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The MacPhee Collection

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Frontpiece from MacPhee's light music collection

Donald MacPhee was a Glasgow bagpipe maker. He was born in 1841, and opened his bagpipe business around 1871. He published collections of both light music and piobaireachd.
His first collection "A Selection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe" was published in 1876. The version presented here is from the third edition that appeared in 1923. MacPhee also publshed "A Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe". Prior to 1895, the tutor was part of "A Selection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe" In 1895, the tutor was first published as separate book. The tutor version presented her is from the eighth edition, printed prior to 1899. His piobaireachd collection was published in 1879 as a single book. Beginning with the second edition (around 1885), the piobaireachd collection was published as two books, and version presented here is from a 1923 fourth edition

Tune Name (or Item Name) Tune type Composer Alternate Title(s)
Frontspiece n/a    
Table of Contents n/a    
Bruce's Address march    
A Man's A Man for A' That march    
We Will Take the High Road march    
Slow March (1794) march    
Rejected Suitor reel    
MacPhedran's Dream march    
Balmoral (Royal) Highlanders' March, The march Angus MacKay  
Black Cocks of Berridale, The reel    
Donald MacKinnon's Birthday march Hugh MacKay  
Marchioness of Tullibardine march C. Daft  
Reel reel W. Sutherland  
John Mackechnie's Big Reel reel    
Caithness Reel reel W. Sutherland  
Alma, The march W. Ross  
Caldenonian Society of London  strathspey W. Mackay  
Reel reel Donald Galbraith  
Duntroon reel D. Macphedran  
Prince of Wales reel    
Falls of Clyde, The march W. Mackay  
Boy's Lament for his Kite, The march W. Mackay  
Burning the Piper's Hut march    
Health and Prosperity slow march    
Mackenzie's Farewell march    
Rocking Stone at Inverness, The strathspey    
Charlie's Welcome reel    
I'm Ower Young to Marry Yet march    
Erchless Castle march    
Boatie Rows, The strathspey    
Monymusk strathspey    
Lochgilphead reel Colin Maclauchlan  
MacBeth's Strathspey strathspey    
Glengarry's Dirk reel    
Speed the Plough reel    
Deil among the Tailors reel    
Dewar's Fancy march    
Balmoral Castle strathspey    
Cluny's Reel reel    
Sleepy Maggie reel    
March   march J. Maclauchlan  
Monkland Basin, The strathspey Archd. Campbell  
Robert Campbell strathspey Archd. Campbell  
Struan Robertson strathspey    
Miss Martin's Wedding Day reel    
Charlie's Welcome reel    
March march    
Duchess of Edinburgh, The march    
This is no my plaid slow march    
Lady Louden strathspey    
Perth Hunt strathspey    
Perth Hunt reel    
Alone, I Weary slow march    
Annie of Ballintyre quickstep D. Macphedran  
Wm. Mackay's Farewell to the 74th march    
Meggerny Castle march    
Arcadia Cottage march Colin Maclauchlan  
Aspin Bank strathspey T. Douglas  
Mrs. Macdougall march Archd. Campbell  
Miss Lyall strathspey    
Sir Charles Forbes of Edinglassie march    
Captain Jack Murray strathspey    
Captain Jack Murray reel    
Mrs. Campbell's Favourite strathspey Archd. Campbell  
Hostler's Daughter, The reel J. Livingstone  
Ewie with the Crooked Horn, The strathspey    
Shepherd's Crook, The strathspey    
Athol Cummers strathspey    
Cameronian Rant reel    
Jacky Tar hornpipe    
Foot of Granock, The march    
Prince Albert's march    
Jenny's Bawbee march    
Jessie Brown of Lucknow march    
Barren Rocks of Aden, The march    
Edinburgh Volunteers march    
Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, The reel    
Meg Merrilees country dance    
Triumph country dance    
Persian Dance country dance   Petronella
Traigh Ghruinneard quickstep    
Nurse's Song, The march    
Captain Murray quickstep    
Strathspey strathspey    
Francis Fraser reel    
Bridge of Foss reel    
25th King's Own Farewell to Aden, The march P. Macdonald  
Lady Macdonald strathspey P. Macdonald  
Black Water Bridge reel P. Macdonald  
Cover page - Piobaireachd part one n/a    
Piper's Warning to His Master, The piobaireachd    
Duntroon Piobaireachd, The piobaireachd   Piobaireachd Dhuntroin
Patrick Og MacCrimmon's Lament piobaireachd John Dall Mackay Cumha Phàdruig Oig Mhic Crumien
Mary's Praise piobaireachd   Moladh Mairi
Desparate Battle, The piobaireachd    'A Chhomhraig Charbh
Prince's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte Phrionnsa
Too Long in This Condition piobaireachd   Is Fada Mar So A Tha Sinn
Donald Balloch of the Isles piobaireachd   Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Duibh
Earl of Seaforth's Salute, The piobaireachd Finlay Dubh Macrae Failte Uilleam Dhuibh Mhic Coinnich
Pretty Dirk, The piobaireachd Patrick MacCrimmon  
Chisholm's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte An T-siosalaich
MacGregor's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte Nan Griogairach
Highland Society of Scotland's Salute, The piobaireachd Professor McArthur Failte Comunn Gaidhealach Albainn
Young Laird of Dungallon's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte Thighearna Oig Dhungallain
MacIntosh's Lament piobaireachd   Cumha Mhic-An-Toisich
Clan Ranald's Gathering to the Battle of Sherriffmuir in 1715 piobaireachd   Cruinneachadh Chlann Raonuill
Bells of Perth, The piobaireachd   Cluig Pheairt
Donald Grumach piobaireachd   Spaidsearachd Dhomnuill Chrumaich
Cover page - Piobaireachd part two n/a    
MacCrimmon Will Never Return piobaireachd Donald B. MacCrimmon Cha Till Mac Crumein
Gordon's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte Nan Gordanach
Lament for King James Departure in 1688 piobaireachd   Cumha Air Son Triall Rich Seumas
MacLeod of Rassay's Salute piobaireachd   Failte Mhic Ghille Chaluim
Glen is Mine, The piobaireachd    'S Leam Fein An Gleann
MacLeod of MacLeod's Lament piobaireachd Donald M. MacCrimmon Cumha Cheann-cinnidh Nan Leodach
Finger Lock, The piobaireachd   Ghlas Mheur
Carles with the Breeks, The piobaireachd   Bodaich Nam Briogais, Lord Breadalbane's March
Struan Robertson's Salute piobaireachd   Failte Thighearna Struain
MacKay's Banner, The piobaireachd   Bratach Chlann 'Aoidh
Clan Ranald's Salute piobaireachd   Failte Chlann Raonuill
Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Salute piobaireachd William MacDonald Failte Ridire Seumas Nan Eilean
Marquis of Lorne's Salute, The piobaireachd Donald MacPhee Failte Mharcuis Lathurna
Lord Colin Campbell's Salute piobaireachd Donald MacPhee Failte Tighearna Chailein
King George the Third's Lament piobaireachd John MacKay Cumha Righ Seorais III
My King Has Landed in Moidart piobaireachd John MacIntyre Thainig Mo Righ Air Tir Am Muideart
MacNab's Salute, The piobaireachd   Failte Chlann-An-Aba
Lament for Ronald McDonald, Esq. of Morar piobaireachd   Cumha Raonuill Mhic Ailein Oig
MacKenzie of Applecross's Salute piobaireachd Angus MacKay Failte Thighearna Na Comaraich
Cover Page - Tutor n/a    
Tutor Instructions n/a    
Corn Rigs  march    
Lord Lovat's Lament march    
Ower the Muir Amang the Heather march    
Flaggon, The reel    
Reel reel    
Will You Go to the Isle of Skye reel    
Day We Were at Arran, The march    
Yankee hornpipe    
Weaver and the Tailor, The reel    
Smith of Cillichassie, The reel    
Colonel MacBean reel    
Charms of Whiskey, The reel    
Seaforth Highlanders march D. Cameron  
Rosehaugh House march D. Cameron  
Mathieson's Farewell to America hornpipe    
Cam' Ye By Athol march    
March march D. Macphedran  
Kessock Ferry strathspey D. Cameron  
Christmas Carousing, the reel    
Stumpie strathspey    
Reel reel    
Kippen House strathspey    
Colonel MacLeod reel W. Mackinnon  
Lass of Richmond Hill, The march    
Colonel Stuart of Garth reel    
Corn Bran reel    
Duke of Perth, The reel    
Torn Kilt, The reel    
Lochgilphead Fair reel    
Islay Ball, The strathspey D. MacPhee  
School House, The reel    
Brahan Castle strathspey D. Cameron  
Marquis of Tullibardine reel    
Marquis of Huntly's Farewell, The strathspey    
Merry Maids of Sandyside, The reel    
John MacFarlane's Reel reel    
Fyket, The reel    
Highlandman Kiss'd His Mother, The reel    
My Lovely Black Maid reel    
Drover, The reel    
Reel reel Archd. Campbell  
Reel reel Willie MacFarlan  
Willie MacKenzie reel    
Rogart Volunteers march W. Macdonald  
Colville's Rant reel    
Reel reel D. McPhee  
Kail and Pudding reel    
Reel reel    
Bowmore Fair reel    
Woollen Cap, The reel    
Reel reel Betsy Maclachlan  
Piper's Warning to His Master, The piobaireachd    

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