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Logan's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

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Cover of Book Two in Logan's Collection

Logan's Collection consists of eight books and contains over 500 tunes. The first book was published in 1899, and the eighth book appeared sometime after World War One.

Tune Name Tune type Composer/Arranger
Book One
Portree Men, The March  
Bugle Horn, The March  
Mount Stewart House March  
Leaving Inverness March   
Roderick Macdonald's Strathspey Strathspey  
Roderick Macdonald's Reel Reel  
Locheils Welcome to Glasgow March Alex. Cameron
Mrs. Macdougall March  
MacDonald of Isles March to Harlaw March  
Midlothian Pipe Band, The March  
Bridge of Perth, The Strathspey  
Alexr. Duff's Reel Reel  
25th K.O. Scottish Borderers Farewell to Meerut, The March  
Her Majesty's Welcome to Glenfiddoch March Wm Macdonald
Invercauld March  
93rd's Farewell to Edinburgh March  
Allangrange March  
Lord Blantyre Strathspey  
Mackintosh of Mackintosh's Reel, The Reel  
Charles Edward Hope Vere March  
John Bain Mackenzie March  
Mackenzie's Farewell to Rosshire March  
My native Highland Home March  
Duchess of Roxburgh, The Strathspey  
Lads of Mull, The Reel  
Black Watch's March to Commasie, The March P/M John McDonald
Rocking Stone of Inverness, The Strathspey  
Miss Girdle Reel  
Campbeltown Loch March  
Tullochewen Castle March  
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle March  
Arniston Castle Strathspey  
McAlister's Dirk Reel  
Dornoch Links March  
Rogart Volunteers March March Wm Macdonald
Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey  
Kilt is my Delight, The Reel  
Grey Buck, The March Alick Cameron's setting
Leaving Glenurquhart March Wm Macdonald
Aberlour House Strathspey Alexr Macdonald
Duntroon Reel  
Faskally House March  
Bundle and Go March  
Marquis of Lorne's Strathspey Strathspey  
High Road to Linton Reel  
All the Blue Bonnets are over the Border March  
Athole Highlanders March to Loch Katerine March  
Piper's Bonnet, The Strathspey  
Sheep Wife, The Reel  
Colonel Sinclair's March March  
Daft Donald March  
Phones Lodge Strathspey  
Ale is dear, The Reel  
Glengrant March Andrew Macdonald
Abergeldie Highlanders March March  
Wife she brewed it, The Strathspey  
Stirlingshire Militia March  
Invergordon Castle Strathspey  
Reel Reel  
Harvest Home Hornpipe Hornpipe  
Lord Alexander Kennedy March  
Battle of Glencoe, The March Cpl. D. Mackenzie
Queen Victoria Jubilee March March P/M John McDonald
Lieutenant Gordon's March March P/M John McDonald
Colonel Duncan Menzie's March March P/M Robert Hall
Invercharron Highland Gathering, The March P/M John McDonald
Comrie Castle March P/m D. Macdougall
Blarich House March March P/M Wm. Macdonald
Strathfleet March March P/M Wm. Macdonald
Book Two
Parker's Welcome to Perthshire March
Ross-shire Volunteers March J. Connon
McLennan's Overcoat Strathspey
Mrs. McNeal of Ugdale Reel Geo. S. Allan
Criag-n-darroch March
Climbing Duniquaich Strathspey D.C. Mather
Gray Wife Raasay, The Reel
Capt. H. McNeal's Welcome home from South Africa March Geo. S. Allan
Hornpipe Hornpipe And. Macdonald
McPhedran's Strathspey Strathspey
Killearn Reel Reel And. Macdonald
John Mackenzie's Farewell to Strathglass March Cpl. Wm. Ross
Lady Louden Strathspey
Bridge of Perth Reel
Prince Charlie's Welcome to Skye March
March March Rod. Campbell
Cecil Mackenzie's Strathspey Strathspey Rod. Campbell
Reel Reel
Back of Benachie March
Kingussie Shinty Club's March March Rod. Campbell
Take your gun to the hill Strathspey
Cameronian Rant Strathspey
Drunken Piper, The March
Lord Bute's March March Rod. Campbell
Lads with the Kilts, The March
George Forbes Esq. Of Ashloun's March March Duncan Campbell
Miss McLachlan's March March
Spinning Wheel, The Strathspey Rod. Campbell
Duke of Perth Reel
Foxhunter's Jig, The Jig
Death of the Chief, The Slow March
Balmoral Castle Strathspey
St. Kilda Wedding Reel
Sebastopol March March
Arthur Seat  Strathspey P/M Robb
Foot it neatly Reel
Soldier's Joy Reel
Earl of Dunmore's Quickstep, The March
Marchioness of Tullibardine, The March
Lady Macbeth's Strathspey Strathspey
Grey Bob, The Reel (Macdonald's setting)
Tortar's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Samuel the weaver Jig
Donald Cameron March
Maggie Cameron Strathspey
Over the Isles to America Reel
Poltalloch House March
Prince Charlie's Farewell to Skye March
Renfrewshire Militia March
Highlands of Banffshire, The Strathspey
Speed the Plough Reel
Altnacealgach March Rod. Campbell
Lochiel's away to France Reel
Irish Jig Jig
Banks of Allan Water, The Slow March
Hon. Miss Elspeth Campbell, the March J. Douglas
Ferdern March Jas. A. Center
Wm Mackay Tait Esqr March Jas. A. Center
Caledonian Piper's March, The March Jas. A. Center
Campbell's are coming, The March
Johnnie Cope March m
Flowers of the Forest, The Slow March
Colonel, The March
Battle of Clantart, The March
Book Three
Col. J.S. Young's March March W. Mackey Tait
Souters of Cromarty March March
Highland Harry Strathspey (George Allen's setting)
Willie Mackay the Weaver Reel Wm. Murray
Innes of Sandside's Reel P. Paterson
Mackenzie's Farewell to Rossshire March 3rd, 4th pts - Rod Campbell
Quaker, The March
Peter Bailie Strathspey
Reel Reel
74th Farewell to Edinburgh March
Count de Serra Largo's March, The March Rod Campbell
Colonel Cruden's Farewell to the 1st V.B. Gordon Highlanders March P/M Mann
Burning of the Piper's Hut March
Capt. Jack Murray Strathspey
Ghillie Callum Strathspey
Conon House Strathspey
Bridge of Foss Reel
Lady Charlotte Murray's Jig Jig
George Bell's Farewell to Bute March Alexander Campbell
Lieut. Murray's Welcome to the 79th March
Edinburgh Review 1882 March
Garry Owen March
3rd Battalion Seaforth's Farewell to Montrose, 1905, The March
Young Rory Strathspey
Rock and the wee Pickle Tow, The March
Good night and joy be with you all Slow March
Cold Winds from Wyvis March
Bogan Lochan Strathspey
When Charlie comes Reel
Ferryside Lasses, The Jig
Irish Washerwife, The Jig
Willie Nicholson's Jig Jig Rod. Campbell
Mrs. Alexander Campbell Strathspey Rod. Campbell
Last Pint, The Reel  P/M C.Thomson
Longmoor Reel
Isabella Thomson Schottische P/M C. Thomson
Schottische Schottische P/M C. Thomson
Lieut. Ewing's March, Kings Own Scottish Borders March R. Matchett
Jig Jig Rod. Campbell
Morayshire Squadron Scottish Horse March Andrew Maedovaed
Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque March John McColl
Moneymusk Strathspey
Scottack Cairn Reel Henderson Taylor, Reay
Mrs. Campbell of Shinness March Rod. Campbell
Warming of the Fingers, The Jig Rod. Campbell
Brock, The March
Capt. G.W. Anderson March P/M W. Taylor
Cluny's Strathspey Strathspey
Reel  Reel
Tulloch Castle Strathspey Rod. Campbell
Shepherd's Crook, The Reel
Rejected Sailor Reel
Second Regiment Scottish Horse March P/M John McColl
John Paterson's Mare Jig
McCallum's Birthday March Andrew McDonald
Whirlgig, or the John O' Groat Reel Reel Henderson Taylor, Reay
1st. S.H.R. Vols. Welcome to Edinburgh 1905, The March Henderson Taylor
Reay Rant, The Reel Henderson Taylor, Reay
John McColl's March to Killbowie Cottage March Wm. Lawrie
D.C. Mather's Farewell March Jas. Center
From John O' Groat's to the Cape March Henderson Taylor, Reay
Book Four
Nurse's Song, The March
Captain Horne's  Strathspey
Abercairney Highlanders March
Airth Castle Strathspey A. Nimmo, Falkirk
Allan's Bonnett Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Tinker's, The March Jas. Center
Traigh Ghruinneard March
Miss Audrey Maclean March Jas. Center
Perth Hunt Reel
Canteen Pot, The Jig W. Taylor
Lady Mary Hamilton's Strathspey Dr. Bannatyne
Colonel D.M. Robertson, 48th Canadian Highlanders March P/M F. Beaton
Abbey Craig March John Wallace
Stella's  Jig John Wallace
Meggerny Castle March
Laird of Auchernach's, The March Rod. Campbell
Grant's Reel Rod. Campbell
Lady Mary Hamilton's Reel Dr. Bannatyne
Glen Carradale House Strathspey Geo. D. Taylor
Black Cocks of Berriedale, The Reel
Miss Ainslie Grant Duff's March J. Sutherland
Piper's Cave, The March J. Sutherland
Reel Reel Wm. Lamont
Lord MacLeod Strathspey
Dunmore Park March J. Russell, Falkirk
Paddy's Milestone Jig G.L. Mullin, Aberdeen
Braes of Brecklet, The March Wm. Lawrie
Donald Mackinnon's Birthday March Hugh Mackay
Miss Proud Reel
Jig Jig
He's O'er the Hills that I Lo'e Well March
Colin Cameron's Kilt Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Tulloch Gorum Strathspey
March to the Battlefield March
Luss Highland Gathering, The March arr. by John McColl
Eobhan Ruadh MacFarlane Slow March John McColl
Allan's Bonnett Reel J. Scott Skinner
Captain Simon Fraser Strathspey
Stuart's Rant Reel
Sour Plums March arr. by Jas. Center
Captain James Menzies Strathspey Wm. Macdonald
Sutherland Poacher, The March P/M Alfred N. Macaulay
Glen Roy Reel W.M. Mackenzie 
1st Seaforth's Advance on Atbara, The March Henderson Taylor, Reay
Caithness Pipers, The Strathspey Henderson Taylor, Reay
MacKay from Skye Reel Rod. Campbell
Edinburgh Volunteers March
Robert Campbell Strathspey Arch. Campbell
Mason's Apron, The Reel
Jenny Macphee March
Craig Millar Castle Retreat March P/M Wm. MacDonald
Garb of Old Gaul, The Slow March P/M Wm. MacDonald
Scots Guard Farewell to South Africa 1902, The March W. Ross
Lady Castlereaghs Strathspey W. Mackay
Rossie Castle Reel C. Thomson
Lochness Reel C. Thomson
Braes of Tullymet, The Strathspey
Smith of Chillichassie, The Reel  
John Macdonald Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Granite City, The Strathspey G.L. Mullin, Aberdeen
Champion of the Seas, The Hornpipe Wm. Macdonald
Mrs. Captain Menzies Polka Wm. Macdonald
Dunrobin Castle March Wm. Macdonald
Book Five
Jennie Carruthers' March March John McColl
Isle of Skye  Strathspey
Lady Mackintosh's Reel Reel John McColl's setting
Kilberry Ball Polka R. Meldrum
Cranky Piper, The Reel
Fort Augustus Volunteers March P/M John McDonald
James Grant Esqrs March March Archd. M. Mackintosh
Col. MacLeod's March March John McDonald
Lonach Lasess Polka R. Meldrum
Lord Lyndoch's Strathspey Strathspey Lord Alexr. Kennedy's setting
Rob. Campbell's Strathspey Strathspey
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie Jig Neil Macmillan's setting
Wandering Piper, The Lullaby J.P. McLeod
Allan Gilmore Tom of Canna March John MacColl
Lea Rig, The March re-arranged by R. Meldrum
Drummond Castle Laundry, The Polka Ronald Meldrum
Tillypronie Strathspey
Col. Duff's March March P/M McDonald
Who will dandle my Mary Jig Neil Macmillan's setting
Bob of Fettercairn, The Strathspey
Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
Glencuil Cottage Polka R. Meldrum
I'll gang nae mair to yon toun March
Neil's Lullaby Strathspey
Dirge of the Black Watch, The Slow March
Nigheann donn (Ca'the Ewes) Reel Neil Macmillan's setting
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff March
Marching into Camp March Henderson Taylor, Reay
Jeanette B. Taylor's Reel Reel Henderson Taylor
Isabel's Strathspey Strathspey Neil Macmillan's setting
Mrs. Gordon Duff Reel P/M John McDonald
Johnnie Macdonald's Reel Reel Jas. Center
Caithness Agricultural Society March Henderson Taylor
Liverpool Hornpipe Hornpipe arr. By Henderson Taylor
Jig Jig Jas. Center
Wallflowers Polka Polka P/M J. McDonald
Neil Flaherty's Drake March
Col. The Mackintosh of Mackintosh's Silver Wedding March P/M John McDonald
Caledonian Society of London, The Strathspey
Lord Macdonald's Reel Reel
Howes of Bucksburn March P/M Mann
Corriechollie's Leaving Lochaber March R. Meldrum
Earl of Fife's Welcome to Sandringham March Wm. Macdonald
Soldier, lie on you wee pickle strae March
W.G. Meldrum's Farewell to Glenkindie March R. Meldrum
Miss Katie Ness of Kinnyside Reel R. Meldrum
Braes of Glenlivet, The Quickstep R. Meldrum
Ho ro bhoban an dram Jig Neil Macmillan's setting
I love my love for she loves me Jig Neil Macmillan's setting
O'oo Mill o' Glenkindie, The Reel R. Meldrum
Willie brewed a peck o' maut March
Leaving Strathdon March Meldrum's setting
Delvinside March
Jig Jig J.P. McLeod
Dinna think, my bonnie lassie Reel
John MacColl's Farewell to the Scottish Horse March J. MacColl
74th's Pipe Band, The March
Ewis wi' the crookit Horn, The Strathspey Neil Macmillan's setting
Man of Kettle, The Reel Neil Macmillan's setting
Bob Meldrum's Polka Polka P. Wight
Caberfeidh Reel
Strathardle Highland Gathering, The March John Stewart
Donald MacKay March W. MacKay Tait
Leaving Glenurquhart March G. Ross
Book Six
Balmoral Highlanders March March
Highland Whiskey Strathspey Neil McMillan
Balblair Reel Neil McMillan
Rock and wee pickle tow, The March
Carline of the mill dust, The Jig Neil McMillan's setting
Alice Robertson's Reel Reel R. Meldrum
Chief's Birthday, The March Rod. Campbell
J.F. Mackenze Esqr of Garrynahine, Stornoway Strathspey W.J. Ross
Strathspey Strathspey N. MacMillan
Reel  Reel
Dougavie Lodge (Arran) March P/M E.J. Macpherson
Skye Gathering, The March
Tending the Steer Jig
I'll gang na' mair to you toon March
Strathspey Strathspey Peter McLeod
Dinna think my bonnie lass I'm going to leave you Reel
Miss K. Kellock's Quickstep Quickstep A. McLeod
A Tribute to Kenneth Macdonald Slow March E.J. Macpherson
I'm owre young to marry yet Quickstep
McGregor's Lament Slow March
Lewis Pipe Band, The March Wm. G. Ross
Captain J.E. Oldfield's Welcome to Kilravock Castle March P/M John McDonald
Armadale Castle Strathspey E.J. Macpherson
Colonel Howard Hill, V.D. 1st V.B.R.H. March P/M F.R. Matthews
Capt. E. Tosh 1st V.B.R.H. March Cpl. A. Low
Piper O Dundee, The March P/M F.R. Matthews
Kenny McGruer's Caman Jig E.J. Macpherson
Miss Carnegie's Welcome to Cluny Castle March W. Hutcheon
Strathnaver Fairy Circle's March, The March Donald MacKay
Atholl Brose Strathspey
Flagon, The Reel
Pipe Major George Ross' Farewell to the Black Watch March Wm. Lawrie
Ranting Highlandman, The Strathspey
Sir John Stewart of Grantully Reel
Cat and Dog Strathspey
Donald and his smuggled Drappy Reel
Sirdar Kitchener's Welcome to Edinburgh March
Pap of Glencoe, The March Wm. Lawrie
Willie and his Three Pints Reel
Brochan Lom Reel
Leaving Lunga March J. Gordon
March March Cpl. J.S. Ross
93rd Highlanders Welcome to Parkhurst 1885, The March by the 93rd pipers
Up in the morning early March
Mungo Campbell's Strathspey Strathspey J. Smith's setting
Mungo Campbell's Reel Reel John Stewart
Stump, The March P/M Ross
Center's Bonnet Jig P/M Ross
Sailor's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Atholl Slow March Slow March
Bonnie Ann March
Midnight March, The March
John McKechnie's Reel Reel
Duncan McNeil's Esqr's Farewell to Melfort March Capt. N.A. McNeil
Blair Drummond Strathspey
Angus Cameron's  Strathspey
Loch Tummel-side Reel
Pitlochry Pipe Band, The March John Stewart
Mrs. Blair Strathspey
Lament for the Old Volunteers Slow March J. Macbeth
Glens of Oregon, The Strathspey Jas. MacDonald
Kitchen Maid, The Jig setting by A. Johnson
Logan's Reel Reel
Gartmore Highland Games March Alex. Johnson
My Lady's Gown there's Gairs upon it Strathspey
Tullymet Hall Reel
Highlands of Oregon, The March Jas. MacDonald
Piper's Excitement, The Reel John MacColl
Lassie lost her crinoline, The Reel
Clan Macleay March, The March Jas. MacDonald
Mrs. Christie's Reel Reel
Book Seven
Laird of Gualich, The March P/M Donald Kennedy
Ian Mohr March John Stewart
Ian Smith Macmillan's Birthday Strathspey J. Smith
Pipe Major McDonald's Welcome to South Uist March D. McMillan
Admiral Angus MacLeod's Farewell to the Royal Navy March P/M A.R. MacLeod
Captain C.G.S. MacLeod's 1st Btn. Black Watch March March A.R. MacLeod
Kaid Sir Harry Maclean's Morrish Salute March P/M H. Forsyth
Leaving Strathanaig March Harry B. Murray
Lydia McKay's Strathspey Strathspey Harry B. Murray
Benside Boys, The Reel Charles Maciver
Glenbane Reel Harry B. Murray
Barebell Grant Strathspey Harry B. Murray
Auld Auntie Glen Jig Harry B. Murray
Mrs. Robertson Aikman of the Ross March P/M Wm. Ross
Strathspey Strathspey J. Stewart Macduff
Jack Hutton's farewell to Perth March Sam. Campbell
Mrs. John Campbell's March March J. Campbell
Cathel Campbell of Achbrea March Harry B. Murray
Tullimarnock Lasses, The March Harry B. Murray
Lauder's Delight Reel J. Stewart Macduff
Eight Men of Moidart Reel L. McCormick
Reel Reel L. McCormick
General Gierson March P/M Wm. Ross
Miss Edith McKinnon's Strathspey Strathspey J. Stewart Macduff
Miss Peggy Robertson Aikman's Birthday March P/M Wm. Ross
Black Watch, The Reel Thos. Clark
Mrs. Taylor's Fancy March Henderson Taylor
Tarbat Terrier's, The March J.P. MacLeod
Jamie's Hornpipe Hornpipe Henderson Taylor
Gardener's March, The March Henderson Taylor
Sir Charles Graham March
Leaving Port Erran March Harry B. Murray
Lord Ardgowan March Harry B. Murray
Malcolm MacRae's  March John Campbell
Minto Fancy Fete, The March P/M J. Taylor
Colonel Campbell of Inverneil's Farewell to the Argyll's March
Pipe Major William Taylor's Farewell to India March Henderson Taylor
Climbing Duncan Reel Wm. McLean
Mrs. MacDougall's Farewell to Ajmere March P/M MacDougall
Jean Hood Seann Truibhas Harry B. Murray
Jack Ashore Hornpipe Harry B. Murray
71st Highland Light Infantry Pipe Band, The March P/M J. Taylor
Lady MacDonald Strathspey
Jocks Favourite Hornpipe Lce. Cpl. J.D.Cameron
Rugby House Slow March Lce. Cpl. J.D.Cameron
Captn. Lawrence Strathspey Lce. Cpl. J.D.Cameron
Third Argyll's, The March P/M J. Smith
Marchioness of Graham's Welcome to Buchanan Castle March P/M J. Smith
Borve Castle March Archd. McLean
Corriechoilie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting March P/M Wm. Ross
Pretty Marion Reel
Shepherd's Crook Strathspey
Far over Struie Retreat March J.P. MacLeod
Clan MacDonald March Jas. MacDonald
Sandy Campbell's old Fiddle Strathspey J.B. MacLeod
Duncan Stewart's Farewell to Fealar March John Stewart
Arthur Cantor's March March P/M Khan Baz Khan
Lieutenant Dunn's March March J.D. Cameron
Lieut. W.D. Hepburn's Farewell to Fort George March Lce. Cpl. J. Haywood
Major Steven March P/M Khan Baz Khan
Captain Morgan March P/M Khan Baz Khan
Loch Luichart Reel J.B. MacLeod
Book Eight
Flowers of the Forest Slow March
Danny Boy Air
King George the Fifth's Welcome to the Battlefield March P/M J. Balloch
156th Brigade at the Battle of Romani, The March P/M Edwin J. MacPherson
51st Division's Farewell, The March Dr. Charles Bannatyne
Highalnd Heroes of Mons, The March P/M R. Meldrum
Lake Tanganyika March Walter Watson
Alexander MacPherson March P/M D.B. Mathieson
Long Road, The March Dr. Charles Bannatyne
London Scottish Advance to Messines, The Quickstep Percy W.A. Scott
Castle Forbes Slow March P/M D.B. Mathieson
Seven Heroes of Moeuvres March T. Menzies Rodger
Echoes of Flanders March John D. Duguld
Colonel S. Gair's Welcome to 5th (res.) Battn. H.L.I. March P/M Geo Peters
Rothienorman Highland Gathering March P/M W. Mann
Aultmore Camp March P/M W. Mann
When the Boys come Home again March P/M W. Mann
Colonel Horton March P/M W. Mann
Advancing on Wervicq March A. McKillop
Top o' the Binn, The March John D. Duguld
6th H.L.I.'s Farewell to Gallipoli March P/M F.C. Mackenzie
Leiut. McLennan's Farewell to the Edinburgh City Police March P/M A.M. Findlay
7th Cameronians in Palestine, The March P/M E.I. Macpherson
Leaving Lochalsh March Farquhar Ewen Finlayson
Miss Meg Kerr's March March P/M R.F. Current
Captain G.D. Pullar (Black Watch) Leaving Tayside March P/M J. Balloch
Genl. Sire Spencer Ewart's Welcome to Edinburgh March P/M J. Balloch
Ellis Scraps of Paper, The March P/M A.M. Findlay
Caledonian Societies of New Zealand, The March F.E. Finlayson
Mrs. McWhirter of Coalhill March John Gillespie
Jeanie Strachan  March P/M Munro Strachan
Pipe Major W. Mann's Favourite March P/M W. Cruickshank
Lord Kitchener of Khartoum March
Mary Ross March P/M W. Cruickshank
Sheffield Pipe Band March J. Menzies Rodger
Cheviot Collie, The March P/M D.M. Sinclair
John Bartholmew Esquire of Glenorchard Strathspey Percy W. Scott
Vancouver Gaelic Society Strathspey Angus MacGruer
Moss o' Byth, The Strathspey B. Henderson
Mary Miller Strathspey F.E. Finlayson
Bonnie Braes o' Ballendaine Strathspey Percy W. Scott
Glamis Castle Strathspey P/M C. Arnot
Lady Thorburn Strathspey Percy W. Scott
M. Scott Skinner Strathspey F.E. Finlayson
Maids o' Flanders Strathspey Percy W. Scott
Sir Donald Mac Donald, Provost of Inverness Strathspey
Mrs. Eleanor Currie Strathspey Percy W. Scott
Major J.O. Hopkinson Strathspey P/M D.B. Mathieson
Sandy strafed the Germans Reel Percy W. Scott
Sir Michael the Wizard Reel Percy W. Scott
Sir J. Mackenzie's Reel Reel F.E. Finlayson
Elder tocht he was'na seen Reel Percy W. Scott
Lucarty Hall Reel P/M D. Mathieson
Calum Mac Colls Reel John Mackinnon
Allen Mac Fayden Reel F.E. Finlayson
Scottish Pipers Society Reel Percy W. Scott
Strom Ferry Reel F.E. Finlayson
Major A. Lindsay Steward, A.S.C. Reel Percy W. Scott
Ancrum Rant Reel Percy W. Scott
Branford, The Scottische R. Adamson
Allies, The Polka R. Adamson
Piper and the Dog, The Jig P/M D.B. Mathieson
Road to the Isles, or Burning Sands of Egypt March
Highland Wedding March setting by P/M R. Reid

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