Hardy  Jig
Lumsden Lassies Strathspey
Miss Nellie MacKay's Recovery Strathspey
Piper Alick Stewart Reel
Queen is Kind, The Strathspey
Mrs. John Murray Reel
H.M.S. " Victory "  Hornpipe
MacLeod's Farewell to Castle Rock March
Mrs. MacDonald March
Blue Jacket, The   Hornpipe
Bobby Walker  Waltz Or Lullaby
British Navy, The   Hornpipe
Bagpipe Maker Allan McDougall March
Pipe-Major John McCallum Reel
Pipe-Major John McGregor March
Streams of Banvie, The March
King's Recovery, The Strathspey
Piper John Murray March
Jack McPhee  Slow March Or Waltz
Willie Mowat  Hornpipe
Charlie Smith's Recovery  Plain Schottische
Jack Casey  Jig
King Edward VII Piobaireachd
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales' Welcome to New Zealand March
Christmas Eve Reel
Doctor Barnardo March
Jack Stratton Reel
John Dow's Welcome to Newton March
Betty Cameron Reel
Angus McDonald's Farewell to North Uist March
Alister Beag Strathspey
Bruce Painter Strathspey
Harmony in Ireland  Jig
Michael Kean, Esq. Reel
Mr. Hugh Cameron's Farewell to Fannoch March
Adam Campbell's Farewell to the Argentine March
Domestic Joy Highland Schottische
Some Tune Strathspey
Honest Life is Best, The  Waltz
Piper George Ross of Maungatua March
Mr. James Ridgewell Reel
Irmina Gladys Kirkness Reel
Just Live True March
Princess Elizabeth Strathspey
Band of the 93rd Highlanders' Farewell to New Zealand, The March
Joys of Friendship, The March
Mrs. Smith's Welcome to Scotland Again March
Charms of Peace, The March
Kindness to all Creatures March
George Reid, Esq. March
King's Birthday, The March
Fair Play March
Duty and Pleasure, Happy Together  Jig
Cheery March
Mrs. William Morrison  Reel
Peter A. Eadie, Esq. March
Nurse Florence Nightingale March
Jimie Hegarty March
Piper William Morrison's Welcome to Stirling March
Mrs. A. T. Cameron's Recovery Reel
Captain Towse, V.C. March
Book Two
Mrs. J. Gardner Waltz
Schoolmates Strathspey
William Symons Esqr. Quickstep
Irmina Gladys Kirkness Reel (4 Parts)
Princess Margaret Rose March
James Shanahan Esqr. Jig
Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Reel
James Ramsay McDonald Esqr. M.P. Quickstep
King George V Recovery Schottische
Angus Cameron's Strathspey Strathspey
Samuel Thornley Esqr. March
David MacClure Walker Esqr. March
Miss Fleur Falconer March
Dunedin Pipe Band, The Quickstep
Lily Gold March

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