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Broadside to Broadband by Dr. William Donaldson

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A woodcut circa 1780's that was frequently used as an illustration in chapbooks.

"Broadside to Broadband" by Dr. Wm Donaldson is the first collection of pipe tunes initially published in digital form. The collection, first released on November 30, 2006, and was presented on CD by Ceol Sean CD's.

Dr. Donaldson is a well-known authority within the piping community and is the author of The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750-1950 and provides analysis and commentary for the Set Tunes Series hosted by the Pipes|Drums website.

This is a spectacular collection in many ways. It includes 50 original tunes composed by Dr. Donaldson, along with his arrangements for 156 traditional tunes. Throughout the collection, there are photos, line drawings, engravings, and a host of other images associated with the settings that bring the music to life. In addition, the introductory material includes a detailed background on the collection, as well as an interesting collection of recordings called "Sounds of the North".

Ceol Sean is especially grateful to Dr. Donaldson for allowing us to present this collection on our site, and we hope you find it to be rewarding and enjoyable as well.

A Note on the Text  
Sounds of the North  
New Tunes for the Highland Bagpipe by William Donaldson
Tune Name Tune Type 
A Night at the Broch  Jig 
Alistair Fergus Ewan  Hornpipe 
Alistair Grant  Jig 
Bankie Babes  Hornpipe 
Bellslea Park  March 
Bellslea Park (photo)  
The Big Batha  Jig 
The Little Batha  Jig 
Bob Nicol’s Bonnet  Jig 
Boolroad Rattler  Jig 
Buchan Fiddlers  Jig 
Buchan Fiddlers (for fiddle or keyboard)  Jig 
Buchan Star Jig 
Cairnbulg Point  Jig 
Casavisocchi Jig 
Christmas Rose  Retreat Air 
Colm O’Boyle’s Ceilidh  Jig 
Craighall Crescent  Jig 
Crossing the Spital  Jig 
The Doonmaist  Jig 
The Fairy Knoll at Pennan  Reel 
The Flutes of Inverallochy  March 
The Flying Tea-Room of Glendaruel  Polka 
Fran’s Tune  March 
The Fruitful Vine  Polka 
Grant’s Heilan’ Measure  March 
The Great McGinty  Jig 
Hawick Express  March 
Ill-met in Torry  Jig 
Invisible in the Cowcaddens  Polka 
Jeanette Cardno  Jig 
Killiechassie Lassie  Reel 
Lizzie and Uncle Isaac  Jig 
Loreen Hay Jig 
Lost Rock ’n Rollers  Retreat Air 
Major John Somerville  Jig 
The Melinka Polka 
Fraserburgh Harbor (line drawing)  
The Old Sword’s Reel  Reel 
Over the Allochy  March 
The Radiant Way  Polka 
Snow on the Roddies  Hornpipe 
Star of Promise  Polka 
Tullochvenus to Bogentassie  Strathspey 
U Company  Retreat Air 
U Company  (photo)  
Union Glen Retreat Air 
The Upmaist Jig 
Willie Alexander, strathspey Strathspey 
Willie Alexander, reel  Reel 
William Alexander (engraving)  
Willie’s in the Fishhoose Jig
The North East Style (for fiddle or box) Strathspey 
Mobile Wallace Monument (photos)  
Dancing in Denmark Street (for fiddle or box) Reel
Tunes from four centuries collected and arranged for the Highland Bagpipe by William Donaldson
The tunes listed below are as given in alphabetical order below, with the exception of Johnny Cheap the Chapman, which ends the collection.
Ainsworth’s Hornpipe  Hornpipe 
Airlie Castle  March 
Allister McAllister  March 
Annie’s Welcome Home  March 
Archie McKinley – alternative setting  March 
The Baldovan Reel  Polka 
Balmoral Castle Strathspey 
Balmoral Castle (engraving)  
Banjo Breakdown Hornpipe 
Pipers of the Past and Present (photos)  
The Barren Rocks of Aden  March 
Ronald MacKenzie (photo)  
Bert Ferguson  Jig 
Betty Braden March 
The Boatman of Pitnacree  Reel 
The Braes of Mellenish  Jig 
C. Cameron (photo)  
The Bridge of Garry Reel 
The Brig o’ Blair  March 
Cabarfeidh  Jig 
The Caithness Schottische  Strathspey 
The Caithness Volunteers  March 
The Cameron Highlanders  March 
The Carle’s Rant  Strathspey 
Castle Stalker  Slow Air 
The Cave of Gold  Slow Air 
Christine McAskill  Jig 
The Circassian Circle  Reel 
The City Bank Swindlers  Jig 
The Clett of Thurso  Jig 
Conference at Bonar Bridge  March 
The Cornerhouse Jig  Jig 
Crossing the Sound  March 
Cuttymun & Treeladle  Reel 
The Dark Hours of the Night  March 
Cothal on the River Don (photo)  
The Doll’s Levee  Slow Air 
The Doll's Levee (words and piano score)  
Donald B. MacTaggart  March 
Donald Donn  March 
Drouthie Cronie Polka 
Drummond Castle Laundry  Polka 
Piper of Drummond & Robt. Meldrum (photos)  
The Dun Foot Reel  Reel 
Dunoon Castle March 
The Earl of Caithness  Jig
8th Argyll's Polka Polka 
P/M Wm Lawrie & Pipe Band of 8th Argyll's (photo)  
The Fair Haired Lad  Jig 
Far o’er the Sea  March 
Uists in a squall (photo)  
Farewell to the Tay  March 
The Ferry  March
The 42nd's Farewell March
Gaelic Air--Mňrag leat shiůbhlainn  March 
Glengarry’s March  March 
Glengrant  Strathspey 
Glenlyon  Reel 
Good Morning Mrs Barclay  Strathspey
Gordon B. Cosh  March 
The Gordon Highlanders  March 
Grandtully Bridge  March 
The Hen’s March to the Midden  March 
The High Level Hornpipe 
The High Level – second setting  Hornpipe 
The High Road to Linton  Reel 
Highland Donald Kissed Kitty  Strathspey 
Highland Polka (One)  Polka 
Highland Polka (Two)  Polka 
Highland Polka (Three)  Polka 
Highland Polka (Four)  Polka 
Alltnacailleach and Ben Hope (photo)  
Highlandman in love  Polka 
The Hills of Moffat  March 
The Hills of Moffat (photo)  
The Hillswick Wedding  Polka 
Ho, fill your Glass  Slow Air 
Hň rň na ribinnean  Strathspey 
Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue  March 
The Inundation  Jig 
Kilmorack Falls, Beauly (photo)  
Inver Lassies  Reel 
Irish Jig  Jig 
The Ivy Leaf  Polka 
Jeannie’s Blue Een March 
Jimmy Allan  March 
John Ban’s Sister’s Wedding  Jig 
Taymouth Castle (photo)  
John D. Farquharson of Dunecht  March 
Kenneth James MacLeod  March 
Kirsty MacLeod  March 
Kiss me quick, my mither’s coming  March 
The Ladies Hornpipe  Hornpipe 
Lady Nelly Wemyss  Jig 
Lament for Sir Rory Mor  Slow Air 
The Lewis and Harris Gathering Polka 
Lochrell  Strathspey 
Lonach Lasses  Polka 
Lord Huntly’s Cave  March 
The Lovat Scouts  March 
Lullaby from R. B. Nicol  Slow Air 
MacDougall’s March  March 
The Magical Key March 
The Maid of Edrachaolis  Jig 
Mairi nighean Alasdair  Slow Air 
Major Mackie  March 
Maria Marten and the Red Barn Mystery  Retreat Air 
Market Chorus  Polka 
Mary’s the Lassie Jig 
The Mermaid’s Song Slow Air 
A Mhŕiri, A Mhŕiri  Retreat Air 
Millbank Polka  Polka 
Miss B. B. Jardine  March 
Miss Catherine Maxwell’s Scotch Measure  March 
Miss Catriona Gillies  Strathspey 
Miss Clementina Moffat  March 
Miss Dalrymple  March 
Miss Florence Lesley  March 
Miss MacGregor’s Favourite  March 
Miss Nancy’s Birthday  March 
Mount Stewart House  March 
The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre—original tune  March 
The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre (words and photo)   
My Lady’s Gown there’s Gairs upon it  Strathspey 
My Tocher’s the Jewel  March 
Nameless no. 1  March 
Nameless no. 2 March 
Our Ain Bonnie Laddie  Jig 
Paddy Kelly’s Stump Hornpipe 
The Periwig- Old Style  Reel 
Peter Henderson’s March to Strochanclachan  March 
The Pibroch of Bonnie Strathearn  March 
Piper, play the light strathspey  Strathspey 
The Piper’s Son  March 
The Piper’s Weird, or MacCrimmon’s Farewell  Slow Air 
Polkia from Colin Cameron (One)  Polka 
Polkia from Colin Cameron (Two)  Polka 
Polkia from Colin Cameron (Three)  Polka 
The Camerons (photos)   
A Prayer for Jamie  Retreat Air 
Prince Albert’s March  March 
Cover of Braemar Gathering Book (image)  
The Quaker  March 
Queen Victoria’s Jubilee  Polka 
The Red Devils over Arnhem  March 
Graveyard at old Chapel of St. Fergus (photo)  
HMS Renown  Hornpipe 
Robertson’s Quickstep  March 
Roderick B. McDiarmid  March 
Ronnie’s Birthday  Hornpipe 
The Roving Baker frae Milngavie  Jig 
Roxburgh Castle  Hornpipe 
Salute to Jim MacLeod  March 
Samuel the Weaver  Jig 
Frontspiece from Ross's Collection (image)  
The Scottish Horse  March 
A Scottish Ramble  Strathspey 
The Scottish Society of London March
7/8th K.O.S.B. March to the Somme March
The 71st's Polka Polka 
Sodger lie doon on your wee pickle strae  Slow Air 
Son of the Earl of the White Banners  March 
The Standard on the Braes of Mar  Strathspey 
The Tay Boat Song Reel 
There's a hole in the boat Slow Air 
The Thornton Jig  Jig 
Victoria Hornpipe  Hornpipe 
The Vorkin Polkia  Polka 
Walifu fa’ the piper Jig
The Weaver and His Wife March
The Wee Sergeant March
Willie's Gane to Melville Castle March
The Wind in the Heath Slow Air 
Dougal Graham (engraving and cover)  
Johnny Cheap the Chapman (with new parts) Reel
Pennan from the sea (photo)  

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