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Irish Tunes for the Scottish and Irish War Pipes

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David Glen was the son of Alexander Glen, was a pipe maker in Edinburgh, and published pipe music from from 1876 to 1911.
This collection of tunes was first published in 1911, after David Glen had published all of his collections of highland pipe music. The version presented here is from the 3rd edition.

Tune name Tune type
Irish Nation, the Air
Little Nora Cullinan (Norin ni Cullinan) March
Dawning of the Day, The (Fainne geal an Iae) Slow Air
Marketman, The (Fear an Marsad) March
Gillespie's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Ramblers' Rest, The (Tie the Bonnet) Reel
Rocky Road to Dublin, The (1st setting) Jig
One Before We Go March
Kiss me Sweetheart March
How Much Has She Got? Jig
Three Little Drummers, The (The Tenpenny Bit) Jig
Black Haired Lass, The Reel
Cealleachin Fion (Little Kelly the Fair-Haired) Old Air
Soldier's Joy, The Hornpipe
Scatter The Mud Jig
Dan Roger's Favourite, The Jig
Humours of Tralibane, The Jig
Templehouse Reel
Rory O'More Jig
Nell Flaherty's Drake Jig
Costla Bay (Galway Bay) Reel
Brian Boru's Jig Jig
County Down Jig
Paddy Whack Jig
Larry Grogan Jig
Cameronian Rant, The Reel
Wearin' of the Green Slow Air
Peeler and the Goat, The Jig
Highway to Dublin, The Jig
Yorkshire Bite, The Reel
Home Rule Jig, The Jig
Skiver the Quilt Jig
Morgan Rattler, The Jig
Maid on the Green, The Jig
Paddy's Farewell to America Jig
Devil in Dublin, The Jig
Steam Boat, The Jig
Saddle the Pony Jig
Paddy Carey Jig
Mysteries of Knock, The Jig
Will You Come Home with Me Jig or Quickstep
Green Garter, The Reel
Merry Harriers, The (The Cup of Tea) Reel
Jimmy's Return (Dunrobin Castle) Reel
Gramachree Molly Slow Air
Spirits of Whisky, The (1st tune) Jig
John Roy Stewart Reel
Thatcher, The Jig
Gallant Tipperaray Boys, The March
Miss Kelly's Reel Reel
Johnny the Jumper Jig
Mountaineer's March, The March
Knee Buckle, The Jig
Rakes of Irishmen, The (The Ranting Rake) Jig
Boys from Mullingar, The Jig
James O'Neill's Quickstep Quickstep
Dandy Denny Cronin Reel
Flowing Bowl, The Reel
Green Linnet, The Reel
Mickey By the Fireside Reel
Gallowglass, The (Niel Gow's Lament for His Brother) Jig
Wasn't She Fond of Me Jig or Quickstep
Land League, The Jig
Black-eyed Biddy, The (various other titles) March
Skin the Peeler Jig
Rakes of Mallow (Sir Charles Forbes) Quickstep
Seo Salinte do'n Piobaire (various other titles) Jig
Cailin deas don, An (Pretty Brown Girl, The) Jig
Cahirciveen (Cumberland Crew, The) Jig
Garry Owen Jig
Grandfather's Pet Jig
Fisherman's Frolic, The (Argyll is my name) Jig
Girl from Ireland, The Jig
Huish the Cat Jig or Quickstep
Condon's Frolic Jig or Quickstep
Butcher's March, The March
Minstrel Boy, The Air
Billy Barlow Jig
Fasten the Leg in Her Jig
Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be Quickstep
Kitty Quinn Jig
Night Cap, The (1st setting) Jig
Night Cap, The (2nd setting) Jig
Last Rose of Summer, The (1st setting) Air
Last Rose of Summer, The (2nd setting) Air
Sporting Boys Jig
Deoc an Doruis (The Parting Glass) Jig
Rushy Mountain, The March
MacDonnell's Rant Jig
Bean a tighe air tar (The Woman of the House in the centre) Reel
Holland is a Fine Place March
Brian Boru's March March
Big Dan O'Mahony (Fingal's Weeping) Hornpipe
Helen O'Grady Jig
Domnall no Greine (various other titles) Jig
Merry Soldier, The Hornpipe
Rocky Road to Dublin, The (2nd setting) Jig
Red Fox, The Slow Air
Mrs. Macleod of Raasay Reel
Little House under the Hill, The Jig
Golden Wreath, The Hornpipe
We'll All Take the Coach and Trip it Away Jig
Eviction, The Jig
Morning Fair Hornpipe
Rivals, The Quickstep
Fox Hunter, The Slip Jig
All the Way to Galway March
Cummalum Jig
An Giolla Ruadh (various other titles) Quickstep
Paddy O'Rafferty Jig
Linen Cap, The Reel
Enniskillen Dragoon, The (1st setting) Air
Spirits of Whisky, The (2nd tune) Jig
Black Bear, The Hornpipe
O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick Jig
Enniskillen Dragoon, The (2nd setting) Air
Tinker's Reel, The Reel
Failte do'n Piobaire (Welcome the Piper) Jig
Piob Adarc an mairnealais (The Sailor's Hornpipe) Hornpipe
Maidin Amarac (Tommorrow morning) Hornpipe
Miss Mary Walsh's Favourite Reel
Cock and Hen, The Jig
Miller's Daughter, The Reel
When Johnny Comes Marching Home March
Maid at the Fair, The Jig
Oft in the Stilly Night Air
Riding a Mile Jig
Farrell's Pipes Jig
Merry Making, The Jig
Blind Billy Jig
Paddy's Trip to Dublin Jig
Irishman's Joy, The Jig
Silvermore (Brian O'Lynn) Jig
Priest in His Boots, The Jig
My Lodging is on the Cold, Cold Ground Air
Old Hag in the Corner, The Jig
Keltan's Reel Reel
Free and Easy Jig
Caileach a Thuishe (Hag in the Blanket, The) Jig
Ivy Leaf, The Reel
Tumilin O'Counichan (Brian O'Duff's Lament) Lament
First of May, The Hornpipe
God Save Ireland Anthem

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