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A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd by David Glen

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Cover from David Glen's Ancient Piobaireachd

David Glen was the son of Alexander Glen, was a pipe maker in Edinburgh, and published pipe music from from 1876 to 1911.
Glen's "Ancient Piobaireachd" is a collection of seven books, presenting about 100 piobaireachds. The first book was published in 1880, and the seventh book appeared in 1907. The version presented is from a third edition published between 1907 and 1911, and printed as a bound volume of all seven books. Piobaireachd players should be aware that our site has David Glen's manuscripts, and might be intererested in comparing those manuscripts to the settings presented here.
In addition, the collection includes "Historical, Biographical, and Legendary Notes" by an author named Fionn, who was actually a person named Henry Whyte. We don't vouch for the historical accuracy of Fionn's notes, but they do make interesting reading. In preparing the CD version of the collection, we found that the original layout of Fionn's notes made it difficult to link to the settings, so we set the content of the Notes in our own document. We made every effort to preserve the content exactly as presented, even to the extent of leaving typographical errors uncorrected. The "return to index" link that appears at the top of the page in the Notes links to the Master Index, so you will want to use your back button if you want to return to this page. Fionn's Notes are listed as the last item on this Table of Contents.

Tune Title (or item) Gaelic Title Alternate Tune Title
Book One Table of Contents
Battle of Vaternish, The L Blar Dhruim Thalasgair
MacDonalds' Tutor's Lament, The Cumha Fir-Foghluim nan Dmhnullach
King James the Sixth's Lament Cumha Righ Seumas an Seathamh
Campbell of Cawdor's Salute Filte Caimbealach Chaladair Young George's Salute (King George III)
Lament for the Old Sword, The Cumha an t-seana Chlaidheimh
Struan Robertson's Salute Filte Thighearna Shrthain
Desperate Battle, (Cuchullin) The An Cath Gailbheach
Black Donald of the Isles' March to Inverlochychy Piobaireachd Dhmhnuill Duibh Pibroch of Donald Dhu, The
Glen is Mine, The 'S leam fin an Gleann
Chisholm's Salute, The Filt' an t-Siosalaich
Prince's Salute, The Filte 'Phrionnsa
Patrick g MacCrimmon's Lament Cumha Phdruig ig Mhic Cruimein
Book Two Table of Contents
MacKintosh's Lament, The Cumha Mhic an Tisich
Lord Lovat's Lament Cumha Mhic Shimidh
MacLeod of Raasay's Salute Filte Mhic Gille Chaluim
Isabel Mackay Iseabal Nic Aoidh
Massacre of Glencoe, The (1st Setting) Mort Ghlinne Comhann (a cheud dhigh)
Glengarry's Lament Cumha Mhic Mhic Alasdair
Carles with the Breeks, The Bodaich nam Briogais Lord Breadalbane's March
Captain Donald MacKenzie's Lament Cumha Chaiptein Dmhnull Mhic Coinnich
Gordons' Salute, The Filte nan Grdanach.
MacLeod of MacLeod's Lament Cumha Chinn-Cinnidh nan Ledach
MacNabs' Salute, The (1st Setting) Filte Chloinn an Aba (a' cheud dhigh)
MacLean of Coll's Lament Cuma Mhic Gill-eathain Chola
Finger Lock, The A 'Ghlas Mheur
Book Three Table of Contents
MacIntyres' Salute, The Filte Chloinn an t-Saoir
Battle of the North Inch of Perth, The Cath Innis Thuath Pheairt
Gathering of Clan Chattan, The Cruinneachadh Chloinn Chatain
Allister Mr MacDonald of Boisdale's Salutete Fitle Fir Bhaosdail
My King has landed in Moidart Thainig mo Righ air tr am Mideart
I got a kiss of the King's Hand Fhuair mi pg 'o laimh mo Righ
MacCrimmon will never return Cha till MacCruimein
Clan Ranald's Salute Filte Chlann Raonuill
Bells of Perth, The Cluig Pheirt
Earl of Seaforth's Salute, The Filte Uilleim Dhuibh Mhic Coinnich
Donald Dugall Mackay's Lament Cumha Dhmhnuill Dhghail Mhic Aoidh. Lord Reay's Lament
MacKays' Banner, The Bratach Bhn Chloinn Aoidh
Piper's Warning to his Master, The Caismeachd a' Phobaire d'a Mhaighstir
Rout of Glen Fruin, The Ruaig Ghlinn Freine Pibroch of Dunyveg, The
MacGregor's Salute, The Filte nan Griogarach
Book Four Table of Contents
Donald Bn MacCrimmon's Lament Cumha Dhmhnuill Bhin MhicCruimein.
Lament for the Only Son, The Cumha an aona mhic
MacCrimmon's Sweetheart (1st Setting) Maol Donn, no Leannan Mhic Cruimein (a'cheud dhigh)
Lament for the Children, The Cumha na Cloinne
Donald Gruamach of Slate's Lament Spaidsearachd Dhmhnuill Ghruamaich.
Glengarry's March Cille Chriosda
Too long in this condition Is fada mar so tha sinn
Drunken Groat, The An Grt misgeach
MacDonalds' Warning, The A Cholla mo rn
Piper's Salute to his Master, The Filte a' Phiobaire d'a 'Mhaighstir
Mrs Smith's Salute Filte Mhrs Smith
Massacre of Glencoe, The (2nd Setting) Mort Ghlinne Comhann (an darna digh)
MacKintosh of Borlum's Salute Failte Fear Bhrlum
Waking of the Bridegroom, The Dsgadh Fir na Bainnse
Menzies' Pibroch, The Piobaireachd nan Minnearach
Book Five Table of Contents
End of the High Bridge, The Ceann na Drochaide mire Cameron's Gathering, The
Desperate Battle of the Birds, The Cmhrag gharbh nan eun
Scarcity of Fish Spiocaireachd Iasgaich
War or Peace Cogadh no Sith Clans' Gathering, the
Lament for the Harp Tree, The Cumha Craobh nan teud
Royal Bicker, The Am Biceir Rioghail, no Port a' Mhidsear Little Drinking Cup, The
Beloved Scotland, thee I am leaving Albainn bheadarrach's mise 'g ad fhgail.
Red Ribbon, The An Riobain Dearg Sinclair's March, The
Daughter's Lament, The Cumha na h-ighinn Lament for General Claverhouse, A
King's Taxes, The Ml an Righ
Stuarts' White Banner, The Bratach Bhn nan Stibhartach Lament for Samuel, a celebrated piper
Men went to drink, The Chaidh na Fir a dh'l
Flame of Wrath, Squinting Patrick's Lasan Phdruig Chaoig Mhic Cruimein
MacNabs' Salute, The (2nd Setting) Filte Chlann an Aba (an darna digh) Jas. Wm. Grant of Elchie's Salute
MacCrimmon's Sweetheart (2nd Setting) Maol Donn, no Leannan Mhic Cruimein (an darna digh)
Book Six Table of Contents
Craiggellachie Creag Eileachaidh Grants' Gathering, The
Macraes' March, The Spaidsearachd Chloinn Mhic-rath
John Garve MacLeod of Raasay's Lament Cumha Iain Ghairbh Gille Chaluim Rathasaidh
Earl of Antrim's Lament Cumha arla Antrium
Little Spree, The An Daorach Bheag
A Salute to Corry of the Tiny Fall Filte Choir' an-easain
Mary's Praise for her gift Moladh Miri MacLachlans' Pibroch, The
Lady Elizabeth Diana MacDonald's Lament Cumha Bain-tighearn Mhic Dhmhnuill
Roderick Mr MacLeod's Salute Filte Ruaraidh Mhir Is it mirthful your are?
Lament for Great Findlay, A Cumha Fhionnlaidh Mhir
Lament for Mary MacLeod, Skye Poetess Cumha Miri-Nic-Leoid (a' bhana bhrd Sgitheanach)
Blue Ribbon, The An Ribean Gorm
Kinloch-Moidart's Lament Cumha Fir Cheann-Loch-Mideart
Lament for the Duke of Hamilton, A Cumha Dhic Hamilton
Great Spree, The An Daorach Mhr You are drunk, you'd better sleep
Book Seven Table of Contents
Sir Hector MacKenzie of Gairloch's Lament Cumha Thighearna Gherrloch
Red Hand in the MacDonald's Arms, The Lmh Dhearg Chloinn Dmhnuill
Lament for the Dead, The Cumha nam Marbh
Melbank's Salute Filte Fir Mhelbanc
Lament for Captain MacDougall, A Cumha Chaiptein Mhic Dhghaill
Lament for Ronald MacDonnel of Morar, A Cumha Raonaill Mhich Ailein ig
Duntroon's Pibroch Piobaireachd Dhun-t-Srin
MacLeod of MacLeod's Salute Filte Mhic Leid MacLeod's Rowing Pibroch, The
Marquis of Argyll's Salute, The Filte Mharcuis Earra-ghaidheal Marquis of Tullibardine's Salute, The
In Praise of Marion Moladh Mraig MacDougall's Pibroch, The
Unjust Incarceration, The Am Prosanachadh eueorsch Piper's Lamentation in the stocks, The
MacDuff's Gathering, The Cruinneachadh Chloinn Duibh Inverness Piobaireachd, The
Battle of Auldearn, The Latha Allt Eire Grahams' Gathering, The
Lady Margaret MacDonald's Lament Filte na Bain-tighearn Mairearad Nic Dhmhnuill
My Dearest on earth, give me your kiss! Thoir dhomh do phg, a luaidh mo chridhe!
Fionn's Notes Index
Fionn's Notes

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