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David Glen's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

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Cover from one of the David Glen books

David Glen, the son of Alexander Glen, was a pipe maker in Edinburgh, and published pipe music from from 1876 to 1911. David Glen's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music as presented here includes all seventeen books, and the tutor book. In all, there are over 1100 tunes in this collection, making it the largest collection of pipe music. The first book was published in 1876, and the last was published sometime around 1900.

Tune Name (or Item Name Tune Type Composer Alternate Title(s)
Book One
Glendaruel Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep P/M A Fettes
Duchess Dowager of Atholl's Quickstep, The Quickstep Chas. Duff
Sir D.F. McLeod's Strathspey Strathspey H.S. McKay
Colonel F.W.T.Burrough's March March H.S. McKay
His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh's Quickstep Quickstep H.S. McKay
Young Prince of Puttialla's Birthday March, The March H.S. McKay
Caledonial Canal, The Strathspey Archd. Campbell
Collin Cameron Quickstep
Rogart Volunteers' Quickstep, The Quickstep Wm. MacDonald
Mrs. McDougall's March March Archd. Campbell
Glendaruel   Strathspey
William Glen's Favorite Reel
Farmer's Daughter, The Reel The Aberarder Rant
74th Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh, The Quickstep Wm. McKinnon
Canal Basin, The Strathspey Archd. Campbell
Duncan McDougall's Reel Reel
Pipers Controversy, The March
Miss Darling's Farewell to New York March
Mrs. McDougall's Reel Reel
Greenwood Side Quickstep Donald Mackenzie
Battle of the Alma, The March
I am a young man Air
Lochbroom Reel
Cawdor Castle Quickstep John McKenzie
Drunken Piper, The Quickstep
Miss Flora McDonald's Reel Reel If Charlie Comes
When you go to the Hill take your Gun Strathspey The Tartan, The Lees of Luncarty
Robert Thomson's Reel Reel
Mrs. John Smith's Welcome to Scotland Quickstep
Craig Castle Quickstep Quickstep Wm. MacDonald
March of the 42nd Royal Highlanders to Coomassie,The March
Brahan Castle March
Cuaich Side Reel
Leaving Glen Urquhart Quickstep Wm. MacDonald
Boturich House March H.S. McKay
Banks of the Tay, The March Wm. Mckay
Robert Robertson's Favorite Reel The Stumpy Lass
Mr. C.S. Parker's Welcome to Perthshire March Ferguson
Richard Stewart's Reel Reel
Blair Drummond Strathspey
John Forbes Reel
John MacKenzie's Strathspey Strathspey
John McKenzie Reel J. Connan
Blue and Yellow Banner, The March J. McKenzie
Stornoway Castle March J. McKenzie
Maids of Ullapool, The March J. McKenzie
Speed the Plough Reel
Kenmore Volunteers' March, The March
Inverness Reel, The Reel
Inverness Strathspey, The Strathspey
Sean Triubhas Highland Dance Whistle O'er the Lave O't
Meg Merrilees Country Dance
Edinglassie House Jig
Sword Dance, The Strathspey Malcolm Canmore's Tax Gather, The Lad Malcolm, Gillie Calum
Delvine Side Strathspey
Lord McDonald's Reel Reel
Miss Drummond of Perth Strathspey The Cripple Lad of the Glen
Outram Kelly McCallum Esq.  March J. Mauchline
Captain Jack Murray's Strathspey Strathspey
Inveresk House Quickstep J. Mauchline
Daft Donald March
Miss McGregor's March March
Invercauld March,The `
Moladh Mairi Piobaireachd Mary's Praise for Her Gift, The McLachlan's Piobroch
Book Two
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Welcome to Glasgow Quickstep J. Bowman
Major James Robertson's March March Richard Stewart
Davidson of Tulloch's Strathspey Strathspey J.J. Connan
Caledonian Asylum Lodge (London), The March J.J. Connan
Gairnshoil Reel Reel
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales' Welcome to Sealkote Quickstep A. Calder
Cork Hill Jig The Cat from under the Table
Island of Mull, The Quickstep J. Mauchline
Miss Campbell's Reel Reel D, Campbell
Johnny Cope Quickstep arr. D. Glen
Seige of Delhi, The March
W. Sutherland's Jig Jig W. Sutherland
93rd Sutherland Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh, The March Murdo McKinnon
Glengairn March, The March
Leaving Corindavon Lodge March D. Campbell
Yellow Gowan, The March
Miss McIntosh Reel D.S. McDonald
Here's to Him over the Water March J. Mauchline
Miss Annie Cormack's Birthday March
Captain Fitz Roy McPherson's Strathspey Strathspey Murdoch McDonald
Captain J.D.K. McCallum's Farewell to the 79th Q.O.C. Highlanders March P/M D. Campbell
Colonel McBain's Fancy Reel Murdoch McDonald
Colonel McBain's Fancy Strathspey Murdoch McDonald
Old Highland Air Air Take Your Gun and Gillie to the Hills
Aberlour House Strathspey Alex. McDonald
Alexander Duff Reel D, Campbell
Captain Forbes  Reel
Maol-a-Raorudh Quickstep
Heights of Alma, The March D. Campbell
Defaulters' Quickstep, The Quickstep
Because he was a Bonny Lad Reel P/M Paton
42nds' Advance on the Alma, The March
Miss Douglass's Strathspey Strathspey
Rattle Snake, The Jig
Monymusk's Strathspey Strathspey Sir Archd. Grant of Monymusk's Strathspey
Captain Campbell of Drumvuick's Quickstep Quickstep P/M D. Campbell
79th Q.O.C. Highlanders' Farewell to Aldershot, The March
Fight about the Fireside Reel
Willie Fraser March
Dougald Clark Reel
Harvest Home, The Reel
Captain J.M. Leith's Quickstep Quickstep
H.R.H. The Duchess of Edinburgh's Quickstep Quickstep
Duke of Gordon's Birthday, The Strathspey
Inchbraco Quickstep P/M Jas. Paton
Tulloch Gorum, with variations Strathspey The Green Hillock
Ewie wi' the Crooked Horn, The Strathspey
Duchess of Hamilton's Quickstep, The Quickstep M.McCarfrae
A Highland Polka Polka J. McKenzie
Carse of Stirling, The March W. Honeyman
E.C. Sutherland-Walker's March March  J.J. Connan
Atholl Highlanders' March to Loch Katrine, The March Wm. Rose
Maggie go back and take up your Scullie March
Lady McLeod's March March
Lt. Colonel Simpson's Reel Reel P/M A. Calder
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The Strathspey arr. D. Glen
Highlands of Banffshire, The Strathspey arr. D. Glen
Lt. Colonel Simpson's Strathspey Strathspey A, Calder
Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone's Welcome to Midlothian, The March D. Glen
Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone's Welcome to Taymouth Castle March D. Glen
Book Three
My Drouthie Cronie Quickstep A. McLeod
McKenzie's Farewell to Sutherland March John Ban McKenzie
Fingal's Weeping Quickstep
A. McLeod's Reel Reel A. McLeod
Portree Men, The Quickstep J. Mauchline
Duntroon's Reel Reel
Needle's Eye, The Jig W. Sutherland
Christmas Carousal, The Reel
Kissing is best of a' Reel  
James Robertson's Reel Reel W. Sutherland
Sharp's Dance with his Sweetheart Jig W. Sutherland
Lord Alexander Kennedy's March March Piper Honeyman
Burining of the Piper's Hut, The March A. Mackellar
Royal Review of Scottish Volunteers 1881, The Quickstep D. Bowman
McGillivray's March, The March J. Mauchline
John McNeill's Strathspey Strathspey
Bannocks o' Barley Meal Quickstep
Highland Whisky Strathspey
Sinclair of Ulbster's Strathspey, The Strathspey Sinclair Sutherland
William McPherson's Reel Reel W. Sutherland
Roll him down the Brae Reel
Donald McFedran's Reel Reel
Old Man's Dance, The Reel
Newcastle Highlanders' March, The March D. Bowman
Mr. Charles Graham's Welcome Home March
Countess of Cassillis' Reel, The Reel N. Gow
Kurcladrum's Reel Reel
Mrs. Baillie of Red Castle Reel
Perthshire Volunteers' Strathspey, The Strathspey Hobble Jenny
Donside Strathspey The Shepherd's Crook
Smugglers of the Glen, The March
Merry Lads of Furnace, The Reel W. Sutherland
David Glen's Jig Jig W. Sutherland
Seaforth Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep J. Scott Skinner
Cameron Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep J. Scott Skinner
Torn Trousers, The Reel John Livingstone
Smashed Chanter, The Reel John Anderson
Charred Bit of Wood, The Reel
Ale Wife and Her Barrel, The Strathspey
Pride of Caledonia, The March
Athole Highlanders' Original March,The March
Smith's a Gallant Fireman, The Slow March
Duncan Mackay's Jig Jig
Willie Roy's Loomhouse Strathspey or Reel
Merry Lads of Glenorchy, The Reel
Fox Hunt, The Reel
McAlister's Dirk Reel
Round by Aberdeen March Duke of Atholl
Mrs. McFedran's Reel Reel
More Nam Bochd Reel
Damaged Boat, The Reel
Donald McFarlane's Reel Reel
Mason's Apron, The Reel
Miss Stewart of Grantully's Reel Reel
Flaggon, The Reel
Glenfishie Reel
Brown Haired Maiden, The Air, Gaelic
John McEachin's Reel Reel
Gordon's March March Alex. Cameron
2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders' Welcome to Edinburgh, The Quickstep J. Mauchline
Donald Cameron's Hotch Potch Quickstep arr. D. Glen
Flowers of the Forest, The Slow March
Sheep Wife, The Reel
Part 3rd of the Portree Men Quickstep
Book Four
Ranting Highlandman, The Quickstep The Abercairney Highlander's Quickstep
Prince Albert's March Air, Gaelic
Braes of Castle Grant, The Quickstep J. Grant
Airchie Brown Reel J. Scott Skinner
Sons of the Mountains Air, Old Gaelic
Old Highland Air Air
Captain Keiller Reel Lowland Amusement
Struan Robertson's Rant Strathspey
Balmoral Castle Strathspey
Falls of Foyers, The Reel
Pussy's Tail Reel Comely Garden
Pussy's Tail Strathspey
Black haired Girl, The Reel
Club of True Highlander's March, The March John McKenzie
92nd Gordon Highlanders' Quickstep,The Quickstep
Miss Maclachan's Strathspey Strathspey J. MacBeth Lady Mackenzie of Seaforth
Grinder, The Jig, Irish or Slow Air
Maid of Edrachaolis,The Jig W. Sutherland
Earl of Caithness, The Jig
Lonach Highlanders' March, The March The Clan Forbes March
Carnock House Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Captain Archie Menzies Jig W. Sutherland
Fair Dairymaid,The Strathspey Miss Mckenzie of Gairloch
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart Slow Strathspey or March
Lord Blantyre Strathspey
Munro's March, The March
Perthshire Hunt, The Reel
Miss Nisbet Reel
I wish you would marry me now. Reel
Forfar Hunt, The Reel
Sound of Mull, The Reel
Clett of Thurso, The Jig W. Sutherland
MacDonald's Favorite Quickstep
Ranting Highlandman, The Reel
Lochiel's away to France March
Ross-shire Volunteer's Farewell to Edinburgh 1881, The Quickstep J. Connan
Miss Stewart of Grandtully's Strathspey (arr. as a March) March Murdo McDonald
Meggernie Castle Quickstep
Gather and Go Quickstep
Captain Lawson's Men Quickstep
Killin Volunteers' Quickstep, The Quickstep P/M D. Campbell
Lads wi' the Kilt, The Quickstep arr. D. Glen Gillean An Fheildh
Duke of Perth, The Strathspey
Duke of Perth, The Reel
Had the Lass Reel
Alexander Campbell's Favorite Reel A. Campbell
Alexander Macleod's March March A. McLeod
Maggie Cameron Strathspey Willie Roy's Loomhouse
Isle of Martin, The Quickstep John McKenzie
McDonald's Quickstep Quickstep
Wee Sergeant, The Quickstep A. McLeod
Take Her Away March
Roderick McIsaac March
Ale is Dear, The Reel
Highland Wedding, The Strathspey Stumpie
Dunkeld Highlander's March, The March Duncan Campbell
42nd Royal Highlanders' Farewell to Aldershot, The Quickstep J. Witherspoon
My Tocher's the Jewel Quickstep
Killiecrankie March
Wren's Death, The Reel
Crusader's March, The March
Mackintosh Waltz,  The Waltz arr. D. Glen
Loudon's bonnie Woods and Braes Air, Old Gaelic
Wm. Mackay's farewell to the 74th March
Arcadia Cottage Quickstep Colin McLauchlan
Foot of Garnock, The Quickstep
Book Five
Highland Laddie, The Quickstep Where Ha's Ye Been a' Day
Smith's Daughter, The Reel The Merchant's Wife, Gunn's Reel
Kilt's my delight, The Reel Miss Wedderburn
Roryson's Breeks Quickstep MacRory's Breeks
Athole Plaid, The Reel My Wooer Be Merry
Minister's Mare, The Jig He Lost a Black Mare
Atholl Cummers, The Strathspey or Reel The Marsh of the Little Loch
Atholl Cummers, The (second setting) Strathspey Bog An Lochain
Herd of the Glen, The Air, Slow
Scots wha hae March Hei Tutti Tetti
Land o' the Leal, The Slow March
Glengarry's March March
Campbell's are coming, The Quickstep The Inverary Wedding
March to the Battlefield, The March
Mrs.Chisholm's Delight Jig
Over the Water to Charlie March
Ranting Highlandman, The Hornpipe
Cabar Feidh Reel The Deer's Horns
Highland Harry back again Strathspey Come Back Harry, The Blue Bonnet, The Royal Highlander's Farewell to Ireland
Braes of Tullymet, The Strathspey
Culdar's Rant Reel The Auld Wife's Shanks, Yonder Someone's on the Spree
John Roy Stewart Strathspey The Cause for which You Loved Me, Stop It, Auld Man, Let Me Be
Hills of Glenorchy, The March
Dogs bite Chapmen Reel The Dogs Devoured the Pedlar, Sir. J.M. Mckenzie's Reel
Highlander's March, The March This The Lads, The Widow's Rant, I Would Court a Pretty Young Maid
Blythe, Blythe, and merry was she Air, Old Margaret Is Kind If Shaggy, Andrew and His Cutty Gun
Miss Louisa Campbell's Delight Strathspey Gie the Lad To Some Ane, Sharp John's Lass and the Minister Lady Louden
If I'd get a Dram I'd take it Reel
Isle of Skye Local Militia's March, The March Do Not Steal the Wood From Me, The Skye Watchman
Drops of Brandy Jig
Jacky Latin Reel The Graceful Move, Set Yourself in Order
McFarlane's Rant Reel How the Raven Used Us
Rock and a wee pickle Tow, The March John Campbell of The Bank, The Linlithgow March
Black Laddie my Darling, The Air A Man's A Man
Pease Strae Reel If I Had a Dirty Carl, Ducking the Carl, Quoth the Carl to his Wife
Because He was a Bonny Lad Strathspey Kiss and Come Again, Highland Ladies Fishing, Keppoch's Rant, Taking Dog Fish From the Shore
There cam' a young man to my Daddie's Door Jig or Quickstep The Man with the Big Head, Traverse the Rough Hills, Lord Dunmore's Jig
I'll gang nae mair to yon Toun Reel My Wife Wont Go a Gossiping, I Won't Go a Gossipping
High Road to Linton, The Reel The Merry Dairyman, Carl with the Ale Pint
Bridge of Perth, The Reel I Was Blamed for Sporting
Oyster Wives' Rant, The Reel
Reel of Tulloch, The Reel Hullachan
Bridge of Perth, The Strathspey I Was Blamed for Sporting
Brose and Butter (1st setting) Jig or Slow Air William Macdonald's Marion
Brose and Butter (2nd setting) Jig or Slow Air
Up and waur them a' Willie Slow Strathspey or March
I am tired of cutting ferns Slow Strathspey or March The Weary Maid
Warst Carl in a' the Warld, The Air I Have the Worst Husand In a' the Warld, Port Patrick The Churlish Husband
Keep the Country, Bonnie Lassie Reel Little Black Duncan Wants His Shoes, The Widdy Wood, The Wood of Fyvie
Mrs. Macleod of Raasay Reel The Deceitful Lover, The Tricky Old Man, The Baillile's Little Barn
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff Quickstep or Country Dance
Kenmure's on an away Quickstep or Country Dance There's A Sma' Cocket Bonnet on Big Sandy Blue, Sandy's Bonnet, The Sma' Cocket Bonnet
Maid of Islay, The Strathspey Munro of Culcairn's Strathspey
Reel of the Mearns, The Reel
Reel of the Mearns, The (in strathpey time) Strathspey
Cameronian Rant, The Reel Beat the Red Coats at Culloden
Cameronian Rant, The Strathspey You're Just as You Are My Carl
Marion and Donald Reel Donald Was the Laddie's Name, Johnny Lad, Donald's Wedding
Pibroch of Donald Dhu Quickstep arr. D. Glen
Rejected Suitor, The Reel Let's Be Merry, Oh She's Comical
Bridge of Perth, The Reel
Cameronian Rant, A third part to Strathspey
Book Six
Macpherson's Lament Slow March
Royal Celtic Society of Scotland's Quickstep, The Quickstep
Sleepy Maggie Reel Lovely Robbie
My Wife's a wanton wee thing Jig Bonnie and Smart Is Catriona
Red Coat, The Air, Old Gaelic
Boyne Water, The Quickstep The Soldiers Didna Cheer, We'll Go with Pleasure to the North
Grey Buck, The Quickstep The Lass of Kintail, The Loving Black Lad, Annie Mcnabb
Highland Wedding, The Quickstep Hit Me Gently with Your Tassels, Young Rory, Stumpie
White Cockade, The Quickstep or Country Dance
Black Snuff Mill, The Reel
A Skye Reel Reel
Deil amang the Tailors, The Reel
I ha'e a wife o' my ain Jig If I Had a Wife
Corn Riggs Quickstep or Country Dance Dugald Will Aye Win Through
Cutty's Wedding Strathspey Kenneth's Wedding
Johnny Cope Quickstep
O'er the Hills and far away Quickstep I Wish I Were a Soldier's Lass
Saw ye the Carl of late Jig Kenny's Dance with His Sweetheart
Drover Lads, The Jig
Monymusk's Strathspey Strathspey Sir Archd. Grant of Monymusk's Strathspey
Fill the Stoup Reel The Ducks Are Reeling
Black Haired Maid, The Reel
Jenny dang the Weaver Reel This Night I'll Cross The Ferry, The Merry Weaver
Marquis of Tullibardine's Reel, The Reel Innes-Rory Braes
Weel may the Keel Row Strathspey  The Bagpipes
Goat Herd, The Jig
Put me in the meal chest Reel Smirking Nancy
Jolly Old Gardener, The Reel
Bob of Fettercairn, The Strathspey or Reel I'll Kiss the Wife, She Bade Me
Atholl Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep
Sweet Molly Strathspey When I Was Before the Session, Sir Hector Munro's Reel, Sally Grant
Roy's Wife Strathspey
Lady Seaforth's Reel Reel The Eight Men of Moidart
Tail Toddle Reel Calum Was a Lucky Son
Mackay's March, The March
Johnny's made a waddin' o't Reel
Captain McKenzie's Jig Jig Guinneard
Piper's Maggot, The Jig
Periwig, The Reel
Lady Nelly Wemyss' Jig Jig The Stable Boys
McKinnon of Corry's Reel Reel
Duns dings a' Reel Who Is She with the Fair Bosom
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel, The Slow March My Bonnie Winsome Lassie O
Bundle and Go Quickstep The Carl's Cows, Nae Wonder the Lads, The Wee Wee Man
Old Rusty Gun, The Strathspey or Reel
Lady Margaret Stewart Reel
Shaggy Grey Buck, The Jig
Gown and Apron, The Jig
Old Lady of Raasay, The Reel John (Dall) MacKay
Inverness Gathering, The March Culloden Battle Day
Captain The Hon. James Murray's Quickstep Quickstep
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Strathspey Strathspey The Tailor's Wife
Wedderburn's March March
Roxburgh Castle Hornpipe
A Nurse's Song Slow March
Atholl Brose Strathspey Kissing Is Best Of A'
Boat's Leaking, The Reel
Highland Ketty Quickstep or Jig The Cock Knowe
Drive Home the Mainlanders Reel
72nd Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep
My Native Highland Home Quickstep
Bonnie Breast Knots, The Quickstep
Book Seven
Tullichewan Castle March
Highland Plaid, The Quickstep
Campbeltown Loch Quickstep
Glasgow Gaelic Club, The Quickstep
Persevering Lover, The (1st setting) Quickstep
Persevering Lover, The (2nd setting) Quickstep
Faskally House Quickstep D. McKeracher
79th Cameron Highlanders' Quickstep, The Quickstep
Dornoch Links Quickstep
Rutherglen Bridge Quickstep
Buglehorn, The Quickstep
Stool of Repentance, The Jig
Ossian's Hall Strathspey or Reel
Yester House Strathspey  Neil Gow
Miss Duncanson's Favorite Jig Allan Ramsay
Duke of Sutherland's March, The March The Braes of Busby
Miller's Daughter, The (1st setting) Reel
Miller's Daughter, The (2nd setting) Reel
Marquis of Lorn's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Dunrobin Castle Reel
Inundation, The Jig
Black Mare, The Jig
Taymouth House Reel
I'll go over the Mountain Air, Slow
Old Man will never die, The March
Kiln Trough, The Jig
My Charming Lad Reel Barley Scones, I'm Off to Inverary
Behind a bush in a Garden Quickstep
Abercairney's Men Reel
Braes of Melinish, The Quickstep
Molly with the Golden Locks Jig Willie with His Tartan Trews
Black Duncan Strathspey
Piper's Son, The Jig Wright's Rant
Murdo's Daughter Reel
Norman was a merry Lad Reel
Plovers abound in the Hills Quickstep
Reay-Country Wives, The Reel
Old Mrs. Morrison Reel
Grey Bob, The Reel
Kail and Pudding Reel
To America we go Reel There's Nae Luck about the House, Jenny Cameron
When I was a Maid (1st setting) Reel
When I was a Maid (2nd setting) Reel
Charms of Whisky, The Reel
Sugar Merchant, The Reel
Highland Wedding, The Reel
Dairymaid's Dance, The Jig
Jenny Nettles Reel or County Dance
Sandy's Mare Jig or Quickstep
Reel of Bervie, The Reel
Night we had the Goats,  The Reel
Piper Drummond's Rant, The Reel
Wille Davie Reel
Greig's Pipes Reel The Daft Dairyman
Hoch! Hey! Johnnie Lad Reel Clarissa's Gown
Colville's Rant Reel
Colonel McLeod's Reel Reel
Tillypronie Strathspey
Jenny's Bawbee Reel My Lad Has a Bonnet
Christmas Carousal, The Reel
Jenny's Bawbee (in marching time) March
Sword Dance, The Reel
Devil's in the Kitchen, The Reel
Happy we've been a' thegither March
Tullochgorm Reel
Mountain Goat, The Reel Mackay's Fancy, Lochtayside
Book Eight
Captain Campbell's March March
Peter Baillie's Strathspey Strathspey
Haughs of Cromdale, The (first setting) Strathspey The Spilling of the Kail
Niel Gow Strathspey I Winna Hide Amang the Kye, My Sweetheart Has Refused Me
Cuttie's Wedding Strathspey
Macphedran's Dream March
Brig o' Bannal, The Reel
Ploughman, The Slow March
Peter McLaren of Lochearnhead Quickstep
Royal Gathering, The Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Prince of Wales' Reel, The Reel
Miss Menzies of Culdares Reel
Katie are ye wakin' Air, Old
Cameron of Corrychoillie's March March J. Mauchline
Viscount Dundee's March to Dunkeld March
Johnny's far away at Sea Slow March
Glen of Copsewood, The March
Bide ye yet March We're No Very Fun, but Gayly Yet
Deil tak' the Breeks Reel
Captain H.W. Kindersley's March March J. Mauchline
Amourous Lover Reel
Glentilt Forest Lodge Reel
Hugh Mackay's Farewell to the 71st H.L.I. Slow March
Munlochy Bridge Strathspey
Piper o' Cairndhu, The March J. Mauchline
Lieutenant A. Stewart Reel D. McKeracher
Drunken Wife, The Reel
Miss Erskine of Alva Reel D. Dow
Will you run away with me Reel
Lady Madelina Sinclair Strathspey The Tailor's Wife
Robert Menzies Strathspey D. McKeracher
Lady Glenorchy Reel
Lady Elizabeth Campbell Reel
King's Reel, The Reel
Lucknow Polka, The Polka
Glenshee March J. Mauchline
72nd's Farewell to Clair Castle, The March  
Glasgow Keelies' March, The March
Lord Lawrence's Welcome to India Quickstep P/M A. Calder
Miss Henny McKenzie Reel Lady Sinclair
If ye had been where I ha'e been Strathspey/Reel
Mrs. Gordon's Birthday Strathspey P/M D. Campbell
Inveran Lodge Quickstep John Connan
Glenogle Reel
Scots Guards departure for Egypt Quickstep P/C G. Sinclair
Gillock Well, The Jig
Edinburgh Police Pipe Band's Quickstep, The Quickstep Jas. Manson
Inch Garvie Quickstep J. Mauchline
Rannoch Games Quickstep W. Sutherland
James Robertson's Jig Jig W. Sutherland
Mrs. David Glen Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Queen's Welcome to Braemar, The Quickstep
John McKenzie's March March
Mount Stewart House Quickstep
Niel Gow's farewell to Whisky Slow March
Miss Johnstone Reel J. Scott Skinner
New Bob, The Reel
Piper's Bonnet, The Strathspey
Lady Ann's farewell to Rosehaugh March
Captain Proudfoot Dick March J. Mauchline
Haughs of Cromdale, The (second setting) Strathspey The Merry Maid's Wedding
Killiechassie Strathspey
Angus McRae Reel J. Scott Skinner
Book Nine
42nd Royal Highlanders' Farewell to Gibraltar, The Quickstep
Cut and Dry Strathspey
Highland Brigade at Waterloo, The Slow March John Gow
Sandy King's Breeks Strathspey
Cuttymun and Treeladle Reel
Fyket, The Reel
Carle's Rant, The Strathspey
Miss Menzies Reel
He hirpl'd till her Reel
Murray's Dream March
Glenlyon Reel
Captain Jack Murray, R.N. Reel
Captain Archibald Stewart March D. McKeracher
Cock o' the North, The Quickstep arr D.Glen Cock Crowing, The Bonnet Dance, The Gordon's March
Bonnie Annie March Daniel Ross
Sir John Stewart of Grandtully's Rant Reel
Torrisdale Castle Quickstep John thomson
Back of the Change House, The Strathspey or Reel
Bridge of Foss, The Reel Tummel Bridge
Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig Strathspey John Gow
Amulree Reel
Auld Wife ayont the Fire, The Reel
Argyle is my name March The Fisherman's Frolic
Pitnacree Ferryman, The Reel
Miss Jackson Reel
Miss Proud Reel
Queen's Welcome to Blair Castle, The March D. McKeracher
MacGregor of Ruaro's Lament March
Lord Breadalbane's March March The Carles ti' the Breeks
Maid of Glengarrysdale, The Quickstep John McLachlan
My Lady's Gown there's gairs upon't Strathspey
Foot it Featly Reel J. Turnbull
Lady Charlotte Durham's Strathspey Strathspey Seth Gow
Conon House March
Honourable Miss Drummond of Perth, The Reel
Muckin' of Geordie's Byre, The Quickstep
A Campbell Quickstep
Alexander Glen Quickstep D.Campbell
General Macdonald Reel
March of Donald Lord of the Isles to the Battle of Harlaw (1411), The March
John Campbell Quickstep
Gathering of the Herds, The March Kilcoy's March
Barmaid, The Reel
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar, The Quickstep P/M John MacDonald
Joy gae wi' my Love Air, Old Highland
Highlandman kiss'd his Mother, The Reel
I lo'e nae a laddie but ane Air, Slow
He's bonny, he's owre the hill this night that I lo'e weel for a' that Air
Lochgilphead Quickstep Colin McLachlan
Sir Chas. Forbes of Edinglassie's Quickstep Quickstep The Rakes of Mallow
Holland Park Gathering Quickstep John McBeth
Poltalloch House Quickstep John McLachlan
Lord Lovat's Lament Slow March
Quaker, The March
Lady Elcho Reel D. McKeracher
Miss Margaret McLachlan March John McLachlan
Black but Comely Reel
Miss Marshall Gardiner Reel
Janet tied the Bonnet tight Reel, Irish The Rambler's Rant
Miss Janet Jeffrey Reel
Auld Wife ayont the Fire, The Quickstep Oh, But You Are Long a' Coming
Book Ten
Marchioness of Tullibardine's Welcome to Blair Castle, The Quickstep Chas. Duff
George Forbes Esq. of Ashloun's March March Duncan Campbell
Bonnie Country Garden, The  March My Bonny Ellen Owen
Sebastopol March
Highland Volunteers', The Quickstep John Glen
Prince Albert's Birthday Strathspey Angus MacKay
Smith of Killiechassie, The Reel
Colonel Macbean Reel
Stirlingshire Militia's Quickstep, The Quickstep P/M Hugh MacKay
Boturich Castle Quickstep H. MacKay
Balmoral Highlander's March, The March Angus MacKay
O, but ye be merry Reel O She's Comical
Francis Fraser Reel
Arniston Castle Strathspey
Love in a Village Reel
Mrs. Campbell's Favourite Strathspey Strathspey Archd. Campbell
Marquess of Stafford, The Reel John McAlister
Merry Maids of Sandside, The Reel
Malcolm McPhee Reel
Dr. McKinnon Reel
Willie Fraser Reel
Donald has gane to the Wars March
Marry Ketty or Highland Donald Strathspey
Glengarry's Gathering March Angus MacKay
Sir Alexander Gibson Maitland Bart Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Charles Edward Hope Vere March Hugh MacKay
Old Donald Duncan Reel
Craigs of Stirling, The Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Leaving Strathdon Quickstep Duncan Campbell
Prince of Wales' welcome to Holyrood Palace, The Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Duke of Roxburgh's farewell to Blackmount Forest, The Quickstep Angus MacKay Miss Forbes Farewell
93rd's Welcome to Glasgow, The Quickstep
Islay Smugglers, The March
Alma, The March Wm. Ross
Macnab's March, The March John McKenzie
Lord Glenlyon's March March
Brahan Castle Strathspey Donald Cameron
Kate Dalrymple Reel
Kessock Ferry Strathspey Donald Cameron
Oscars Quickstep or Jig
Dornoch Lasses, The Quickstep Dr. G. Forbes
Lassie with the Crinoline, The Reel
Laird of Keir's Reel, The Reel
Craignish Castle March
Lord Reay's Fencibles Quickstep
Right Hon. Lord John Scott's March, The March The Gallowglass Irish Jig, Nath. Gow's Lament for the Death of His Brother
Keith Stewart Mackenzie's Quickstep Quickstep
Esag's Osag Reel Inver Lasses
Donald Bain Quickstep
School House, The Reel
Stewart Forbes' March March Duncan Campbell Mackenzie's Farewell to Ross-Shire
Edinburgh Highland Volunteers' Quickstep, The Quickstep Duncan Campbell
Devil's in the Kitchen, The Strathspey
Cameronians' Quickstep, The Quickstep
Lord Panmure's March March J. McDonald
Chisholm's Castle, The Quickstep
Donavourd House Reel Chas. Duff
Englishman with the long tailed coat, The Strathspey
Old Brig o' Dee, The Quickstep Duncan Campbell Captain Lamond's March
Where Gadie Rins Quickstep The Back of Benachie
We will take the Highway Highland Dance arr D.Glen
We will take the Highway (2nd setting) Highland Dance arr D.Glen
Barren Rocks of Aden, A New Variation to Reel
Book Eleven
Clan Mackenzie Quickstep,The Quickstep John Mackenzie
Piper's Farewell to Whisky, The March
Walter Campbell Quickstep P/M Dun. Campbell
Champion's March, The March J. Scott Skinner
Torryburn Quickstep Quickstep D. MacKay
Garryside March Duke of Athole
Rebels flight from Cawnpore, The Quickstep P/M D. Muire
Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart Reel D. McKeracher
Bonnie Jean of Aberdeen Quickstep
Sandy the Piper March
Nerrah Bridge Polka or Quickstep A. MacKellar
Ruth McDonald Reel Peter MacDonald
Skye Volunteers, The Reel Dr. K.N. MacDonald
Tinker's Wedding, The Strathspey
Invercauld House Strathspey Peter Coutts
Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's Wedding March March Duncan Rose
42nd's March to Tamai,The March P/M John MacDonald
42nd's March to Kirbeckan,The March P/M John MacDonald
Carribber Glen Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
78th's Welcome to Inverness - 1860, The March P/M A. MacKellar
Devil and the Dirk, The Reel J. Scott Skinner
Queen's Welcome to Invercauld, The March J. Scott Skinner
Piper's Farewell to the Rock of Gibraltar, The Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
Huntly Volunteers' March, The March Thos. Stone
Hillsborough Castle March Thos. Stone
Donald Easton March D. McNair
Duncan's Cameron's Favorite March March D. Cameron
Major R.G. Abercrombie's March March P. Anderson
Killin Volunteers' farewell to the Camp, The Quickstep Dun. Ferguson
1st Burma Rifles' Quickstep, The Quickstep A. McLeod
Applecross Hills Quickstep D. McNair
92nd's Farewell to Bonny Indore,The Quickstep Cagaran O!
Applecross Highlanders' March, The March D. McNair
1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders' farewell to Edinburgh, The Quickstep P/M Jas. MacDonald
Wives of Goval, The Reel Wm. Fife
Aultshealloch House March Angus Cameron
Henry Barrie's Reel Reel
Leaving Killin March D. Ferguson
Dunvegan Castle Quickstep D.A. Campbell
Craigellachie Bridge Strathspey Mr. Marshall
Lassie with the Yellow Petticoat, The Reel
Caithness Wedding Reel Reel
West-Lothian Volunteers' Quickstep, The Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
4th V.B.R. Scots' Quickstep, The Quickstep P/M H. Barrie
Hugh Calder's trip in the "North Star" Quickstep Campbell McPherson
Aultshealloch Bridge Reel
Duncan John McFarlan's March March Angus Cameron
Aultshealloch Bridge Strathspey Angus Cameron
Rob. Rutherford's Lilt Jig H. Barrie
Flitting Day March March Angus Cameron
Alexander Edmond's Favorite March March Thos. Stone
John McBrides March March Thos. Stone
Up she rises Quickstep
Major H.F. Elliot's Welcome to Wolflee March W.D. Dumbreck
Captain McDonald's Strathspey Strathspey W.D. Dumbreck
Captain McDonald's Reel Reel W.D. Dumbreck
42nd's Welcome to Mauritius Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
Lt. J.B. Pollok's welcome to the Craig Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
Lt. The Hon. A.D. Murray's farewell to the Black Watch Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
Millbank Cottage Quickstep W.D. Dumbreck
Book Twelve
Lochaber no more Lament
Colonel Alexander Macdonald's Strathspey Strathspey Dr. K.N. MacDonald
New Year's Day Strathspey D. Glen
Bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee, The Quickstep 
Braes of Marr, The Strathspey
Bruce of Kinnaird's Reel  Reel
Hurrah! For the Bonnets o' Blue Quickstep 
Jack-a-Tar Hornpipe
Marchioness of Huntly, The Slow Strathspey
Happy we've been a' thegither Strathspey
I ha'e laid a herrin' in saut Quickstep 
Collosseum Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Manchester Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Bristol Hornpipe, The Hornpipe
Black Watch, The Slow March
Braes of Balquidder, The Reel
Lochiel's Rant Reel
Major Archibald Menzies Reel D. Glen
Old Reel {#1 - Book #12} Reel
Old Reel {#2 - Book #12} Reel
Red Heckle Quickstep H. McCullough
Aleck Cameron's Reel Reel
Brechin Castle Strathspey
My Gift is off to the hills Reel
Dr. Bett's Supper March
Duke of York's Wedding March, The March
Falls of Clyde, The Quickstep W. MacKay
Donald McKinnon's Birthday March Hugh MacKay
Kilbride Strathspey Strathspey
Renfrewshire Militia, The Quickstep P/M J. MacKay
Round about the Jorum Reel
Haymakers, The Country Dance
Archie Campbell's Jig Jig
Roderick McDonald's Strathspey Strathspey
Pretty Marion Reel
I love the lass for loving me Reel
Mrs. John McDonald March P/M Colin Thomson Aultnacealgach
Mountain Brunette, The Reel Cluny's Reel, the Front of the Castle
Laird of Cockpen, The March When She Cam, She Bobbit
Old Chanter, The Jig
Roderick of the Glen Slow March
Major A.V. Smith Sligo's March March
Saltwood Castle Quickstep
Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir, The Quickstep P/M John Cameron
Queen's Welcome to Dee-side, The Strathspey
Stirling Castle Quickstep
Highland Borderer's farewell to Fort-George, The Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Donald McFedran's Strathspey Strathspey Donald McFedran
Earl of Dunmore, The Quickstep
Ca' the Wedders to the hill Reel
Stirling Castle Strathspey
Earl of Mansfield's March, The March P/M John McEwan
Dr. Macgregor M.P. March Angus Cameron
Pipe Major Duncan McPhail's Retreat Retreat D. McPhail
Fairy Boys, The Retreat
Janet Mackenzie Strathspey Angus Cameron
J.B. Chinnery Haldane March Angus Cameron
Janet Mackenzie Reel Angus Cameron
Tel-el-Kebir March Hugh McCullough
Willowbank March H. McCullough
Book Thirteen
Badge of Scotland, The March P/M John MacKay
James Kerr's Favorite Quickstep Campbell McPherson
Nether Lochaber Shinty Club March Angus Cameron
Alexander Cameron's Dirk Strathspey Angus Cameron
Fort William Boys, The Reel Angus Cameron
Christmas Tree March, The March Angus Cameron
Brig o' Dochart, The Reel Dun. Ferguson
Assynt Hills, The March P/M Colin Thomson
Waverly Ball, The Strathspey Jos. Lowe
Comire Bridge  Quickstep P/M D. McDougall
Elphin Lads, The March P/M Colin Thomson
Scots Guards' Welcome to their Old Name back again, The March Duke of Athole
March to Lucknow, The March  John Mackenzie
Kerrera Ferry Reel
Miss Nora Glen Strathspey Angus Cameron
Miss Nora Glen Reel Angus Cameron
London Scottish Volunteers, The Quickstep John Mackenzie
Marching through Georgia March Duke of Athole
Tulloch Castle March J.J. Connan
Angus Campbell's Farewell to Stirling Quickstep Hugh MacKay
Alexander McLeod's Strathspey Strathspey Alex McLeod
Lochiel's Warning Quickstep John Mackenzie
Mrs. McCallum's Delight March D. Campbell
Auchengowan March James Mauchline
Lost Boat, The Lament James Mauchline
Hedderwick House Quickstep James Mauchline
Craignish Castle Quickstep
Edinburgh Castle Quickstep P/M A. MacKellar
Johnnie Dowie March James Mauchline
Scottish Piper's Society, The Quickstep James Mauchline
Flodigarry Quickstep James Mauchline
Annie McDonald Strathspey Angus Cameron
K.M. Robertson of Greshornish March James Mauchline
John Cameron's farewell to Lubailt March P/m Hugh Henderson
Clach-a-Bhadain Reel Angus Cameron
Alexander Mackellar's Strathspey Strathspey P/M Alex McKellar
Inverness Militia's March, The March P/M Alex McLennan
Kirsty Robertson's Reel Reel Peter MacDonald
R.D. Walker's Welcome to Brawl Castle Quickstep Neil McDonald
Lt. Ewart's March March J. Balloch
Victoria Diamond Jubilee, The Reel David Glen
Annie Henderson Polka Angus Cameron
Glenborrodale Strathspey John Anderson
Calgary Castle Reel A. McD Grant
I'm owre young Reel
Lady Mary Ramsay Strathspey
Bachelour's Hall Jig P/M C. Thomson
Lady Mary Ramsay Reel
Sutherland's Welcome to Forres Quickstep Jas. Sutherland
Mr. John Boyle's Farewell to Lochaber March Duncan Cameron
The Hon. J.G. Ward's return to Parliament March Duncan Cameron
71st Farewell to Aldershot, The Quickstep Jas. Sutherland
Captain Norman McDonald's March March Don. Cameron
Maclean yr. Of Pennycross  Reel P/M A. Ferguson
Willie Mitchell's Farewell to New Zealand Quickstep Duncan Cameron
Maclean yr. Of Pennycross' Welcome to the 93rd Quickstep P/M A. Ferguson
King's Own Borderers' Farewell to Murat, The March
Braes of Caledonia,The Strathspey
My Faithful fair one Retreat
Duncan Cameron's Reel Reel D. Cameron
Book Fourteen
Rob. Donn Mackay Jig or Slow Air
42nd's Welcome back to Scotland,The Quickstep
Hey! My Nanny Jig 
Highland Lassie going to the Fair,The Quickstep
Fairy Dance, The Reel
Mr. James Brown Quickstep D. McKercher
Feet Washing, The Jig
Mary Gray Reel Willie's Wife
Aitken Drum Quickstep The Piper 'o Dundee, The Lowlander's Tune
Four and Twenty Highlandmen Reel When You Go to the Hill
Miss M. Mackenzie of Delvine Reel
Lady Mary Mackay Reel
Reel of Bogie, The Reel The Torrasdale Wedding
Woo'd and Married an' a' Jig or Retreat Angus Be Valiant
Buckskin Kilt, The Reel
Trippers, The Jig Jamie Roy
Macneill of Barra's Barge Jig The Faraway Wedding, The Girl from Ireland
Tailor's Wedding, The Jig
Duncan Gray Air
Drummond Castle Jig Jamie Roy
Lord Dunmore's Jig Jig There Cam' a Young Man
MacGregor's Lament Lament
Flora McDonald Reel
Colonel Fyfe's March March Donald Galbraith
Miller's Daughter, The Reel
Maiden's Song, The Air, Gaelic
Herring Wife Jig, The Jig The Chorus Jig
Torryburn  Reel
High Road to Inverness, The Reel
Cameron's got his Wife again Strathspey
Wha'll be King but Charlie Quickstep
Wa'e me for Prince Charlie Lament Johnny Faa
Night we spent in Glasgow, The Strathspey The Ivy Leaf
79th's Polka, The Polka P/M D. Campbell
White Houses of Shieldag, The Reel A Skye Reel
Wind Mill, The Reel
Colin's Cattle Air, Gaelic
Captain McPherson's March March
Major Parker's March March
A Western Isle Dance Strathspey
Aros Castle Quickstep
42nd's Welcome to Edinburgh, The Quickstep
79th's Farewell to Edinburgh, The Quickstep
I've lost my way Quickstep
McEwan's Farewell to Aldershot Quickstep John McEwan
Donald Blue Quickstep
Queen's Farewell to Aldenverick,The Quickstep
Floors Castle Quickstep
Cluny Castle Quickstep
Banks of the Nile, The March
Banks of the Indus, The March
McNab's Farewell to Forres Quickstep
92nd's Farewell to Glasgow,The March
McLeod's Country, The March
Seven Gipsies, The Quickstep
Ba-ba my Baby Lullaby Soldiers Lie Down on Your Wee Pickle Straw
Donald McGugan's Rant Reel
Sir John McKenzie's Quickstep Quickstep
Garb of Old Gaul March
John McNeill's Favorite Hornpipe Hornpipe Madam Parasotis
Sirdar's Welcome to Edinburgh, The Quickstep Alexr. McLeod
Book Fifteen
General Hector A.Macdonald March P/C Donald McKenzie
Mrs. McCallum's Delight March P/M D. Campbell
Blinkinsopp Castle March
Dunstaffnage Castle March Norman McLeod
Duchess's Slipper, The Strathspey
Stirling Volunteers' March, The March C. MacKay
Prince Charlie's Farewell to Scotland March
Man in the Moon, The Reel
Dalnaglass Castle  Quickstep J. Mauchline
I would have preferred you at first, but not now sir Jig
Flirting Brown Maid, The Reel
Amorous Carlin', The Reel
Lorne Highlanders' March, The March J. Mauchline The Clan Mcdougall March
Traigh Mhor House Quickstep J. Mauchline
Stewart's Rant, The Reel The Woollen Cap
Macalpines' March, The March J. Mauchline
Bristled Beard, The Reel Mary Ketty, Highland Donald
Mr. Ean Macdonnell's March March J. Mauchline
Black Haired Laddie, The Reel
Raven's Rock, The Reel
Hen-Wife's Daughter, The Reel
Would the Minister not dance Jig
Mr. J.T. Watson's March March J. Mauchline
Widow McPhail, The Quickstep J. Mauchline
Whiskey Still, The Reel Thos. Stevenson
Tending the Steer Jig
Little Donald's Wife Reel
Daisy Hillock, the Jig
Lame Paul March J. Mauchline
Our Lads are nice  Reel
Dr. Kenneth McKinnon Douglas March J. Mauchline
Reel  Reel Wm. Sutherland
Circle, The Jig Roaring Ranting Willie, Mr. Robertson of Ladykirk's Delight
Black Cocks' Dance, The Reel
Mr. Harry Dundas Colt Quickstep J. Mauchline
Colonel Stewart of Garth's Reel Reel
Redcastle March J. Mauchline
Johnny's Wife Reel
Fishermen of Embo, The March J. Mauchline
78th's Welcome to Nairn, The Quickstep P/M A. MacKellar
Golspie Fishermen, The Reel
Hon. Lady Elizabeth Campbell's Welcome to Quebec, The Quickstep J. McDonald
Maltman, The Jig
Old Reel {#1 - Book #15} Reel
Old Reel {#2 - Book #15} Reel
Old Reel {#3 - Book #15} Reel
Old Reel {#4 - Book #15} Reel
Donald McCorquodale's Reel Reel
You Rogue, you dare not meddle me Reel
Weaver, The Jig or Quickstep
Piper's Wedding, The Jig
78th's March to Lucknow - 1857, The March Norman McLeod
Inverary Castle Quickstep
Mary Macdonald Quickstep
There's three guid fellows ayont the Glen Jig
Sutherland Colquhoun's Jig Jig Wm. Sutherland
O as I was kissed yestreen March or Jig
Jig {#1 - Book #15} Jig
Jig {#2 - Book #15} Jig Wm. Sutherland
Green Hills of Tyrol, The Waltz
Book Sixteen
Major General A.G.Wauchope's Farewell to Midlothian Quickstep D. McNair
Mrs. Platt's Farewell to Applecross Quickstep D. McNair
Donald Easton's Reel Reel D. McNair
Isle of Skye, The Strathspey P/M A. MacKellar
Annie McNair leaving Home Quickstep D. McNair
Lord Lovat's Highland Scouts March Angus Cameron
Captain Haldane's escape from Pretoria Quickstep Angus Cameron
Alexander Innes Quickstep D. McNair
72nd's March to Cabul, The March P/M A. Calder
Black Chanter, The Reel J.J. Connan
Well done my Highland Lads March Alexr. McLeod
March to Pretoria, The March Alexr. McLeod
And sae will we yet Air Laugh and Be Thankful, The Wearing of the Green
Relief of Mafeking, The Quickstep Alexr. McLeod
Archara House March Angus Cameron
Marching to Glagow Cathedral with the Old Cameronian Colours Quickstep Alexr. McLeod
Relief of Ladysmith, The Quickstep Corpl. D. McKenzie
Return from Lucknow, The Quickstep P/M A. MacKellar
Left-Handed Quickstep, The Quickstep P/M A. MacKellar
Oak Wright, The Strathspey
Islay Lassess, The Quickstep
New Tartan Plaid, The Quickstep
Highland Brigade's March to Lucknow, The March P/M A. MacKellar
Strathspey King, The Reel D. Glen Mr. J. Scott Skinner
Will you hear me sweetheart March
Drum Strathspey, The Strathspey
Bonnie Strathmore March
Lochlomond Side March
74th's Strathspey, The Strathspey D. MacKay
I'm going to the mountain in search of my boy Quickstep
Red Haired Nancy Quickstep Angus McSwayde
Soldier's Return, The Air The Mill, Mill O
78th's Welcome to Edinburgh, The Quickstep P/M A. MacKellar
J. Campbell's Strathspey Strathspey
Carrickfergus Castle Quickstep H. McCullough
Invergarry Castle Quickstep J. Swinton
Miss Stewart's March March
Invermay Quickstep
Land League, The Jig, Irish
Glamis Castle Quickstep A. Stuart
Wm. Murray's Reel Reel
78th's Welcome to Dover, The Quickstep
Leaving Glengairn Quickstep Peter Coutts
Mrs. Farquharson of Invercauld's Welcome Home Quickstep Peter Coutts
Mrs. Colt's Strathspey Strathspey J. Mauchline
Mr. P.V. Chimney-Haldane's Wedding Day March Angus Cameron
Hopetoun House Quickstep Thos. Stevenson
78th's Farewell to India, The Quickstep
Last day of the year, The Strathspey
Corthie Brae Strathspey or Schottische J. Scott Skinner
Blackness Castle Strathspey Thos. Stevenson
Peter McIntosh's Farewell to Bogside Quickstep Thos. Stevenson
Last day of the year, The Reel
Mr. P.V. Chimney-Haldane's Wedding Gift March Angus Cameron
Rowan Cottage March Angus Cameron
Alexander Mackellar's March March
Dark Maid's Reel, The Reel
Taymouth Bridge Reel Peter McDonald
He's o'er the Hills that I lo'e weel March
Wart, The Reel
Book Seventeen
Marquess of Stafford's Welcome to Sutherlandshire, The March P/M W.R. Grey
Ronald McKenzie Strathspey J. Scott Skinner
Grey Man, The Quickstep J. Sutherland
Dunoon Castle Quickstep
Captain Richardson, 71st H.L.I. Strathspey
Strath Tummel Strathspey
Donald Forbes Reel
Wee drap o' whisky, The Reel Jas. Sutherland
Duchess of Sutherland's Welcome to Taymouth Castle, The Quickstep
71st's Farewell to Scotland, The Quickstep
Meal Chest, The Reel
McBeath's Farewell to the 71st H.L.I. March J. McLellan
Braw Laddies of the 93rd, The Quickstep J. Sutherland
71st's Farewell to Dover, The Quickstep P/M Macrae
Braes of Blelack, The Strathspey D. Campbell
Braes of Blelack, The Reel
Glamis Polka, The Polka A. Stuart
Mrs. Grant of Laggan Quickstep Campbell McPherson
Miss Laura Forbes Reel J.J. Connan
Calderwood Glen Quickstep Thos. Stevenson
Marquess of Huntly's Strathspey, The Strathspey
Borlum Mill Reel Wm.Murray
Doune Castle Quickstep Peter Mcintosh
Brae Reel, The Reel J.J. Connan
Cluny's March March J.J. Connan
Mr. Frank Crawford Quickstep J. Mauchline
Mrs. Norman Macdonald Reel Duncan Cameron
Cat's Craig, The Quickstep J. Scott Skinner
Flodden Bank Lasses, The Reel Duncan Cameron
Lt. Colonel Moyes' (7th V.B.A. & S.H.) March March Peter Anderson
Mrs. David Glen Reel John McLeod
93rd's Farewell to Balaclava, The Quickstep P/M John McLeod
Lord of the Isles' Welcome to Armadale Castle, The Quickstep
Araidh na Badan March D.S. MacDonald
Bridge of Crieff, The Strathspey P. Anderson
Falls of Rogie, The Quickstep J.J. Connan
Hills of Torridon, The Quickstep J.J. Connan
Captain Kerr's Quickstep Quickstep Campbell McPherson
James Watt's Quickstep Quickstep Campbell McPherson
Mary Black's Shoes Reel
Prince of Wales' Welcome to Malta, The Quickstep P/M J. McDonald
Killin Piper's March, The March Duncan Ferguson
Dun Petticoat, The Reel Cota Ban Odhar
Go Immediately Reel Weary with You All the Day
He'll never return Reel
Sandie Duncan's Welcome Home Quickstep Duncan Cameron
Mary Mackay's Apron Reel
John Boyle's Jig Jig Duncan Cameron
Mrs. Duncan Cameron's Strathspey Strathspey Duncan Cameron
Strathfleet March Wm. Macdonald
Duncan Cameron's Farewell to Dunedin Quickstep Duncan Cameron
Red Roderick's Dun Coat Strathspey
Brodick Castle Quickstep A. Mcc. Anderson
Old Pentland Quickstep A.W. Gunn
Delavel House Quickstep W. Fyfe
Major General A.G. Wauchope's Farewell to Edinburgh March Thos. Stevenson
Arran Farmer's Society, The March A. Mcc. Anderson
Mr. Ireland's Christmas Party Strathspey Campbell McPherson
Charlie Stewart's Strathspey Strathspey Campbell McPherson
Dargai Quickstep Thos. Stevenson
Instructions on Bagpiping n/a
Colquhoun's March, The March J. Mauchline
John Ban McKenzie's Strathspey Strathspey
Tinker's March, The March
We will take the High Road March The Stewarts of Appin's March
Donald Mackenzie's Reel Reel
Mr. Miller's Strathspey Strathspey
Mr. Haig's Strathspey Strathspey The Maiden's Song
Colin Macdonald March
Angus Cameron's March March
Old John McPherson's Favourite March
Kenmore Lasses, The Reel Peter MacDonald
Carle with the Three Thumbs, The Reel D. Campbell
Shepherd Boy's March, The March A. McSwayde
Lochty House March John McEwan
Salmon Fishers, The Reel
Miss Ada Crawford Strathspey J. Mauchline
Leaving Dunkeld Jig D. Campbell
Duchess of Atholl's Jig, The Jig D. Campbell
Atholl Curler's March, The March
Archie Stewart's Favourite March March Duke of Athole
Craig-y-barns Strathspey John Crerar
Captain Archibald Leslie's March March D. Campbell
Maggie Cameron Strathspey Willie Roy's Loomhouse
Farewell to the Tay March Peter McDonald
Dunolly Castle March N. Macleod
Celtic Chair, The Reel D. Glen
Wm. Murray's Reel Reel
Bonawe Highlanders' March, The March D. Bowman
Three Pipers, The March D. Bowman
Dundee Pipe Band, The Reel Wm. Murray
Thomas'son wears a Dirk Strathspey John Thomason's Dirk
Thomas'son wears a Dirk Reel John Thomason's Dirk
Miss Margaret Morrison's Reel Reel N. Macleod
Piper C. Mackay 92nd Highlanders' Reel Reel C. MacKay
Glasgow Highland Volunteers' March, The March C. MacKay
Midlothian Amateur Pipe Band's March, The March F. Beaton
Princess Charlotte, Ex, Queen of Mexico's Jig, The Jig Wm. Sutherland
Rock Well, The Jig Wm. Sutherland
Kist of Clairdon,The Jig Wm. Sutherland
Dundee Highland Volunteers' March, The March M. McKinnon
Barren Rocks of Aden, The Quickstep arr. A. MacKellar
New Year's Gift, The Quickstep A. MacKellar
71st Highland Light Infantry's Quickstep, The Quickstep Hugh MacKay
David Glen's Reel Reel Wm. Sutherland
Arniston Castle Strathspey
Kilmartin Castle March D. Campbell
Sinecure Policeman, The Reel
An Irish Reel Reel
Colonel Sinclair's March March Jas. Manson
Reel of Tulloch, The Reel Hullachan
Thief of Lochaber, The March
Mackenzie Highlanders' March, The March The Ross-Shire Buffs
Blue Ribbon Piobaireachd Scottish Streamer of Victory
Exercises exercises

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