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The Pipes of War by Bruce Setton and John Grant

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Drawing of World War One Soldiers

This collection was published in 1920 by Sir Bruce Seton and John Grant. There were only two hundred copies of this book printed, and all of the settings are original tunes composed during World War One. Most of the settings presented here appear only in this collection.
Tune Name Tune type Composer
Frontspiece n/a
Table of Contents n/a
Comrades we left in Gallipoli, The march Col. C.A. H. Maclean
Capt. McDermot's Farewell to Bungalore march Sergt. J.Mackenzie
Lament for the Pipers who fell in the Great War piobaireachd P/M John Grant
8th Battn K.O.S.B. Farewell to Winchester march P/M Halliday
Major MacRae's Farewell to the 72nd Highlanders march P/M J. Mackenzie
Gathering of the Clans, The piobaireachd P/M John Grant
King George The Fifth's Welcome to France  march Piper G. Comb
Hogmanay Rejoicings  strathspey L/c Wm. Henry
Royal Scots , The reel Piper J. Harper
A Lament lament Capt. G. C. Fleetwood
Major Moir at Villevecque march Piper J. McLellan
Roarin Willie Stewart jig or march P/M Wm. Sinclair
1/5 Seaforth Hdrs Welcome to France march Cpl. Gamack
Col. Sir Bruce Seton of Abercorn Bart, C. B. march P/M D. Mathieson, D.C.M.
Festubert slow march P/M Sutherland
Col. W. M. Thomson. march P/M D. Mathieson
Co1. Robin Campbell, D.S.O. retreat Piper of the 8th A.& S. H.
Cellars of Authuille, 1915, The march P/M Wm. Lawrie
90th Farewell to France, The march Iain Hunter McPherson
Sad am I reel Iain Hunter McPherson
Col. W. Green, D.S.O. march Piper G. S. Cockburn
Crown and Anchor march Pr. P. McLean
1st Batt. (72nd) Seaforth Hdrs' Entry into Baghdad, March 1917, The march Capt. Mackay Scobie
H.R.H. Princess Mary March march P/M J. Dunbar
Lt. Co1. R. J. L. Ogilvy, D.S.O. march Per. J. W.Macmillan
Capt. T. MacWhirter M. C. (9th Batt. Gordon Hdrs.) march Mackay Tait
Lt. Co1. N. A. Thomson's Farewell to the 8th Bln Seaforth Hdrs. march P/M J. Haywood
17th Royal Scots Crossing the Somme, The march P/M Donald McLean
Lt. Col. The Hon. E.O. Campbell's Welcome to the 8th Seaforth Hrs. march Corpl. H. Currant
H.R.H. Princess Louise's 10th B1n A. & S. Hdrs. March march P/M T. Wright
Last Battle of Ypres, The march Piper T. Hermiston
Major N. McQueen D.S.O. march P/M. F. McKenzie
Col. B. Lannowe D.S.O. march Pe. Mr. C. Hay
7th Cameronians at the Battle of Romanie, The march P/M. E. J. MacPherson
Glasgow Highlanders at Cambrai march P/M T. Baillie
Seaforth Highlanders March to the Battle of Loos, The march Sgt. MacNiven
Shell that shook the Billet, The jig  P/M J. S. Mouat
Col. Lumsden, D.S.O.  strathspey P/M M. Ferguson
1st Royal Scots in Macedonia, The march P/M G. S. Allan 
Macedonian Battle Field, The march P/M. J. Steele
Cameron's Farewell to Salonica, The march L/Cpl J. Gillon
2nd Tyneside Scottish March to the Somme march P/M Munro Strachan
Hills of Judae, The march P/M J. C. Mackenzie
Col. Ramsden, D.S.O., M.C., 15th H.L.I. march P/M Y. Gilbert
Major Fletcher's Welcome to the 5/6 Royal Scots march P/M J. A. Gordon
Baghdad slow march P/M Keith
12th Bn. The Royal Scots on the Rhine, The march Ppr W. Cowie
Delville Wood march Piper Thos. M. McClunie
23rd Royal Fusiliers advance on Cambrai, The march Ppr John Adamson
Bonnie Auchentoolie march

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