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Glen's Collection for the Great Highland Bagpipe

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Drawing from Book One of J & R Glen's Collection

This collection dates to around 1870, and was initially published as a three-volume collection. Although there are various versions of this collection, the one present here includes 213 settings. John and Robert Glen were pipe makers and from Edinburgh, and were the sons of Thomas Glen and cousins to David Glen. In addition to the tune settings, the collection also contains a historical sketch with some interesting drawings.

Tune Name Tune Type
Book One
Historical Sketch  (n/a)
Poem (n/a)
Cartoon (n/a)
Original Index  (n/a)
Instructions (n/a)
Highland Laddie March
Kenmure's on and awa Willie March
Glengarry's March March
Hills of Glenorchy, The March
Sheriff Muir March
Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee, The March
Johnnie Cope March
Auld Wattie o' Kebockstevenbrae March
Scots wha hae wi' Wallace Bled March
There cam' a young man to my Daddy's Door March
Duncan Gray March
Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue March
O'er the Hills and Far Awa March
Merry Masons, The March
42nd Highlander's Farewell, or "Black Watch" March
Wha'll be King but Charlie March
A mans a man for a' that March
Bundle and Go March
White Cockade, The March
Campbell's are Coming, The March
Boyne Water March
Haud awa' Hame March
Up an' waur them a' Willie Reel
Lady Binning Strathspey
Gillie Callum Reel
Lord Alexander Gordon Strathspey
Thomson's Got a Dirk Reel
Perthshire Volunteers Strathspey
Dunse Dings a' Reel
Lady Madelina Sinclair Strathspey
Highway to Linton, The Reel
Lads of Dunse, The Jig
Major Molle Reel
Braes of Tullymet, The Strathspey
Sandy is My Darling Reel
Miss Drummond of Perth Strathspey
Miss Falconer Reel
O as I was Kissed Yester'een Jig
Lochiels Rant Reel
John Roy Stewart Strathspey
Johnnie Lad Reel
Lord MacDonald Reel
Maid of Islay, The Strathspey
Cameronian Rant, The Reel
Sodger Laddie Jig
Pease Strae Reel
Cameron's Got His Wife Again Strathspey
Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
New Rigged Ship, The Jig
Lady Margaret Stewart Reel
Brisk Bob Strathspey
Sleepy Maggie Reel
Book Two
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff March
Highlanders March, The March
Macpherson's Lament March
Warst Carle in the Warld, The March
Culloden Day March
MacRory's Breeks March
Celtic Society's Quickstep, The March
Piper's Bonnet, The March
Kate Dalrymple Reel
Hundred Pipers, The March
Welcome Royal Charlie Reel
O'er the Water to Charlie March
Andrew and his Cutty Gun March
Cock o' the North, The March
Keel Row, The Strathspey
Drummond Castle March
Corn Rigs March
I Lo'ed Ne'er a Laddie but Ane March
Had Ye Been Whaur I Hae Been March
Argyle is My Name March
Macgregor's Gathering, The March
Quakers March, The March
Flowers of the Forest, The Slow March
Bob and Joan March
Roy's Wife March
Go to Berwick Johnny March
Logan Water March
There's Three Guid Fellows March
Catherine Ogie March
Lochaber No More Slow March
Reel of Tulloch, The Reel
Stumpie Strathspey
Speed the Plough Reel
Neil Gow  Strathspey
Bridge of Perth, The Reel
Monymusk Strathspey
Marquis of Tullybardine, The Reel
Highland Whisky Strathspey
Ranting Highlandman, The Reel
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing Jig
Mullin Dhub Reel
Lady Wemyss Jig
I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun Reel
Rock and a Wee Pickle Tow, The Jig
Captain Byng Reel
Hare Among the Corn, The Jig
Johnny's Made a Wedding O't Reel
Haugh's of Cromdale Reel
Drover Lads, The Jig
Sweet Molly Reel
Link him Doddie Strathspey
Fill the Stoup Reel
Off She Goes Jig
Deil Among the Tailors, The Reel
Tullochgorum Strathspey
Mrs. McLeod of Rasay Reel
Rattling Roaring Willie Jig
Mason's Apron, The Reel
Back of the Change House, The Reel
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The Strathspey
Jenny's Bawbee Reel
Brechin Castle Strathspey
Sir David Huner Blair Reel
Capt. Keiller Reel
Struan Robertson's Rant Strathspey
O'er Bogie Reel
Bob o' Fettercairn, The Reel
Delvin Side Strathspey
Caber Feigh Reel
Duke of Perth, The Reel
Lady Mary Ramsay Reel
Major Stewart Reel
Book Three
MacKay's March March
Pibroch of Donald Dhu March
Highlandman's Cowl, The March
Grey Buck, The March
Macdonald's, The March
Athol Highlanders, The March
Brosie Weaver March
John Bains Sister's Wedding March
Fingal's Weeping March
Bonnie Strathmore March
Weary Maid, The March
My Tocher's the Jewel March
Mary's Dream March
Laird o' Cockpen, The March
Willie was a Wanton Wag March
Leslies March March
Maggie Lauder March
Blue Bonnets March
Cleghorn's Rant March
Hurichum Harichim March
Bail_n_oir (Sutherland Volunteers March) March
Lads wi' the Kilts, The March
Lass of Richmond Hill, The March
Taladh (The Nurse's Song) March
Burn's Farewell March
Piper's March, The March
Macgregors, The March
Bonnie Prince Charlie March
Lochiels awa to France March
Bide ye Yet March
Because He Was a Bonny Lad Reel
Highland Donald Kiss'd Kitty Strathspey
Keep the Country Bonny Lassie Reel
Stool of Repentance, The Jig
Fyket, The Reel
Lord Blantyre Strathspey
Cuttyman and Treladle Reel
Miss Montgomery Strathspey
Lassie wi' the Snood, The Reel
Weaver, The Jig
Comely Garden Reel
Tappit Hen, The Jig
Mary Gray Reel
Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes Strathspey
Taymouth House Reel
Guid Wife Count the Lawin Reel
Red Coat, The Strathspey
Jenny Nettles Reel
House of Gray, The Jig
Black Haired Maid, The Reel
Tail Toddle Reel
Chorus, The Jig
Athol Plaid, The Reel
Wren's Death, The Reel
Braes o' Marr, The Strathspey
Fairy's Dance, The Reel
Lady Carmichael Strathspey
Dogs Bit Chapmen Reel
Dunrobin Castle Reel
Brose and Butter Jig
Drive Home the Mainlanders Reel
Cawdor Fair Reel
Trippers, The Jig
Thro' the Wood She Ran Reel
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart Strathspey
Dalkeith Fair Reel
Periwig, The Reel
Woo'ed an' Married an' a' Jig
Three Girls of Portree Reel
Strathnaver March, The March
Witch's Stane, The March
Macraes March to Arthur Seat, The March
Major Loch of Uppat March
Duke of Sutherland, The March
Capt. Lawson Clynelish March
Duchess of Sutherland, The March
Capt. Peacock, S.R.V. March
Major W.S. Fraser, S.R.V. March
Douglas Castle March
Capt. D. Taylor, S.R.V. March
He's o'er the Hills That I Lo'e Weel March
Glenfine Lodge March
I Lost My Love at Sea March
Dr. Rutherford Reel
Piper's Dream, The Strathspey
Capt. Gilchrist of Ospisdale Reel
Capt. Houston of Kintradwell Strathspey
Major Weston of Morvich Reel
Dornoch Lads, The Jig

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