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A Collection of Quicksteps, Strathspeys, Reels, and Jigs arranged for the Highland Bagpipe

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Drawing from the cover of MacDonald's Collection

This collection was published by Donald MacDonald, an Edinburgh pipe maker. This is one of the earliest collection of light music ever publilshed, and pipers may be interested to know that Donald MacDonald established the practice of printing grace notes with the stems turned up, and themal notes with the stems turned down. (If you think about it, it really makes it easier to read the setting!)
MacDonald's Collection was first published in 1828 and six editions were eventually published. This collection remained on the market until the early 1930's. The version presented here is from the 6th edition.

Tune Name Tune type Alternate Title(s)
Scale for the Bagpipe (n/a)
Highland Reel, A Reel
Sleepy Maggie Reel
Sweet Molly  Reel
Lady Seaforth's Reel Reel
Lady Mary MacKay's Reel Reel
Borgues an' Brochan an' a' Reel
Roy's Wife Jig A'n Cambealach Dubh
Cameronian Rant Reel
Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel
Tail Toddle Reel
Old Rusty Gun, The Reel A Gunne Dubh
Piper's Maggot, The Jig
Mary Gray Reel
Keep the Country, Bonnie Lassie Reel
Earl Marischal Reel
Ranting Roving Highlander, The Reel
Miss Montgomery Strathspey
Because He Was a Bonnie Lad Reel
Miss M. Mackenzie Reel
Bog'n Lochain Reel
We'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun Reel
Fill the Stoup Reel
Miller's Fair Daughter, The Reel
Lady Wemyss' Jig Jig
Pease Straw Reel
Jolly Old Gardener, The Reel Bodachan A Gharidh
Coutie's Wedding Strathspey
Braes of Lochaber, The Strathspey
Highway to Linton, The Reel
Whimsical, The Strathspey
Bride Has a Bonnie Thing, The Jig
House of Gray, The Jig
Johnny Lad Reel Marion & Donald (Morag is Domhnull)
Smith's Daughter, The Reel
Irish Jig, An Jig
Bridge of Perth Reel
Kilt's My Delight, The Reel
I Ha'e a Wife o' My Ain Jig
Roslin Castle Strathspey
Macfarlane's Lilt Reel
Campbell's are Coming, The March
Duke of Perth, The Strathspey
Kate Dalrymple Reel
Three Girls of Portree, The Reel
Minister's Mare, The Jig
Wren's Death, The Reel
Mulinn Dubh, The Reel
Buckskin Kilt, The Reel
Grinder, The Jig
Lady Bighouse's Reel Reel
Brigis Mhic Ruaridh Jig
Taymouth House Reel
My Wooer, Be Merry Reel
Periwig, The Reel
There cam' a Young Man Jig
Bruce of Kinnaird's Reel Reel
Drive Home the Mainlanders Reel
Gie Me a Lass wi'a Lump o' Land Jig
Dunrobin Castle Reel
Herd of the Glen March
A Skye Reel Reel
Mr. Mackinnon of Corry Reel
Far Awa' Wedding, The Jig
Shaggy Buck, The Jig
Jamie Roy Jig
Humours of Dublin, The Jig
Jig, A Jig
I'll Make You Be Fain to Follow Me Jig
Donachd Head Jig
Jig, A Jig
Gordon Highlanders, The Quickstep
Goat Herd, The Jig Buachail Na Gobhar Is Na Caorach
Taladh Jig The Nurse's Song
Mackay's March Quickstep
Flirting Brown Maid, The Reel
Seaforth Highlanders, The March Hurichum Harichim
Gown and Apron, The Jig
Highland Laddie, The March
Haughs of Cromdale, The Reel
Weary Maid, The Strathspey Buain Neronich
Lochial's Awa' to France March
Macgregor's Quickstep, The Quickstep
Tailor's Wedding, The Jig
Earl of Ross' Quickstep Quickstep
Macdonald's Quickstep, The Quickstep
Deer Stalkers, The Quickstep
Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, The Jig
Oscars Quickstep
Celtic Society's Quickstep, The Quickstep
Murray of Harris Quickstep
Brosie Weaver, The March
Posadh Puihar Jain Bhain Jig
Tappin Hen, The Jig
Reel o' Bogie, The Reel
Borderers, The Jig
Fingal's Weeping Quickstep
Mrs. Mackinnon of Corry Strathspey
Cuir's Chiste Mhoir Me, etc. Reel
Hech How, Johnny Lad Strathspey
Niel Gow  Quickstep
Rigs o' Yarrow, The Jig
Kick the Rogues Out Jig
Cuir's Chiste Mhoir Me, etc. Reel
Weavers, The Jig
Lassie wi' the Snood, The Reel
Marquis of Tullybardine, The Reel
Guzzle Together Jig
Dogs Bite Chapmen Reel
Lady Margaret Stewart's Reel Reel
Black-Haired Maid, The Reel Nion Dubh No Gheal Chos
Sheep Wife, The Reel
Guidwife, Count the Lawin Reel
Highland Harry's Back Again Strathspey
O'er the muir among the hearther Reel
Bridge of Lodi, The  Quickstep
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart Jig
Lads wi' the Kilt, The Strathspey Gillean 'N Fheilidh
Back of the Change House, The Reel
Red Coat, The Strathspey An Coata Ruadh
Maid of Glendaruail Reel Na Fainn Crodh G'on Goinn U

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