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Robert M'Kinnon's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

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Isle of Skye Near Dunvegan

Robert M'Kinnon was another of the 19th century Glasgow bagpipe makers to publish a music collection. M'Kinnon open his business in Glasgow in the early 1880's.
M'Kinnon's Collection first appeared in 1884, and the version presented here is from a seventh edition that appeared sometime between 1918 and 1933.
We want to thank Iain MacHarg of Vermont for making his personal copy of this tune book available to us for creating the CD version of this collection. We really appreciate his support.

Tune Title (or item) Tune Type Composer/Arranger
Cover page n/a
Contents n/a
Instructions and Exercises n/a
Cock O' the North, The March
Lieutenant Horne's March March
March - Simpson's Favorite March
71st Highland Light Infantry's Welcome to Glasgow, The March
Craigs of Muddardy, The March
Lord Leven's March March
Athole Highlander's March to Loch Katrine, The March
Marchioness of Tullybardine, The March
74th's Farewell to Edinburgh, The March
Duchess of Edinburgh, The March
93rd's Farewell to Edinburgh, The March
Barren Rocks of Aden, The March
Highlander's Farewell to Inveraray, The March
Lord Glenlyon March
March by A. McDonald March
Parker's Welcome to Perthshire March
Captain McDonald March
Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir, The March
Donald McFarlane's March March
March by Donald McPhedran March
Hills of Glenorchy, The March
Take Your Gun to the Hill Strathspey
Highland Whisky Strathspey
Queen's Welcome to Deeside, The Strathspey
Aspen Bank Strathspey
Arniston Castle Strathspey
Monymusk Strathspey
McPhedran's Strathspey Strathspey
Lord Blantyre's Strathspey Strathspey
Tailor's Crook, The Strathspey
Ewie wi' the Crooked Horn, The Strathspey
McPhail's Strathspey Strathspey
Ardrishaig Strathspey Strathspey
Strathspey by Donald McPhedran Strathspey
Bogan Lochan Strathspey
Stumpie Strathspey
John Cameron's Strathspey Strathspey
Black Colin's Strathspey Strathspey
Sir John Sinclair's Farewell to Ulbster Strathspey
Sandy King's Breeks Strathspey
Athole Brose Strathspey
Cowe the Nettles Early Strathspey
Devil in the Kitchen, The Strathspey
Mrs. Morrison Reel
John Mackechnie's Reel Reel
McAlister's Dirk Reel
Night We Had the Goats, The Reel
Deer's Horn, The Reel
Eight Men o' Moidart, The Reel
McAlman's Reel Reel
Allan McKinnon's Reel Reel
A. Cameron's Reel Reel
Boderoshen Reel
Speed the Plough Reel
Flaggon, The Reel
Wren's Death, The Reel
Willie McKenzie's Reel Reel
School House, The Reel
Marquis of Stafford, The Reel
W. McKay's Reel Reel
Rejected Suitor Reel
Miss McKechen's Reel Reel
Willie Fraser's Reel Reel Col. McLachlan
Deil among the Tailors, The Reel
Charlie's Welcome Reel
Reel by J. McLachlan Reel  
Clementina's Reel Reel
Twisted Headed Minister, The Reel
John McFarlane's Reel Reel
Frances Fraser's Reel Reel
Foot it Featly Reel
My Wife is Off to the Hills Reel
Reel by Col. McLachlan Reel
Tail Todel Reel
Bonne Black Hair'd Laddie, The Reel
Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
Wife That Got the Soft Dip, The Reel
Reel by D. Cameron Reel
R. McKinnon's Reel Reel
Colonel Macleod's Reel Reel
Ronald MacKinnon Jig Cpl. Piper W. Ross
John Mac Kenzie Esqr's Farewell to Cannich March Cpl. Piper W. Ross
Relief of Kimberly, The March Cpl. Piper W. Ross
Leaving Strathglass March Cpl. Piper W. Ross
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff March
Colonel Monro's Welcome to the 72nd Highlanders March W. Taylor
72nd's Highland Gathering, Cairo 1901, The March W. Taylor
Liet. Colonel J.A. Campbell's Farewell to the 72nd Highlanders March W. Taylor
Captain G.W. Anderson's March March W. Taylor
Milkmaid, The Strathspey W. Taylor
Oh! Dear What Can the Matter Be? Strathspey
Highland Volunteers, The March W. Taylor
Jeannie Robertson's Jig Jig P. Beaton
Fred. Riddell March P. Beaton
Ardencaple Castle March A. McNeil
Highland Brigade's Welcome Home from South Africa, The March D.C. Mather
Caithness Lads, The Reel W. Taylor
Man from Glengarry, The Reel D.C. Mather
Heroes of Victoria, The March John MacLellan
Heroes of Victoria, The (seconds) March John MacLellan
Jamie MacGregor Reel John Ross
MacLeod's Dream March Wm. MacLeod
Mrs. Hutchcon's Favourite Waltz A. Hutchcon
Skibo Castle Reel Angus McPherson
Jeannie Carruthers March John McColl
John Mac Fayden of Melfort March John McColl
Maids of St. Kilda, The Strathspey John MacLellan
Argyllshire Squadron Scottish Horse, The March John McColl
Siege of Ladysmith, The March A. Hutchcon
Alexander Beaton's Favorite March
Bloemfontein Pipe Band March March
Scottish Horse's Farewell to Edinburgh, The  March
Scottish Horse, The March Marchioness of Tullibardine
Brothers Three March Marchioness of Tullibardine
Marquis of Graham, The Strathspey W. Sutherland
D.B. MacDougall's Reel Reel W. Sutherland
Hawk That Swoops on High, The Slow March
Fair Young Mary March
Warst Carle in the World, The March
Raven of Dunollie, The March T. Douglas
Gordons' Funeral March, The March J. Brown
General Thomason's March March T. Douglas
Captain Neish Strathspey J. Brown
Captain Neish Reel J. Brown
Captain Gordon Strathspey J. Brown
G.S. MacLennan's Reel Reel J. Brown
Wee Cooper of Fife, The March
"Wee" Iain MacColl's March March Donald MacFarlane
Buchan Volunteers March, The March J. O. Duff
General Sir Hector McDonald's Welcome to Invergordon Castle March Murdo McKenzie
Bonnie Gallowa. March arr by D. Cunningham
Marchioness of Linlithgowshire, The March D. Cunningham
Leaving Laggan March Angus McPherson
Loch Erichtside March Malcolm McPherson
Dunoon Castle March John MacLellan
Cowal Society, The Strathspey John MacLellan
Slow March  Slow March
Captain A.S. Wingate's March March J. Brown
Captain Layton's Farewell to the 3rd Renfrew March P/M McConnacher
When the Battle is Over Slow Air
McMillan March, The March P/M Brown

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